Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fragile Things

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.  ---  This weekend the kids enjoyed a wonderful day out in the fresh fallen snow.  Olivia giggled every time she was pulled on the sled and she didn't want to come back in the house when it was time.   This week was extremely busy and crazy , but finally at this very moment, I feel like I can breathe.  Isabelle has been sick home from school for the last two days but is finally feeling better.  Now the kids are officially on Christmas break.  This is good news.  The running around the last few days for party prep, gifts, etc. etc. etc. has been a bit overwhelming.  My battery is going to cease, so I shall end this note for the moment.  I am thankful for my warm house this morning and I look forward to making some coffee.  The Christmas lights on the tree sure are beautiful.   Have a Wonderful day, I plan to!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Piggies & Singing

 My homemade wreath this year.  I took a wire hanger bent it into a circle, used the leftover tree limbs, stringed some cranberries, whipped up a bow...and bam - door wreath.   Kind of fun despite the sappy needle poked fingers that I was left with.
 So, it seems this to be a tradition for us now....every year it seems the kids watch The Christmas Story quite a few too many times and they continue to beg to eat like "piggies" , so we let them.  Then we all laugh and it's out of their system for the season. hehe 
 No need for a picture of Olivia since she eats like a piggy every day.  Noah even joined in but I didn't get a picture of him...probably should have.
 This week the kids had their Christmas concert at school.  I was taking pics of Isabelle and Ben before we left and Olivia decided that she would make her way into the picture as well even though I did not invite her.  (but, when I want her in a picture, the kid does not cooperate at all..hehe).  Noah is out of town so he had to miss this event.  I was so blessed to have a friend come over to help me get the kids ready and go with us.  This friend even brought us a surprise fun dinner to make the evening even more easy/special.  This school program always gets me in the Christmas spirit.  There is such delight in hearing and watching all of the children sing these meaningful songs in a beautiful church setting.  Despite the fact that I had to wrestle the social acrobat Olivia the whole entire time...I truly enjoy this experience. 
So here we are.  A little over  week until Christmas arrives.  There is so much to do.  So many things going on.  Lots of planning and prep.  I am getting excited and really looking forward to these upcoming days.  I love the projects that I am working on and the surprises that are planned.  I do have to apologize to my friends and family, that I am debating at the moment of whether I will get cards out this year.  I might actually skip them, as much as it would make me very sad to do so, it might have to be that way.  So, if you don't get a card from us this year, it isn't because we are not thinking of you, cut you from the list, or don't truly love's because of time & funds.  Anyway, the baby is up and calling me.  I already had my coffee around 5am.  maybe i am due for another cup.  Ben has added to Christmas list that he would like somewhere to hang his ties.  This morning Flick is waiting for the kids to find him, he is sitting between Mary and Joseph in the manger.  Yes, I do think I will be needing more coffee, I am looking at my to do list and it is long...and I am already tired.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Visit

 It was a chilly evening, but we heard a rumor Santa was around.  He was in the country at a secret we took a drive...and we found him.  There were so many beautiful decorations and lights, it was quite special to arrive.
Here the frozen children wait in line (not a long line, just a few kids in front of us).  While waiting in line, we came across a boy who informed us that Santa is way fatter than when he saw him at Garden Deli.
 Then it was their turn!  What a wonderful Santa!  When asked, Isabelle said she wants: books and Ben said he wants:  An alarm clock. 
 This was a grand visit indeed.  Before leaving, a special elf gave each child a big box (candy from Swiss colony) and an ornament for the tree.
I suspect that Olivia wasn't super excited to visit Santa for the first time.  Maybe she figured out that this is the guy who is supposed to bring her gifts, but knows that she has been a bit naughty. hehe

Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes Part One

The part that needs to be enjoyed and savored from the attempt of taking Christmas card photos experience, is the outtakes.  What I love about the ones that I included here is Ben's increasingly patient but aggravated digression of tolerance with Olivia as she makes the whole task a tad bit impossible.  Olivia was not cooperating at all.  I took over 160 pictures and think that maybe I got one decent one of the 3 children and I say decent, not great and not even really good.  Of course I reach the point of throwing in the towel and calling it done.  It is what it is.  I will probably take the decent picture and insert it into a premade Walgreen's design, have them printed and move on with the season.  There was a time I made my own Christmas cards.  I laugh at that now and think I shall never have the time to do that again.  Maybe someday, I will.  I miss the creativity of it...but more so, at this moment , I just like to keep things simple...and as we can see the photo session with 3 children is a challenge enough.  I might attempt one more photo session before I give in to the powers beyond me...I might not.  You finally get a decent pose out of the baby and one or two of the other children were not smiling or paying attention.  I might as well throw the dog in the photo too and go for broke.  I know I can take all their pics separately, but really truly just once in a grand while, I have a dream.  It would be nice to see them all in the same photo, wearing decent clothing, with no food on their face, no garbage in the background...happy , clean, just hugging each other in perfect world.   Maybe, next year.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can't Sleep

 I painted a portrait of our special magical elf, Flick.  He sat really still.  It was great.
 Painting:  Mother & Child (11x14 canvas, acrylic)
This is the most recent project that I had the Kindergarten class do.  It is called santa's closet.  I found the idea on line.  All the kids projects turned out so great!  (besides there were a few minor major glue incidents).  I think the kids had fun doing this, I know that I did!
 This is a picture of Ben from his Thanksgiving feast at school.  We made these fun turkey drumstick hats for the occassion.  (sorry pic is up so late, just finally downloaded it)  (hey, Sal - recognize the sweatshirt?)
Here's my biggest trouble (joy) planning her next move. 
I can't sleep.  I woke up at and I can't seem to return to slumber.  This has been happening to me often lately.  My mind races.  I can't get comfortable.  I just lay awake...wondering, pondering, planning, recollecting.  So, here I am.  Awake.  The house is quiet at least.  I kind of want to have some coffee, but I'll wait...hehe.  I was so happy to be able to paint a little bit yesterday and I hope to paint some more today.  I started reading a book called:  the pig that sings to the moon (the emotional life of farm animals) and maybe I should not be reading it because now I don't think I want to eat bacon in the morning...the eggs I can probably deal with...but I kind of have to not think about that stuff I guess.  I read the pig  chapter, the chicken chapter...I don't know if I should move on to the other chapters.  Very sad how lots of these animals are mistreated.  Very interesting how they have intelligence, personality and such.  Also lately, I have been thinking about birds alot.  I have been observing birds around the house as usual (there are a few cuckoo's that live inside) and I started thinking about birds in the bible and what is said about them.  There is a ton of reference to birds in the bible.  I have always had a strong urge to paint birds and that continues on and I just couldn't help but wonder if there is a significance to that desire.  So, anyway - have just started researching that subject a little more in depth than just my surface interest in the nimble creatures of the air.  The dog is snoring.  He has had a hard time getting up sometimes lately.  His bark never suffers though.  I keep thinking about how I have to get a picture taken of the kids so I can whip up some Christmas cards.  I plan the picture in my head, but know for a fact, that it will not come out that just have to go with the flow if only I can get the flow going to go.  (I kind of felt like dr. suess there  but not really).  I think about chopping all of my hair off these days.  But, then I rethink it.  I think I am thinking too much...I wonder why I cannot sleep.  I hope the garbage man picks up all my garbage.  I purchased special stickers for the extra bags.  why so much garbage you ask?  cuz it was not taken out last week, so now we have double.  Speaking of garbage...After the new year, I plan some major purging.  throw away, give away and packing of things that are not in use.  I send a call out to people of my life to please start saving your boxes for me if you don't mind.  I am quite serious about this organizational goal for I can no longer live in clutter and abundance.  We hope to move someday and I want to be ready! Well, I guess I could keep on rambling but I think it's best to end this now.  I will try and sleep again and if not I will stay up and read my singing pig book.  Hope you are resting well.  Goodnight, or Good morning - however you feel about it.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Decemeber What?

