Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I made some awesome Homemade Granola (bars) except that I didn't cut it into bars, It is more like granola bites/squares.  I got the recipe online and thought I would give it a whirl.  They are grain free.  It's basically made of  misc. nuts, dried fruits, coconut, honey, cinnamon.  Ben didn't like it (I am assuming because he knew there were raisins in it).  Everyone else in the fam super loves it.  I wanted to update on my niece, Ava since I asked for prayers last post.  She has now been diagnosed with  Kawasaki disease.  This is treatable and shouldn't have any long term effects.  She is already getting better and in a few days should be able to go home.  I am thankful that God heals a little girl.  I am thankful that he promises that Springs beautiful blooms will follow Winters harsh winds.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

flowers and showers and snow

 Winter's whisper has found us again.  What a beautiful site to wake up to on Friday.  To top that off, No no rushing around , layering up and shipping out. 
 Here is a self portrait of my recent hair cut.  I love it.  It can be messy and crazy and wild or it can be neat and nice.  For the most part if you see me about it will mostly likely be on the messy wild side..just naturally of course. 
 This last weekend we spent in the Chicago area visiting family and celebrating.   In the Spring, our family will be expecting two new babies!  Two of my sister in laws are due with boys.  This last weekend we had a shower for one of them. 
 Olivia's favorite part of the shower was:  balloon chasing.
 Isabelle's favorite part of the shower was:  Chocolate Fondue
Ben's favorite part of the shower was:  The cupcakes (of course!).
Also on this weekend we visited with my parents.  The time always goes way too fast.   My brother took Ben to Riley's Trick Shop.  (we used to go there as kids).  It was neat that it was still open and fun to see the things that they brought home.  Some how Ben managed to get a green lantern costume out of the visit.   This morning I woke up to a cold or something in my eye.  I could not open it at all and now It is red.  I am wearing my glasses until further notice and I am half blind because of it.  This week girl scout cookies have entered our life and have somehow quickly disappeared.  This week we had the wonderful opportunity to watch Ben read a prayer intention at church in front of his school/parents.  He did awesome.  I was especially smiling when he hopped of the podium in traditional and expected little boy fashion.  For lent I have decided to give up:  Wine (with maybe one exception on my birthday).  Isabelle has decided to:  work harder on homework.  Ben has:  forgotten what he decided.  I have done no art in a long time.  Maybe this week, time will allow.  My chalkboard currently says:  " o' wind, If winter comes, can spring be far behind? "  I am so thankful to see the sun  these last couple days.   It does in fact give me hope that spring will come.  Something that I have neglected for a long while has been my gratitude journal.  I got it out and restarted it yesterday.  (this is an ongoing list of simple moments/gifts that I record).  So, hopefully I will be sharing some of those along the way again soon.  Sometimes I wish that I had an endless supply of Pistachios.  Well, I have to go because these people keep begging me for food.  It's like they want to eat every single day.  ugh.  I would like to leave with a prayer request.  My little niece Ava (2 years old) is very sick and in the hospital.  Please pray that answers and healing will come for her quickly.  Poor little baby, breaks my heart.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweets, Tweets and garbage man in the Street

 This is the Chalkboard that I made.  Every day I put a little saying or quote on it.  It has been so fun.
 This is a recent breakfast that Noah made.  Pumpkin muffins (almond flour) and Egg/Bacon cups.
Valentine's Day was filled with Sweets and Love, Reds & Pinks.  It was nice.  But, I am glad this holiday is over.  Ben's party at school turned out so great.  I am so thankful for the all the awesome parents that helped pull off this event!  The next day we celebrated Noah's birthday, very low key as he does not make a "big thing" of birthdays.  This week, I met our garbage man... I heard the trucks coming as I was laying in bed at 5 in the a.m. I realized we did not take the garbage out.   Risking the thought of getting run over by the truck in the dark, but knowing I did not want to be stuck with extra garbage that I had no place for all week, I took the chance.  I found my boots in the darkness and ran out the door just in time to meet the truck at the street and handoff the unwanted loot.  I made it.  This week I started in a new bible study with a group of amazing women.  I am excited about this Spring session.  The book we are discussing is:  Creative Counterpart.  The weather is supposed to be up to 40 today.  So weird.  Feels like spring latley, although that is still far off, it gives hope.  Enjoy each season you are in.  There is a time to sow, there is a time to reap.  There is a time to eat sweets and there is a time to listen to tweets.   I really need a haircut and so does Isabelle.  I might go long messy bobbish.  Or neat chin length bobbish.  I just know I want the length gone, I think.  And of course someone will have to fix the bangs I decided to cut one day. The kids have a four day weekend, we have lots of  happy stuff planned.  It will be nice to get away for a little bit.  Change of scenery.  Visit special people.  On the Road again, just cant wait to get on the road again.   This morning I got to watch the sunrise over the woods.  The pinks and blues turned to light behind the black shadowed trees. I heard the first "tweets" of the day.  It was awesome.  My head is hurting very badly.  I have a big bump on my forehead.  Last night, Isabelle was putting her ds away and dropped it on my hurt like I imagine it would feel to be hit like a brick.  ugh . I thought I was going to throw up and pass out.   Isabelle was crying.  Ben was crying.  Olivia was crying.  I was crying.  (Noah was at poker).  It was horrible.  But, we made it through.  My favorite snack these days is:  pistachios.  I started reading a book last night:  Riding the bus with my Sister.  Here comes Ben and his blanky cow.  He has awakened for the morn.  Everyone has slept late this am (which is fine cuz no school). I need to make a library return run today.  We need diapers.  I should make a list as my mind is suddenly clouded with musts, shoulds, got tos and all that jazz.  I hope it's sunny.  Happy Friday. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Raising them, I am Raised up

