Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peas and Pigtails

 Garden Peas.  There is just something super special about arriving in the garden early morn, feeling the faint breeze, seeing the rising sun, touching God's earth, hearing the birds a.m. lullaby...and tasting the delish of a fresh picked vegetable.  But, then...the kids see that you are in the garden and start yelling at you from the window in the house, you can hear them fighting, they are asking you questions (like: can I have breakfast?((and the thing about letting those little people eat, is that you have to clean it up - ugh)))...which is oh so great, and then the flies & bugs start nipping at your face and try to fly within you eyeball and up your nose, then your remember that you forgot to put on your junk shoes for the garden and the fresh mud squishes through your toes of your good shoes...and because of the kids royal rumpous, the dog begins to bark...and lets just say this is less the ideal, relaxing and magical garden experience that I knew only moments earlier, so I gather up my green goods in my shiny bowl and I make my way back to the funhouse.  Cleaning and shucking the millions and billions of peas is beyond tedious.  The many pods are empty and only one serving bowl is filled with these sweet delights when all is said and done.  Nothing like eating a fresh a garden pea.  They sure are swell.  But, maybe next time, I will just grab a bag out of the freezer...maybe.
 This is my first child with a raimbow on her head.  We went to a local festival this past weekend.  The kids enjoyed the parade the best (probably because they got lots of sugar thrown at them). 
 Here is the boy child, letting the first child "do his hair".  He needs a haircut.  It's always a challenge taking the children in, so I guess I have been avoiding it and hoping that Noah will bring Ben when he goes.  But, since barrettes and rubberbands are now making their way onto his head...I should probably take care of business for the lad.
 We recently visited friends who live in the country.  They have lots of chickens and kittens.  The baby girl especially liked the kittens.   Nothing sweeter then a baby with a kitty.....except when she tries to strangle it and pop it's head off.  That's not as lovely as one would think.  I'm pretty certain this kitten still has two eyes after we were through with it....but I am not positive.
I am LOVING that we can put Livy Monster's hair in little pig tails now.  Now shes not just cute, she is extra cute (in my mommy opinion).  Since Isabelle is not letting me do here hair much anymore, it's nice that I have a new defenseless victim to experiment on.  Here we also see how the baby just can't seem to concept the drinking from water cups that she steals off of nearby surfaces.  Some other news & thoughts & then I have to Scram:  But, I can't really think cuz it's really loud here at the moment.  So I think I will end things here and now.  Good Day to YOU.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

try try again.

I thought I would try posting the pics that I tried yesterday and this time it worked.  This painting I am loving, but I am not exactly sure if I am quite done with it yet.  I think I might add some color or something where the butterfly is pulling the name up.  There is glitter on certain elements of the painting to make it magical, but the glittler is always hard to see in photographs.
Here is my happy baby.  Please ignore the whirl-wind of a Godzillaness rampage behind her.  She truly loves to be a terror...ripping books off the shelf one at a time.  This is challenging for me of course because I like a neat and orderly bookshelf...but it's not my bookshelf...its hers so I have no choice but to let go a smidge.  Here she sits in one of Ben's trucks.  She thinks it's the funniest thing ever.  She just giggles at herself.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chocolate Milk

