Thursday, November 29, 2012

He's back and picture lack.

Good Morning!  I know it has been awhile.  Every time I think to sit down and write, a wind picks me up, twirls me around and puts me down someplace else.  I was going to just add a bunch of catch up photos but now the site is telling me my photo storage is full and I need to buy more storage space....well I will need to look into that.  So anyway....  Thanksgiving was nice.  It was a lot of work, but went well.  School has been going along smoothly for the most part, we have gotten the hang of things and are in a nice flexible groove.  I was gonna write/share Ben's wonderful Christmas list but I'm kind of not in the mood now cuz of the picture space thing is throwing me off and I really need coffee, so I may try and write later.  Other news quick:  Ben lost his first tooth and I love listening to the way he talks now, hehe.  He's back! Flick our elf has returned and has so many more exciting places to hide in this house!  The dogs are getting BIG and more loving (and more trouble) everyday.  I am leaving for South Dakota tomorrow to meet Noah there for his company's Christmas Party.  Kids are staying home with my in laws.  Praying for us all to have safety, health, and happy hearts.  This morning as I wake up to frost outside, I am so thankful for the nice warm bed that I get to sleep in.  Have a beautiful Thursday!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Buck, a Bird, and a Bee

 All of a sudden the bucks have been running around our yard like crazy.  Last night this one decided to linger for a long while, so I got my camera out.  He was beautiful.  Lucky for him, Noah wasn't home!
 Now that the leaves are gone, it's so much easier to take pics of birds in the trees. hehe.  I love seeing the birds all puffed up, trying to keep warm in the colder weather.
 This one my favorite Bee, out for her first time officially going to doors for trick or treating.
 Trio of Trouble ready to walk the hood.
 This pumpkin either had too much candy or too much to drink.  Maybe both.
Here are my pups, growing like weeds..well, more like wildflowers!!!  This Sunday we finally got their dog run/kennel for life in the house should become a little easier on all.  This gives us more options!  I cannot believe that there are so snow flurries today!  It's so crazy.  I am thankful for so many things.  Our heat went out on Saturday, I am thankful, that someone came out right away and could fix the problem.  I had the kids start our thankfulness tree yesterday.  We gathered branches and put them in a vase and started making paper leaves of what we are thankful for.  I think I am going to sneak in a little painting today, so I am very excited about that.  I think that is all for now.  Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Buzz

 Me and my baBEE.  Noah was a Beekeeper!
 Pretty Kitty and Little Bee
Some Grub.   SO, I can't believe the day of the great pumpkin is upon us and we still have yet to carve our pumpkins!!!!!!!!   Today's plan is to at least do that, whaever else will BEE will BEE.  So for now, Happy Halloween!  Hopefully more pics later on.  :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Going Batty

 We are learning all about BATS in school right now in our Zoology - Science Unit.
 All of a sudden, Olivia is letting Isabelle read to her.  It's been so nice!
 My very special little:  Ninja Turtle!  Ben got to wear his costume to Cub Scouts this past week.  He did lots of slides...good thing his costume has knee pads.
 This is a fun treat plate I made with Paleo Snacks (gluten free - grain free).  Banana Muffins and Granola Bites.
 Here we see Mr. Ben helping me make Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast.
 Miss O hanging out in a diaper box with a dolphin in her hands and a band aid she placed on her head for an imaginary ouch.
 This is a beautiful Sunrise that I watched recently.  How amazing to see God's world wake up.  Peace and beauty everywhere.  Wonderful way to start the day.
 In the early morning - a Dark Eyed Junco in a nearby tree
Rose and I on our morning walk.   I walked the dogs twice yesterday, once in nature (am), once around the subdivision (pm).  They kind of tire me out.  :)  Happy Friday Everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Training Cats and Dogs

 So Much puppy Love. (Livy & Scout at Training)
 These puppies are growing way quick....and well so are the children.  :)
 My Cat.  Isabelle is a pink leopard kitty for Halloween this year.  She already had to wear her costume for a party this past weekend.   I want to cry because she is growing up more and more every time that I blink and she is truly amazing.  I had a feeling she would be.
 Just Horsing Around.
One of my new paintings.  I am feeling quite inspired these days, sneaking in art whenever I can.  I actually started an Artist Journal that I will be sharing some pages here soon.  (its just words and art combined...mostly sketches and doodles and such along with my thoughts, its been so fun I love it.)  P.s. this is a real bird called a : Cuban.  It reminds me of a hummingbird (but bigger).  I couldn't even imagine seeing this bird in real life, how awesome would that be?  well, they are not from around these parts so pictures must do. :)  Homeschooling has been goodish, but I keep questioning myself constantly.  Are we doing enough? Are they getting enough?  Is this o.k.?   I am having my doubts, not trusting myself....It has been challenging and I wonder if I should keep having faith or if I am a fool?  Gosh, time will tell I suppose.   We are taking this year and giving it our best shot....and if it works wonderful!!!! and if not... well, then we move on how we must.  I really don't know what else is on my mind.  Noah bought a new truck.  I bought diapers (potty training is going slow but progressing).  I am reading lots of dog training/behavior/raising books.  The weather has been WET.  I am excited that we have all 5 halloween costumes ready to go.  Mine will remain a surprise.....hehe.  (nothing too exciting but kind of fun).  The fish is dying , my bamboo plant is dying.  I am just trying to survive, thank God, I have God on my side.  I am a mess.   I just want to fall in a ditch and take a nap for a while.  I want to scream at the top of my lungs and run through a field til I fall to my knees.  I want the leaves to cover my body and keep me warm and safe.   But, I guess a blanket in the nice warm house would do the same thing.  Am I a mom? an artist? a friend? a wife? a daughter?  a teacher? a trainer? a loser? a winner? a homemaker?  a chef? a christian?  a sweeper? a loon? a cryer? a magic bean buyer?  Whats with all the labels all the time?  I am tired of labels.  I just want to  Nothing filling me , nothing taking from me...just me, here...for a little while.  Nobody asking me for juice or freedom or where this and that happen to be.  I'd like to get away from myself sometimes, but that is hard to do.  For the most part I am doing o.k.  We are doing more than o.k. and really, I think that is more than enough...most of the time.  I have added "Cracklin Rosie" from Neil Diamond on my ipod for my puppy ROsiE.  I really like Pink's new video:  Try.   Once upon a time a psychic told me that I would make great soups and stews....well, I just remembered and realized this the other day as I was making cream of broc soup from scratch and coconut chicken stew that was quite excellent and I was like wow, that lady was right, how did she know?  I guess I should get these troops to rest, it's late.   Goodnight Ya'all.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Walk into Autumn

