Saturday, September 25, 2010


Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

Flowers are the sweetest thing that God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. - Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts - 1858

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. - Emma Goldman

Drinking my coffe this Saturday Morning, hazelnut creamer. Isabelle is at a sleepover, Olivia has been up for awhile and now Ben is up as well. I am having a hard time seeing the computer screen, as I have some kind of eye infection going on. Last night I finally had a chance to go out with some of my girlfriends (no children), a planned dinner that I have been looking forward to for a while, and I went, but the night was mostly unenjoyable as my eye got worse to the point of headache and wanting to throw up so, I cut the night short and came home and felt miserable the rest of the night (especially considering that Olivia wanted my attention, was not happy and would not go to sleep). Ben was such a great little helper, getting me water and helping me with Olivia and singing us songs and praying that I would feel better. It seems a little better today, but if not I guess I will have to make a trip to the dr. (trying to avoid). This past week went by like a whirlwind, every night we had something going on: ballet, girlscouts, birthday party, etc. I am happy that the fall weather is back. Noah made this really great beef barely soup that we have been eating for a few days now. Speaking of beef, our freezer in the basement went out without our knowledge and the basement began to smell horrible...we learned that no, there is not a dead person down there, but a bunch of defrosted meat. Disqusting and costly clean up. This Friday Isabelle brought home a not so great spelling test grade and I realized we didnt study enough this week. She now has 15 words instead of 10 and they are much harder than 1st grade words. So, we defintely are going to kick up some serious study/homework time every night. 2nd grade is a much more serious ballgame. Luckily, she can take a make up test on we will try our best to get her prepared. I almost think today might be a two coffe cup day. Lots of cleaning and organizing ahead. Maybe I can even sneak a smidge of fun in as well...of course this will all depend on if I can see or not. Happy Saturday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Going to the Chapel

Ben the Ring Boy for Erin and Jeff''s Wedding.
Olivia (special guest).

Ring Boy and Flower Girl getting ready for their special parts.

Family Photo
Me & The Children
The Wedding was beautiful and everyone has such a great time. The children were perfect in their parts and we are so proud of them. More pics and comments to come soon, but Olivia is in high demand at the moment!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's go fly a kite...

up to the highest height! (Isabelle has been singing this and now I am..can't get it out of my head. Thanks to you Dick Van Dyke and your cherry disposition).

so, I have a pet peeve and maybe I am wrong here with this one, but it just bugs me to see houses totally decked out in Halloween decor in the mid. of Sept. HEllO people...Halloween is at the very END of October...could you please at least wait a smidge longer before you garb your homefront for the holiday. seriously. it's not so special when it's been up for a season already if you know what I mean and don't get me wrong....I absoutley love halloween (even though I had my candy bag stolen from me once when I was an innocent child walking down the street). I am a fan of decorating , how fun!...but not before it's time. thank you...or should I say thank boo.

I am totally in the downloading music to my ipod kind of mood.
I love how ben tells me about his "white"mares.
Glad school pics are over, quite wondering what the results will be.
It's so chilly out, I LOVE it.
There are too many damn dogs and cats in this neighborhood. I don't mean to be anti animal or anything but its like a zoo all the flippen time. barking, hissing, meowing, barking, barking , barking. Seriously it's raining cats and dogs around here. I wish it would rain dollar bills instead.
Tonight I think that I quite possibly made my best tator tot casserole thus far. It was like all contents blended and baked pefectly.
I am really into PURPLe latley. I seriously don't know why. It's like I am gravitating toward it. i don't think I am quite the age to be a member of the red hat society but I guess as long as I embrace the purple and not the red that I will be o.k. Seriously though, Purple is ROyAl so that must be what my mind is thinking.
I let Ben pick out our newest bandaids, he choose Toy Story. I also let him pick the bubble bath: Lightening McQueen. Speaking of Ben, did you know that Michael Jackson (or according to Ben: Mary Jackson) of the Jackson Five, sang a song called: Ben? I will have to look into that.
SO, the last several days I have been getting my family ready for a big family wedding that will take place this weekend. Noah is best Man, Isabelle Is Flower girl and and Ben is Ring bearer. I praying for a wonderful and safe weekend for all of the family.

Top of the Morning to Ya...

oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what a beautiful morning, everything's going my way - Oaklahoma

So, this a.m. the kids decided to all get up way early. fun. I just made us scrambled eggs for breakfast and I am also having a v8. It is beautiful outside right now. Raining and dark and windy and feels exactly like fall. The Children and I are starting to discuss Halloween costumes. Ben says he wants to be a BAT , Isabelle says she wants to be GLINDA from Oz and I have no thoughts on Olivia yet. ugh...I have got to go....demands of the little people are out of control...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

sleep, flies and other stuff

Setting the table: Here is a typical picture of what I use to set our table each night. standard white plates, silverware and misc. cloth napkins that I usually let the kids pick out. To my horror when I saw the picture I took, there was a fly on it! Made me sick. I hate flies with a passion, but I display it to you as is , because quite honestly, quite often there are flies in my kitchen! They land on us, they land on our food and they frustrate me to no end. I think they make their way in as my children leave the door open for decades. Never the less they are with us more than on occasion. I curse them and I kill them...but I guess they are still part of us as the fabric of our lives. I often wonder God's purpose for these evil annoying suckers...but I know there must be some wise beyond my comprehension reason for their existance.
I don't even remember why I took this pic. Must have been to document the never ending laundry that taunts me every single day. I truly don't mind laundry so much, it is dishes that can go to heck. They suck. I am so envious of all of you that have dishwashers. I used to have one, a long time ago...before I had kids and I didn't even appreciate it. Maybe my next house.