Greetings.  For some reason I can not load the images that I wanted to my post right now.  I was going to show you a cute baby and a new painting or two.  I was even gonna maybe show you 2 cats fighting (I took a pic cuz your really dont see that everyday).  So maybe next time I post it will be operating correctly.  Let the rambling begin:  Have I complained to you about my lavendar smelling kitchen garbage bags yet?  Well, let me just say that I have discovered that the instilled lavendar smell, smells worse than the garbage!  Makes me wanna puke everytime I come near them.  I think I have like 30 somthing bags left to use.  joy.  I let Isabelle have a sleepover with a friend last night.  The girls had so much fun and it brought back tons of memories for me...when I was young many moons ago.  I might get some time to myself (well not counting Olivia) coming up the next day and if that is the case, I think I will whip out the scrapbooking supplies.  I am sooooo far behind....and I have the creative urg.  Just want to make a least a couple simple layouts or a mini album.  I have guilt that Olivia is in like none of our scrapbooks....and I so enjoy it and miss it much...its just a lot to drag that stuff all out, but if I keep it simple, It should work...of course I must unbury my creative workshop desk (card tables in the basement) first.  I finally got the kids to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.  (I was avoiding paying/fighting an unjust fine, but I faced it and took care of it).  I also signed up and I got a free book from a red cart.  The book I choose is one currently in the stores as somewhat popular, it is titled:  Heaven is for Real.  It is about a little boy's account of visiting heaven while he was on an operating table.  I love when the grass is fresh cut and the floors are clean.  Yesterday was that day.  I switched funiture around in the living room which is always fun.  Ben helped me with the floor and told me he thinks he does a better job then me.  I made an eye dr. appt to get my eye irritation problem figured out.  I think there is something faulty with my contacts or somekind of something in my eye...I dont know.....when I told Ben they might give me a patch for my eye, I found him crying later on....he told me that he didnt want them to take my eye out or for me to wear a patch.  I told him that it probably wont happen and if so we could be pirates together. He was happy again. It's quite chilly out at the moment...long sleeve or jacket weather.  I don't mind.  I have pink paint on my wedding ring.  I do mind.   Lots of giant blue jays lately...must be the suet. I think that is all I feel like talking about right now.  Lots on my mind.  Lots on my heart.  Lots on my to-do list.  I'll probably write again soon.  I know I did not mention anything in regards to chocolate milk like my title may indicate, but I couldn't think of a title and C. milk is always a nice thought.  I wish you farewell until we meet again.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tea Horse Rambling

 Surprise Tea Party waiting for Grandma to arrive.
Horse Riding.
How beautiful is this morning?  The sun, the slight breeze, the birds.  What gifts.  Simple, yet not.  Simple to appreciate if taken notice.  Easy to miss if not.  I have one vent this morning and then I will move on with positivities.  The vent is as follows:  I am so sick and tired of picking up other peoples (and when I say peoples, I don't mean just children, I mean adults as well) garbage (not even messes, but actual garbage including especially:  popsicle wrappers, chewed gum and the remainders of a seeded watermelon).  Disqusting.  O.k., so we move on.... I am trying to fight a slight saddness that seems to be seeping into my heart the last few days.  I am trying to focus not on numbers (ex: facebook friends, scale, bank account, etc), but on HeArt and love and goodness and sweetness, because GOD knows that I am blessed with so much of that amazing content in my life.  I must remember that in what may look like a hopeless situation, that there is hope.  I must not give up and must keep trying and showing kindness that maybe it will make a difference in someones life afterall and maybe that will matter in the big picture.  Right now I am praying for a little girl (not my little girl) who seems to have a very naughty nature and angry and at times mean heart.  This makes me so sad, and as frustrated as I get, I must remember she is a child and what my purpose, influence ...Heart...can possibly do if I don't give up on showing love.  I do find it extremily challenging and tiring, but I know I just need to take deep breaths and keep trying the best that I can. I need to try harder.  Today I focus on the beauty of the day.  I focus on the smiles and hugs that I constantly get from my children who are so filled with love and light.  I want to attempt to create some art today.  I can already feel the paint running through my veins.  I must remember to take steaks out of the freezer for the evening meal.  I found Olivia naked in her crib yesterday saying: hi , hi, hi.  She took off every stich of clothes including her diaper and threw them over the edge.  The children are getting too big too fast.  Summer is running away.  Time is slipping away.  Lightening bugs are out.  (not at the moment but last night).  I am having a problem with my eyes/contacts.  I need to get in to dr. soon and find out what is going on.  The newest issue of Life: Beautiful magazine arrived in the mail the other day (thanks to a beyond awesome friend!) and it is an excellent issue that I got much out of.  My goal today is to make the children feel extra special and loved today.  I will extend many smiles and try to say as many YES's as I can to requests.  I plan to do minimal cleaning just to get by today because honestly there is not time in the day for it all.  I hope the guy comes to cut the grass looks like a jungle out there.  The garden is producing snap peas now which is super.  Ben only wants to wear sleeveless shirts these days so he can show his big muscles. We were blessed with garden fresh picked strawberries from our sweet.  I hear singing from the bedroom, they have risen for the day (they sleep later when I drug them with a fan).  May your Saturday be bright and peaceful.  Good Day to YOU.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom Name Paintings

