Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Visit

 It was a chilly evening, but we heard a rumor Santa was around.  He was in the country at a secret we took a drive...and we found him.  There were so many beautiful decorations and lights, it was quite special to arrive.
Here the frozen children wait in line (not a long line, just a few kids in front of us).  While waiting in line, we came across a boy who informed us that Santa is way fatter than when he saw him at Garden Deli.
 Then it was their turn!  What a wonderful Santa!  When asked, Isabelle said she wants: books and Ben said he wants:  An alarm clock. 
 This was a grand visit indeed.  Before leaving, a special elf gave each child a big box (candy from Swiss colony) and an ornament for the tree.
I suspect that Olivia wasn't super excited to visit Santa for the first time.  Maybe she figured out that this is the guy who is supposed to bring her gifts, but knows that she has been a bit naughty. hehe

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