Monday, December 05, 2011

Decemeber What?

So, I told myself that I would not get overwhelmed with this season and I already am, knee deep in it...the worry, anxiety...and all of not enough time, not enough $$, to pull off all of my dreams and plans for this season.  ugh.  I've been laying awake at night with non-sugar plums dancing in my head.  Just thoughts of:  how will I do this?  what should I do?  how will I get this done? how will I pull this off? can I do it? will i do it? does it matter? what time is it?  why do I care? who will care? what? how ? where ? when? who? ugh.  Ive even totally neglected this blog and it's only Dec 5th.  I  didn't even have any pictures to share so I pulled up one from last year.  I must say though, just a note, that our Elf Flick - is truly such a fun experience every morning .  The kids coming rushing out of their beds, mangled hair, rubbing their eyes, searching for the little bit of magic that moves each night.  This year Flick has brought them a movie and and a note from Santa. (telling them although they have been mostly nice, they have also been somewhat naughty).  It think he will bring something else soon.  Maybe candy.  So, anyway, I'm super exhausted and freezing so this note will not be running on all evening.  In fact it will probably end promptly as I hope to get some reading in tonight.  I am reading a book called : dirty work about this city girl who moves to a farm.  I have no clue what I will make the  children for lunch tomorrow, I will have to be creative since the pantry is understocked at the moment.  ugh.  Olivia has been very accident prone lately, I wish I could put my baby in bubble wrap.  Noah canned beef broth yesterday.  We have some Christmas decorations out including our advent wreath (first year for us to do this), but no tree in sight.  Hopefully next weekend.  I think we plan to chop it down this year.  We haven't done that in a while.  Every single day Ben asks me to make him a batman suit that really flies.  I tell him I am not really good at that stuff, but he continues to ask me anyway.  I bought us some peppermint ice cream and egg nog recently.  To get us in the Christmas spirit.  Yum  - good stuff.  I am out of coffee.  I don't know how I will function in the a.m.  I have to get ready for art class in the morning since Olivia wouldn't let me tonight.  Hope I can get my act together.  We are working on something called:  Santa's Closet.  There was a tad bit of snow outside when I went out side last this evening (to let lance out) and to take a leaky garbage bag outside before it drenched my entire kitchen floor.  Well, I suppose I have rambled and I had not much of importance to say.  I hope I get the chance to paint this week.  got lots of ideas in my head and lots to do.  good night, until we meet again.

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