 I made this painting for a wonderful family!
I am working on NaMe paintings for some very special little girls.
How fun!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Art Day in the (red) Hood

 Something I truly have a fond interest in is:  Fairy Tales.  These enchanting, mysterious stories leave so much to the imagination and create magical worlds of endless possibilities (kids are currently having sword fights with their cereal spoons around me, so I currently apologize for thoughts and words that may not connect, but honestly this is how my brain functions most of the time...well unless they are at school or sleeping).  So anyWho, I have been wanting to create a red riding hood painting for a while.  I gathered some different ideas and incorporated my own and wolah.  I really am happy with how this painting turned out.  There is some unknown as we look deep into the woods.  The he howling at the moon?  Is he looking at the he looking at little red?  Where do his legs end and start...or are those trees?   What is hood thinking?  Is she frozen in fear?  Is she intrigued?  Has she made it to her grandmothers house or on her way home or has she just begun her journey?  What's in her basket? Does she know how to bake?   Does she have a scones recipe she can share with me?  What about that bird?  I made the bird all white at first...but it felt "right" to add some red.  Is it a simple of hope?  Is it a messenger?  A guardian angel?  Just a spectator?  Who knows what takes place in the woods...
 Below is a fairy or Gnome house rock that I have started to paint (not finished yet).  It's hard to paint on a rock.  (get it, hard? I know...).
 Below are my children, so excited that I announced it was once again:  ART DAY.   Once in awhile, I get brave and I plan a day for us to get creative and messy.  Yes, I had to wash paint off of the floor and wall...but for the most part it was a good productive project day.  The kids kept saying how much fun it was, so I think well worth it in the end.  (despite Olivia dipping her hands in a whole paint tray when noone was looking).
 Below:  We even incorporated Ice Cream Cones into this special day.  (well, really what choice did I have?  At the denist office, they got free coupons for being good patients...)
So, who knows what today will bring?  We slept very late.  Although everything is wet from the storms, it looks like the sun is peaking through.  I already saw a hummingbird this a.m. even though I have no food in the feeder.  It came anyway.  Isabelle has a playdate scheduled for today.  So Ben and I may do more art before I clean it up.  Laundry is piled to the ceiling and I don't care.  I think I will make vegetable pizza again today (made it the other day and it was a big hit).  I enjoyed the movie:  The Kings Speech.  I am liking the show:  Master Chef and I always enjoy Kitchen Nightmares.  When I can't sleep, I watch these shows.  Why is it when I really want to find a magazine, I am in a magazine mood, that I cannot find any?  Better get my broom out, Olivia is done with her breakfast.  Isabelle is listening to Taylor Swift and making friendship bracelets...Ben is looking for something else to paint.  I must get this circus act together.  Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Life in these here parts

crazy busy weekend.  the children are out and about and in and under, above and within, the children.  Have I ever shared what my most unfavorite part of the day is?  It is cleaning up dinner.  I dread this part of the evening.  I don't know why....but I do.  Everyone else leaves the premises and there I am alone with the mess.  They are off relaxing and having fun, I stand there with the leftovers...with the spills, with the crumbs and the stains, with dirt....and the dread.   I try to change my feelings...I truly know that it is not so up the dinner mess.  I know I should be thankful that I have a wonderful family to clean up after...that we have good food to share and a roof to share it under.....but, I am just being honest....I can't stand this part of the day.  It makes me sad and tired.   Today I have turnips and beets and squash to clean up...among other things.   The dog is whining.  I put him in the bedroom because I can't stand him at my feet as I clean up.  Guess what?  I haven't really cleaned up yet.  I came here to the computer and I began typing.   So that task at hand taunts me in this evening hour.  I know it's there.  Unfinished and waiting for me.  I know it is not going anywhere.  But, I delay it for a few moments.  I'm hot and like I said the dog is whining.  Sometimes I want to put thedog in a burlap bag and drive him to the nearest lagoon, but honestly...I don't even have a burlap basically impossible.   Have you ever tried to take a decent picture of 3 children all looking at you and smiling?  Can I confirm to you that I find that challenge a bit impossible, challenging to say the least.  If I put the dog on the table, maybe he will eat all the leftovers and I wont have to clean it up...yet again he will probably break the dishes, throw up and leave the turnips anyway.  Not my best plan I must admit.  I do plan to incorporate paper plates more often though...and my dish dishsoap clearly states that it is the scent of:  New Zealand in spring.  How am I supposed to trust that this is true?  Earlier I stated something to Benjamin (the young lad in the family) and I told him "that's FYI" and he said, what's fyi and I said, Ive told you before and he said, oh yeah "FOR YOUR IMAGINATION".  Yes, Ben basically, you are correct...imagination, information - really truly what is the difference?  Well, I suppose I should venture into the kitchen area to confront the horrilbe that awaits.  There is no way around it.  I want to sit here and read magazines and drink wine....but that's not in the cards and I don't even play cards so that makes it even more unlikely.  Until we meet again....may you believe that your far off country smelling dish soap will lead you to a better land.  ;)