These are some beautiful signs that Isabelle made for our bedroom doors. They have been up for awhile and I keep forgetting to take them down...maybe I truly just want them up so I remember where to go.

See, I told you we have many bananas. Speaking of bananas, I have just started Olivia on them. She seems to love them. :) I just hope she doesnt turn into a monkey like the rest of them.
So, I spent my entire sunday in the children's room, cleaning, organizing, sorting and I am still not half way complete with the task. It is amazing how things accumulate. The best part is as I kissed them goodnight tonight, I did not step on legos. I can see the floor and it is quite pretty. We should have a smooth morning since the kids can now open their closets. I wish I was better at keeping up with their stuff, but I am not. I have good intentions and I keep working on it. We are all happier when things are neater but of course that comes back to the fact that there is only so much time in the day.
Livy monster is sleeping right next to me and I wonder if I will be able to transfer her to her bed without her waking up. Billy Joel is on my IPOD (the piano man) and I am having a lovely glass of wine (wine tastes better in the fall, and that is a fact and I know it is not offically fall yet, but I can feel it so it counts). Well time to clean up the kids bath stuff and hit the hay myself. I have a book waiting and that is a wonderful thing to know. I should take a shower...but not sure if I have enough energy for that task. Good night friends & family - I wish you well. :)
Sweet Dreams and God Bless.

Greetings on a Sunday Morning.

Isabelle just loves to leave me messages on the dry erase boards around the house. Her favorite thing is to ask me to write back and she gets so excited to find the response. :)
This is Isabelle on her way to church last Sunday. Yes, they let us in.

Ben just loves being a big brother to O. He is always helping me with her and asks if he can hold her all the time.

Here is one of Olivia's first reactions to her new rice cereal!

Here is an outtake from a photo shoot of what I tried to make a lovely photo of my 3 wonderful children...but quite honestly this is us and I should probably frame this one . haha

Misc. Whatevers:

  • I believe that I will be spending my entire Sunday: Cleaning. How does this house get so messy so fast? Stepping on Legos is so fun, but I do believe it's time to make a change.
  • I love love love this fall weather.
  • Right now the garden is producing: watermelon, potatoes, misc. peppers and I do believe that may be it for now. I do wish we planted pumpkins. Oh well.
  • We now have a new light fixture on the front porch which is completely amazing and wonderful. We have gone without an outside light since the siding was redone so this is super. We also got a brand new furnance installed this week, so we will be nice and warm these upcoming seasons....I still want new slippers though.
  • The fish died. Ben responded "Cool!, can I watch you flush it down the toliet?"
  • There are bananas in my house every single day. If you came to my house at anytime, I could offer you a banana. I have not made Banana bread in a long while.
  • Olivia is waking. I am shocked she slept this late. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Teacher Gifts ~ New School Year!

We truly love and treasure our teachers for not only the hard work that they do, but for the heart and spirit that they share with the children every day. When I leave my children at school, I know that they are in the best possible hands and I am so grateful. My friend Sally shared with me this great idea she found online, and as soon as I saw it , I fell in love and had to make these cute boxes right away! No rules, just decorate anyway that you want and put anything in the compartments. I think my favorite insert was the chocolate of course! Speaking of school...we are running late for our day already...must get everyone up, fed, dressed , packed and out the door!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tonight thoughts of misc:

  • I am too lazy to find my camera cord and download my newest pictures.
  • Seems like I am always the one who is left to change the toliet paper roll.
  • Sometimes I wish my dog had 4 legs.
  • I believe Isabelle could talk for 24 hours straight without even a sip of water.
  • I love taking pictures of my children.
  • Olivia must be starting the teething process. Drool and chewing is of plenty.
  • I dread taking Ben to church. He climbs the pews and usually announces things loudly like: I have to poo or I don't want those people to sit behind me (whom are right behind us as he says it). Today he added to his routine: instead of gently shaking hands during the share of peace, he decided to slap the out reached hands very hard. (The Priest usually slaps the kids high fives, so I think that is where this thought entered his little noggin as the proper way to greet people in church). God help us.
  • man, I am tired.
  • I wanted to scrapbook this weekend. Sunday is over and I still didn't get to it at all.
  • I wish I had some chocolate milk. oh well. water is just as good right?
  • Just got Olivia to sleep in bed and I hear her awake again. I think she misses me.
  • I love this fall weather but I fear that it is leaving us already.
  • Confession - there were fruit flies in my car this week because I left a banana peel in it. I guess it's time to clean the car. Yeah, I really should do that.
  • I love Olivia's chubby chubby baby legs.
  • Goodnight.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Friday

It is a Happy Friday because my baby girl is smiling, got my workout over with early, the weather is beautiful fall like (my favorite), had an awesome lunch out with a dear friend, did a little shopping and I still have a little time to spare before picking up the children...what to do? what to do? Have a wonderful day!