Monday, June 30, 2008


I think we might be having garden peas for dinner....for the next 10 nights!
Isabelle reaching for a pea
Isabelle eating 1/2 the loot!

Ben and Isabelle before dance classs last week.
quick update: The garden is producing some grand stuff, dance class is in full swing...I signed both the kids up for the reading program at the we have been reading a lot! My etsy store has reached 200 sales! Ben just hit Isabelle with a fly swatter. Life is grand. Hope all is well in your portion of the universe. good day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Sunday Sunday Sunday

Wow, I haven't made a post in a while! Honestly, this summer has been extremily busy so far! Yesterday was such a great day, we were invited to a wonderful celebration for my Great Aunt Dorothy, she turned 90 years old! She is amazing. The family celebration felt like a reunion. I saw relatives that I have not seen in years. What a heartwarming experience and also such a trip into the past. I almost felt like I was this little girl with pig tails in my grandparents house again. Many, many memories.
Yesterday we also celebrated Father's Day and my Mom's Birthday! The kids had a blast! As you can see from the photos, grape soda mouths and lots of sugar!
Right now Isabelle is at vacaction bible school at my girlfriend's church. It goes all week from 9-12. What a great opportunity! She gets to have such fun and I get a little break :) to get some things done! (I am preparing for a local rummage sale and also catching up with some Etsy orders). Of course, I have Ben to contend with...but it seems to be a bit easier without both children together, it's like a 1 circus instead of a 3 ring circus.
Isabelle started dance class a few weeks ago. She aboslutley loves it. I ask her to show me what she learned and she tells me she doesnt remember.... :) Even if she doesnt learn a smidge of anything, she is just excited to be there and that's really all that matters!
Noah has recently opened a new business office in town, so that is very exciting for us all!
That is all I can think of for the moment. I need to gather all my thoughts as I do believe they are somehow seeping out of my brain. Have a wonderful day. I must say, It is so nice to see the SUNSHINE after all the RAIN.