Friday, December 16, 2011

Piggies & Singing

 My homemade wreath this year.  I took a wire hanger bent it into a circle, used the leftover tree limbs, stringed some cranberries, whipped up a bow...and bam - door wreath.   Kind of fun despite the sappy needle poked fingers that I was left with.
 So, it seems this to be a tradition for us now....every year it seems the kids watch The Christmas Story quite a few too many times and they continue to beg to eat like "piggies" , so we let them.  Then we all laugh and it's out of their system for the season. hehe 
 No need for a picture of Olivia since she eats like a piggy every day.  Noah even joined in but I didn't get a picture of him...probably should have.
 This week the kids had their Christmas concert at school.  I was taking pics of Isabelle and Ben before we left and Olivia decided that she would make her way into the picture as well even though I did not invite her.  (but, when I want her in a picture, the kid does not cooperate at all..hehe).  Noah is out of town so he had to miss this event.  I was so blessed to have a friend come over to help me get the kids ready and go with us.  This friend even brought us a surprise fun dinner to make the evening even more easy/special.  This school program always gets me in the Christmas spirit.  There is such delight in hearing and watching all of the children sing these meaningful songs in a beautiful church setting.  Despite the fact that I had to wrestle the social acrobat Olivia the whole entire time...I truly enjoy this experience. 
So here we are.  A little over  week until Christmas arrives.  There is so much to do.  So many things going on.  Lots of planning and prep.  I am getting excited and really looking forward to these upcoming days.  I love the projects that I am working on and the surprises that are planned.  I do have to apologize to my friends and family, that I am debating at the moment of whether I will get cards out this year.  I might actually skip them, as much as it would make me very sad to do so, it might have to be that way.  So, if you don't get a card from us this year, it isn't because we are not thinking of you, cut you from the list, or don't truly love's because of time & funds.  Anyway, the baby is up and calling me.  I already had my coffee around 5am.  maybe i am due for another cup.  Ben has added to Christmas list that he would like somewhere to hang his ties.  This morning Flick is waiting for the kids to find him, he is sitting between Mary and Joseph in the manger.  Yes, I do think I will be needing more coffee, I am looking at my to do list and it is long...and I am already tired.

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