Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes Part One

The part that needs to be enjoyed and savored from the attempt of taking Christmas card photos experience, is the outtakes.  What I love about the ones that I included here is Ben's increasingly patient but aggravated digression of tolerance with Olivia as she makes the whole task a tad bit impossible.  Olivia was not cooperating at all.  I took over 160 pictures and think that maybe I got one decent one of the 3 children and I say decent, not great and not even really good.  Of course I reach the point of throwing in the towel and calling it done.  It is what it is.  I will probably take the decent picture and insert it into a premade Walgreen's design, have them printed and move on with the season.  There was a time I made my own Christmas cards.  I laugh at that now and think I shall never have the time to do that again.  Maybe someday, I will.  I miss the creativity of it...but more so, at this moment , I just like to keep things simple...and as we can see the photo session with 3 children is a challenge enough.  I might attempt one more photo session before I give in to the powers beyond me...I might not.  You finally get a decent pose out of the baby and one or two of the other children were not smiling or paying attention.  I might as well throw the dog in the photo too and go for broke.  I know I can take all their pics separately, but really truly just once in a grand while, I have a dream.  It would be nice to see them all in the same photo, wearing decent clothing, with no food on their face, no garbage in the background...happy , clean, just hugging each other in perfect world.   Maybe, next year.

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