So, I told myself that I would not get overwhelmed with this season and I already am, knee deep in it...the worry, anxiety...and all of not enough time, not enough $$, to pull off all of my dreams and plans for this season.  ugh.  I've been laying awake at night with non-sugar plums dancing in my head.  Just thoughts of:  how will I do this?  what should I do?  how will I get this done? how will I pull this off? can I do it? will i do it? does it matter? what time is it?  why do I care? who will care? what? how ? where ? when? who? ugh.  Ive even totally neglected this blog and it's only Dec 5th.  I  didn't even have any pictures to share so I pulled up one from last year.  I must say though, just a note, that our Elf Flick - is truly such a fun experience every morning .  The kids coming rushing out of their beds, mangled hair, rubbing their eyes, searching for the little bit of magic that moves each night.  This year Flick has brought them a movie and and a note from Santa. (telling them although they have been mostly nice, they have also been somewhat naughty).  It think he will bring something else soon.  Maybe candy.  So, anyway, I'm super exhausted and freezing so this note will not be running on all evening.  In fact it will probably end promptly as I hope to get some reading in tonight.  I am reading a book called : dirty work about this city girl who moves to a farm.  I have no clue what I will make the  children for lunch tomorrow, I will have to be creative since the pantry is understocked at the moment.  ugh.  Olivia has been very accident prone lately, I wish I could put my baby in bubble wrap.  Noah canned beef broth yesterday.  We have some Christmas decorations out including our advent wreath (first year for us to do this), but no tree in sight.  Hopefully next weekend.  I think we plan to chop it down this year.  We haven't done that in a while.  Every single day Ben asks me to make him a batman suit that really flies.  I tell him I am not really good at that stuff, but he continues to ask me anyway.  I bought us some peppermint ice cream and egg nog recently.  To get us in the Christmas spirit.  Yum  - good stuff.  I am out of coffee.  I don't know how I will function in the a.m.  I have to get ready for art class in the morning since Olivia wouldn't let me tonight.  Hope I can get my act together.  We are working on something called:  Santa's Closet.  There was a tad bit of snow outside when I went out side last this evening (to let lance out) and to take a leaky garbage bag outside before it drenched my entire kitchen floor.  Well, I suppose I have rambled and I had not much of importance to say.  I hope I get the chance to paint this week.  got lots of ideas in my head and lots to do.  good night, until we meet again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gather Here with Grateful Hearts

I can't find my camera cord at the moment so I included a pic I took a few weeks back of Isabelle showing Olivia our first snow of the season.  The last several days, I have witnessed and celebrated Thanksgiving in so many ways.  I thank God for the amazing blessings in my life.  I have so many.  As we begin this Christmas season, I vow to try my best not to get wrapped up in the hustle , bustle...but to enjoy the genuine moments, to realize (and create) the magic, to celebrate the true reason and to truly enjoy.  Well, Flick our Elf has returned and the children have awakened and I can't wait for them to discover him... (more later!) Have a beautiful day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pukey Fruit and a 1st draft Christmas list

 Here thing 2 and thing 3 are pictured after baths.  They are getting way too old for my liking.
 Here are some : upset eggs.
 We have been curling Isabelle's hair via Rag Curls and she absoutley loves it. 
 My handsome Ben.  He gets so excited when there is dress up day at school.  It's like his ultimate favorite.
 I have finally finished the firefighter themed mural that I was working on at a friend's house.  I have more pics of the other walls (now if only I could remember my painting site password/loggin so I could update my galleries!).
Monster fruit.   I prepared this for the kids afterschool snack yesterday.  they abosolutely loved it.  Besides the fact that I stabbed myself twice with a toothpick and also used frozen blueberries that stained my fingers...I thought it was pretty much a success. 

It is so windy outside today, I dont want to step foot out there again...but I must.  I am thankful that the weekend is here.  I am tired.  I want to take a nap.  