More - Whimsical Garden Mural

Although I am not finished yet, I could not resist posting more pics of how the mural is coming along.  I absoutley love it.

Friday, June 03, 2011

He's a butterfly & a pirate...oh my.

 Here we see my dearest Benjamin as he stands in front of the church during his preschool graduation.  Preschool graduation is a sweet and emotional event.  All the children are so precious and special as they take part in this rite of passage.  At the end of the day, I asked Ben what his favorite part of graduation was and he responded with:  Eating a cookie.  Well that just about sums it up for a little four year old doesnt it?  As for me, my favorite part?  Watching him walk down the isle so proud, yet nervous...with his butterfly wings on.  Getting ready to fly...
 Here is sweet Isabelle on her last day of school (I let them celebrate with a Happy Meal Lunch).  Isabelle was thrilled to the moon with the way her school year ended.  Her teacher presented her with an award for:  The kindest student in the class.  Well, let me tell you, Isabelle was so surprised....she said she knew she was kind but she didnt know that she was the kindest!  She said she was proud of herself.  She showed it to everyone we came across this day and it stately hangs in her room.  When she showed me her award, I got a little tear in my eye, as I know the kindness of her heart and was so filled with joy, that it was recognized in this special way.
 This is a gift that I made for my step sister in law, Ellen as she has graduated from college and will be moving on to grad school.  This painting is a recreation resemblance of a photo of her in one of her favorite places (the highlands of scotland) in which she got to study last semester.  Also on the canvas is a much loved quote from one of her favorite authors.  Ellen also loves fairy tales so that's kind of  the fashion of how I incorporated the quote.
 Here are some of the teacher gifts that I made for the end of the year.  Handmade writing journals and painted clipboards. 
Here is Captin Pirate Ben Sparrow.  This past weekend he got to go see Pirates of the Carribian and instantly he got his outfit together.  I had to make him a patch.  All he needs now is a parrot...

Man, am I tired this morning!  I really should make some coffee.   I am so grateful that school has ended and summer has arrived (not for the hot hot weather of course but for the lifestyle that summer brings on...the freedom, the release from routine, etc.).  We have a fun & beautiful Friday planned.  I am looking forward to lot of wonderful today.  Along with several other things ending at this time.  The Esther bible study that I was in for the spring has now ended.  I have decided to do a study on my own for the summer.  This one is:  Daniel (by Beth Moore).  I will be spending much time in the Lions Den learning about integretity and such.  The mosquitos are bad already.  The dog wants to go out but I am making him wait til I finish my post.  I hear the baby up.  I was gonna go downstairs to ride the exercize bike.  Guess, I wont be doing that now...should have done that first!  I was reading The Little Prince to Ben the other night and he fell alseep.  Probably cuz there are big words and minimual pictures.  I sure do love that story though.  I need to refill my birdfeeders.  Lots of lettuce and spinach in the garden already.  o.k., the day is waiting.  May the best be yours today...rejoicce and be glad in it!  (even if you are tired and even if you run out of peanutbutter or milk or stub your toe.  Listen to the birds, feel the breeze...look for the sun.).