We have had some wonderful "spring like" days this February.  Of course, when I let lance out at 4am this morning at a frosty zero degrees, I tried to recall the warmer moments of just a few days ago.  Between Ben, Olivia and Lance, my night was interrupted much and I decided just to stay up in the early hours and enjoy the quiet time.  I am sure I will regret it later today when I can barely make it to dinner time, but somehow I will make it, I always do.  So much on my mind lately and so many changes ahead for my family.  We have wonderful plans in the works and we shall go wherever God leads us.  Lately I have been feeling a little kicked in the shins (bit in the butt) - ((literally, Olivia bit me the other day) and just exhausted of games and attitudes of the world.  I don't have the energy or the time to not focus on the Good.  As I am trying to especially teach Isabelle, to think and focus on the good, I must do so as well.  I must be an example, so she knows that her thoughts should linger on the sunny side of things as much as possible.  I have been letting certain situations get me down, but what I really need to do is make the best of these falls/ fails/ disappointments.  Let them be lessons and move on.   I think the dreary weather has a lot to do with my "funk" mood as I think it has a lot to do with many people's ways these days.  I just know that at the end of the day, I am in my warm house with my wonderful family and we support and love  and enjoy each other and nothing much else matters.  For those that steal, let them steal and those who can't show kindness or those who create difficult situations, it is their loss, their challenge, their sadness, it doesn't need to be mine.  I choose different.  -- so anyway enough gloom and doom....let's talk about chalk!  I made the most fantastic chalkboard and I am so excited.  The frame is old wood and I hung it in the kitchen and everyday I write a different saying or quote on it and the family gets so excited to see what's on there next.  so fun.  This is one of my long awaited dreams come true.. to make a chalkboard.  My next dream is a Terrarium.  But, I need to find activated charcoal somewhere around these parts.  I haven't seen a deer in a long while.  But, yesterday as Olivia was trying to cover my face with a pillow, I gazed out the window yonder into the woods and amongst the brown and the dreary of the outer world in the midst of winter decay, I witnessed a beautiful display of bright red cardinals all spread out on one tree's branches.  It was an amazing site to see.  I have really been thinking about scrapbooking alot lately.  It bothers me that I have not done it in so long.  I have not documented our memories (well here and on facebook are filled with tidbits) but what I am talking about, is the kind of stuff that the kids can take off the shelf and browse through with laughter and smiles and remembrance.  Ben has been looking at albums , books, etc. lately and it makes me wish I was more up to date .  Honestly since Olivia has been born, I have taken a lot of photos but have not done much with them.  I am looking into an easy system/way to get that going again.  I guess, even if I throw the pics in albums so they are accessible, is the main thing.  I love mini albums and special projects... I will have to see what I can manage.  I think we currently only have 3 eggs in the fridge.  Thing one is now awake (that is Isabelle). I should make some coffee and start my day.  Happy Saturday.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Embracing it all.

 It was Catholic Schools Week at school and each day the kids could dress up for a different theme.  This was ethnic/Heritage type day.  Olivia felt the need to jump into the picture as well, even though she apparently wasn't dressed for it. :)
 For Career day, Isabelle was an Artist and Ben was a Cowboy.  (I know , big surprise on both counts, hehe)
 Here's my little snuggle bear being a ham bone since I had the camera in hand.
 Isabelle plays alot of pretend at home.  This is a binder of hers that holds some important STUFF.  I love the combination of content.
This is an awesome meal that I made this week.  It is dry rub burgers (paleo) and Yummy Yam Spears.  The burgers have a little bit of a spice to them and the Yam Spears were amazing (who needs fries?).  We all loved them, there were none left (baked with misc. spices and coconut oil).

Olivia is crying as I type this (5 ish in the a.m.).  My battery is dying.  I must be quick at this moment.  This week has been crazy busy.  I will update more soon (hopefully later today!).  Good Saturday Morning!