My brain isn't super top notch functioning at the moment so I will just share with you Ben's Christmas list for now.  This is exactly as it was dictated to me last night:  first draft:   Ben's Christmas List :  A flying green lantern suit.  An Iron man suit (flying!).  A Bat costume.  A Bat costume that never breaks and the stuff are all hooked together --please!.  A boy american doll with an aquin sweat shirt and aquin football clothes.  A computer.  A phone.  A two-wheeler.  A stuffed green elf that is 10 inches.  No, 24 inches.  I should have said 24!.  A flying buzz lightyear toy.  2 ramps for my jeep.  I think that is all.  that's a pretty good list I think.  Oh, and A baby ruth bat that talks.  A baseball that talks.  ..and some Chicken. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

no clue

The terrorism (destroying all things in her path) of Livy Monster continues through the land (my house and every single place we go).  I have decided to embrace her mischievous and rambunctious spirit instead of fighting it .  She yells at me less this way.  I think pretty soon I will be able to put this baby's hair in pigtails.  My coffee is weak and cold this morning.  The world is cold.  It snowed crazy wild yesterday and it was freezing.  The world can be so cruel.  By the end of the day yesterday, I was feeling so defeated by certain situations, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  I prayed for my heart not to feel so much saddness.  I feel better this morning.  I have no clue what today will bring, but I will just take it one step at a time and breathe and breathe and breathe and I will know that we are o.k.  Yesterday was an extremily busy day for us, part of the day was teacher conferences.  They went so well.  I am so proud of Isabelle and Ben, they are doing wonderful in school and feel so blessed by the teachers that they have.  I know they are in good hands with loving hearts.  Ben keeps adding leaves to our thankfulness tree.  The leaves keep getting bigger and bigger. hehe.  Also, I taught my first kindergarten art class this week and it went great!  I truly enjoyed being with those amazing little people and seeing their creations.  I look forward to the next session!  I should go since this is my second attempt at this post and time is fleeting.  So this is much shorter then my original, but I will write again someday...maybe even today...maybe not...Have a beautiful day!


ugh, I just wrote this whole giant post and it didn't go through and has disappeared.  joy.  Maybe, Ill try again later. 

Sunday, November 06, 2011

paper and glue and zoo

This was a fun project (painted photo stand-in) that I made for Ben's classroom halloween party.  Each child had their picture taken and they will be printed and sent home for the parents.
 Me & Mario
 A bunch of Suckers.
 A recent painting of mine:  Nutty Blessings. (acrylic 12x12 stretched canvas).
 The children working on our Thankfulness Tree.  Somethings written on the leaves:  God, family, friends, warm house, good health, healthy food, Jesus, laughter and smiles, candy, Travis, love, are (our) world, etc.
A journal that I made out of an old golden book, twine and misc. papers.  I forgot how much I love making journals.

We have actually been working on a ton of projects lately, so of course the house is an insane mess.  oh well, must move on.  Isabelle is absoutley loving playing basketball, she has a game late this afternoon.  Since Noah is out of town, I will be trying to wrestle Olivia in the stands by myself.  Snack size chocolate bars are pure evil. Currently I am Reading a book called:  God Makes Lemonade, it's a bunch of short stories.  Noah and I celebrated our 14th year anniversary this past week. I thought we were like on our 12 but I did the math and wow - it's fourteen.  We decided to just make it a quiet dinner at home since it was a school night with lots of homework and we coming off of the Halloween high.  Exciting news I have is that I was asked to help with Art in Ben's Kindergarten I get to plan the projects and then teach them the art session once a week.  I am so excited.  What a wonderful opportunity.  I love being around this age group and seeing what they create , I just find so much delight in them.   I am almost finished with the firefighter themed mural that I started awhile back.  I get there about once a week for a couple hours. I keep thinking I will finish today while I am there, but then Olivia throws a wrench (or actually toys at me) in the plan.  I thank my friend Teresa for her patience with me.  I will show pics when its completed.  We have been trying some new recipes lately.  Most are turning out good.  The garden is offically done.  I think I might make us some hot chocolate, there is a definte chill in the air.  Isabelle has been having some major meltdowns lately and it really makes me wonder how I will survive the teenage years (she is 8!).  Olivia's word list grows:  Uh-oh, MOM!  No! , Ut Up (shut up to the dog)!, down, night, hi, etc.  I barely ever sit down to watcha movie, so yesterday I watched Zookeeper with the kids.  It was cute (not the greatest flick in the world).  Speaking of zookeepers, thats how I feel latley, that I am running a zoo.  Wild animals everywhere.  Which reminds me, I'm tired.  The End.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 The princess, the unicorn & MaRiO!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Breath of Fall

