Monday, April 21, 2008

Park Play & experiment

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
So, the season of PARKing is among us. Ben had aboslutely NO FEAR at all to Climb and step forth onto Huge uncharted structures. While at the park ,A GIANT bumble bee landed on this kid's hand and he didn't care (I was freaking out just a tad). Well, he did have one fear, one big fear...I knew about this fear from last year and I was wondering if he out grew at all...Benjamin quite does not like: THE SWINGS. He cried like a maniac at first push. I took him out and he ran for the tallest tower....
I must talk about my recent "husband experiment" . Whenever Noah goes into the basement ( a cellar that we do not use too often), he quite often leaves a few of the lights on down there (pull strings from the ceiling). He comes up and never returns to shut them off, so I always wind up going down there amongst the cobwebs and shutting them off for him. It is quite obvious if there are lights on from the top of the stairs... anyway he has done this once again recently and I told myself this time, lets see if he decides to ever go back down and shut them off. It is hard for me to just let them stay on (I am a close the cabinet, push the chair in type of girl), but I made myself...well let me tell you that 4 days later (I am not exaggerating) the lights were still on. Day, night, day, night, day, night, day, night...I couldn't take it anymore and I finally gave in and shut them off. (ever see the episode of everyone loves Raymond in which Debra nor Raymond would move the suitcase from the stairs?). So, anyway results prove to be as I did not hope, but as I suspected they would be. It really shouldn't surprise me coming from the same test subject who left laundry hanging on the clothesline for 7 days while I was on a trip in Las Vegas. (I couldn't take the laundry down before I left because it was still wet...I returned home , one week later to see the laundry still waiting for me) Oh wait, I think he might of took one shirt down...because he needed it. LOVELY.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sleepless not in Seattle

Here is the stalker Robin today. I got a better photo this time. It is still trying to get in the house. In fact, since I was sleeping on the couch this morning (because Ben kept me up half the night), this fine bird woke me up, banging on the window!
This little boy looks all cute and innocent, yet he is not. Now his current favorite thing to do is hit (slap) you in the face, and then right away hug and kiss you to make up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Glimpse of Spring

I found this gnome hanging in our crab apple tree.
His rope needs to be retied. He seems happy though.

This is always the first flower that I spot each spring.
This Robin has been trying to get in our house all day! He just keeps flying against the window, knocking into it and returning to the bush. Everytime he knocks into the window, ben yells uh-oh and laughs hysterically.

Today I am experiencing the rare occasion of silence. Isabelle is at a playdate and ben is napping. I got some cleaning done so that was great. Seriously, It's nice to do something that doesnt get instantly undone. Pretty soon I have to wake Ben up and go pick up Isabelle. So for a few minutes, I am enjoying this peace. Honestly, I don't know what to do with myself.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Outdoor Fun has Begun

Report from an Early Spring Late Sunday Afternoon:
The last (2) days we have been able to spend some time outside. The kids absoutley LOVE it. I hope the sun and fresh air will do something for us all. The kids get so whipped out, they come in and nap heavily and then go out again.

Noah started planting the garden today. He is excited because he is doing a different concept this year. Raised beds. It looks to me like each vegetable is grouped seperately and I don't know much else about this system yet.

I was so proud of my self today because I cleaned out my entire car from a long winters nap. It is amazing how many fishy crackers, slip beyond the little fingers of the youngins and wind up smashed between the seats and on the floor. No wonder we go through so many fish. So anway, I was so proud of myself for cleaning out my car....and I just went out there to move it , when low and behold....I had left the keys in the inition and that battery is dead! Duh! How the heck did I mangage to do that? WEll, good news is Noah is charging it now. I am just glad I didnt discover this tomorrow morning right before we had to leave.

Tonight Noah is making some fancy dinner. I think we have all had soup/some sandwiches for the last 3-4 days pretty much. So this will be a nice change of pace. And I just finished making dinner hearts. (paper hearts: that I distribute at dinner time every now and then to tell the kids how much we love them and a reason why we are proud of them or something along those lines. Isabelle will be so excited, she loves dinner hearts). Good night and God Bless us all dear family and friends.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The sicko

Here's one of my little sickos. He just loves oatmeal! I just wanted to share with you how sweet this little boy is. Last night we were sitting in the living room, resting and talking...Isabelle fell asleep on one of the couches...Ben decided she needed her strawberry short cake doll, so he got all his blankets off, got off the couch, went to the toy bin, retrieved the doll and layed it next to her..he was proud of himself so he clapped, then he went back to the toy bin got his special doll and came back to the couch, got himself positioned and just started hugging his baby and patting its back. It was just so sweet...melted my heart. A good little moment to focus on when things are so down right now.

Also - just a kid comparison observation thing. When Isabelle first started talking, she used to call JUICE: Joo. Now that Ben has started talking he calls JUICE: oose. Just thought that was interesting.

Orphan Annie & Sick Family

The "Annie Wig" - So, Uncle Al...found the most amazing pefect thing to go with Isabelle's Annie Dress. A wig! At first she was scared of it, but then she wouldn't take it off at all, she wanted to sleep in it. I even let her wear it to store because she wanted to. She does have a negative comment though: that she doesn't really like the wig...cuz it's itchy. Now she just wears it occassionaly.

Sickness All About. Yesterday was a horrible day. We have all been feeling sick and I got the kids into the dr. WEll 3 hours later, I left there with 4 (3 for ben, 1 for Isabelle) perscriptions in my hands, but not before bursting into tears in the dr's office. I think I was so tired from no sleep for two nights, and I was overwhelmed by the news. Isabelle and Ben have strep throat, and Ben has an ear infection and a rash. It is scary to me that what seems to be a cold can turn into so much more so quickly. To be honest the last couple days have felt like a nightmare. I've been trying to get dr. appoints for noah and I because we believe we have strep as well. But, everyone is booked so I think we will have to go to a same day care place if we can. Even though I feel like total crap (just being honest), I am SO thankful that the children were treated and they have their medicine and are on the way to recovery. Isabelle is quite upset that she won't be going to school today because she was excited about the show and tell she was going to bring. Anyway, please say a prayer for my family, that complete health is restored soon.