A quick hello before I start the day.  I realize that I have not been blogging lately and I am sorry to my family & friends that look forward to our updates.  Just seems these days are all consuming.  I aspire to return to my posting so please look forward to photos, stories and happenings coming your way again very soon (like later today for example).  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leaf Crunching

A few moments of PeaCe in the midst of the chaos of the day.  I sit here and record a few of the million thoughts taking residence in my noggin.  Autumn scents of burning and crispness surround me and nudge my soul to breathe.   The air is inviting me to dance.  The ground is littered in amazing hues of crunchy leaves.  I hear the crickets chirping.  I hear the birds chirping.  Chickadee's and woodpeckers at the feeder right now.  Cold chocolate milk was the perfect something that I needed.  Baby is sleeping...I think.  Dog is resting at the moment as well.  I love this sweatshirt.  I may wear it every single day for a long long time.  I want to paint but I am tired and I know I would be interrupted before I even start.  I should do laundry or dishes but, I'd rather not.  I was reading and that felt nice, maybe I will do that again for a little bit.  I am so in love with this season...this season of life. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow Down

 This is my most recent painting:  Titled:  Slow Down
 Here is a recent pic of my adorable Livy Monster.  She wrecks havoc every day.  Her newest "trick" is to batt her eyes at you and look all cute when she is causing trouble.
 Here are my new running shoes.  weird. freaky.  I know.   It is like running barefoot...yet not.  They are super cool.  I think they are almost magic.  Hope I get to use them...(lately, nothing but rain and baby).
 It was NERD day at school today. The kdis had such fun preparing this morning. 
I took me the whole flippen day to put away laundry away today (that included putting away summer clothes and having a little whirlwind rip everything off of hangers and unfold towels, etc).  I mad a beef roast in the crock pot, it smelled so good.  Busy week ahead still.  Wishing you well until we meet again! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stop, Drop and Roll...

(stop, drop and roll - sarah - thanks for the laughs yesterday!)  This week I began working on a firefighter themed mural for a little boy's room.  I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity.  Today , Saturday morning:  Olivia is up before I want to be (as usual).  Isabelle is at a sleepover.  Ben is laying in my bed because he often makes his way there somehow.  We made our second fire of the season last night.  We read books.  It was a nice quiet and cozy night.  Today, I think I will go buy some running shoes.  I've decided that I will not run away, but I defintley will run.  This is the time of year that I wish I had more blankets in the house.  I wish I had pumpkins on my doorstep...and stew and soups on the stove.  So much going on around here, not really sure what I have updated on recently.  Isabelle has joined the Children's Choir and so far she is loving it.  Her first concert will be toward the end of October.  It's that time of year that I start thinking about Halloween costumes.   Although Isabelle wants to be smurfette (not sure if we will go that route)...I really have no ideas yet.  Although I resumed feeding my birds, I think they have already left me. K, I think that's all I have to share at the moment.  Much awaits in this lovely day.   May the best be yours.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Dynamic Duo

I only have a few moments before the troops are up for the morning I wanted to share these pics quick.  I thought it was hilarious the other day..Noah had bought himself some new workout/running clothes and Ben saw his pants and yelled, I have those pants!  He ran to his closet and got them and I pulled out one of his shirts that looked similar to the one noah was wearing.  I couldn't stop laughing seeing them both dressed the same.  Ben was so proud. hehe.  It reminded me of the movie: royal tennibaums when ben stiller and his sons wore matching red workout suits. hehe   Anyway...Happy Friday - I hope to write more soon!  I am off to paint a mural today!!!!