 "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir
 A few days ago, I had a really tough day with the kids.  Just one of those days when you feel like a failed parent and you wonder what the heck you got yourself into placing these little people on the planet.  Well, the next morning (yesterday), I woke up and decided I really needed some alone time (which does not happen too often), so - I went for a walk to our creek and through the woods....I breathed in the amazing crisp air and listened to the birds all around me and flying above my head.  It was so peaceful and so beautiful and so exciting at the same time.  I know it sounds silly, but it truly means the world to me when I slow down and realize all that I have and all that there is around me.  I need to take these little walks more often.  Simple and Beautiful Life.
This is the turkey that Noah harpooned this week.  Yes, we will be eating him on Saturday if anyone would like to join us.  Just a note:  Turkey's still have not returned to our yard...but we did see a buck yesterday morning!  good thing Noah had a coffee mug in his hand.
Here is my babe, strutting her stuff with her confident walk and smile to boot.  I love this little girl.  She is so strong willed that it totally wears me out by the end of the day....but she is such a special monster, and she is mine.  Last night , I was having trouble putting her to bed, so I sent the other kids downstairs and read lots of books with her and stayed right next to her until she mad it to the land of nod.  I left the room realizing, that quite often I don't that extra time with her these read and hug, just the two of us.  I need to do that every day.  Besides, I don't think she will give me a choice. :)  ---- So, I was up around 5:30 this morning and the dogs wanted to go out.  I thought, man I don't want to let them out.  It's so cold and so dark...but I of course, did let them out, bundled up and let them loose and to my surprise the most beautiful night sky awaited above.  Blackness and bright stars all about....a moon that was just awesome.   Normally, I drink coffee in the morning.  Today, I decided to have some apple cinnamon tea with honey.  Good choice, I think.  I think it's going to be a good day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leaves and Bees

October gave a party.  The leaves by hundreds came - The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples, and leaves of every name.  The sunshine spread a carpet, and everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind, the band. - George Cooper (October's Party).
You just never know what you may come across walking about the house.
Finally!  Fall Honey Extraction.  We are hoping by the next batch, that we can start selling it!  How fun.  (this process does get extremely messy/sticky by the way....but it sure is sweet).
It is very difficult to get the kids out of our bed these days.  It has become "the hangout" for comfort and reading on these chilly nights.
Noah (with a bow and arrow), shot one of these yesterday.  I have pics just haven't loaded them yet.  The kids were so excited and watched the entire process of  "field dressing", prep , etc... They were not sad or grossed out in anyway.  I was a bit sad, although of course, I know it's the circle of life and such....Just wonder if the turkey's will make their way back to our yard again, or if they will choose to avoid.   So weird: one moment the bird is in my backyard, now its in my fridge in a pot of water.
The puppies are growing so fast.  They are doing great at training.  This is Rose.  She is proving to be the more feisty of the two.  But, she loves to snuggle.  Scout loves to play!!  He especially loves to play: take something away from Rose...and run!  I enjoy watching and being with the kids and the dogs out in the yard, playing free and crazy....fresh air, beautiful earth.  School is going well for the most part these days.  I think we have some of our challenges worked out and are getting into somewhat of a routine.  This week, I had a wonderful visit with one of my homeschooling friends.  She is a blessing and I admire her greatly - she inspires me in many ways.   Well, we have 2 of our 5 family members Halloween costumes decided on and purchased.  Just trying to decide the final 3.  Keep going back and forth with a few scenarios.
 Also recently, Uncle Al came for a visit on his Harley!  We also just learned that his dog, Huntley got a part in an upcoming episode of the t.v. show:  Chicago Fire.  I have been cooking like crazy lately, trying all different recipes.  I made a great Paleo Pumpkin Pie that the family loved!  Some other recent new paleo meals were: stuffed cabbage, pork apple sliders, pumpkin custard, grain free granola, bacon wrapped chicken thighs and others I cannot think of at the moment...but by far one of the favorite new recipes that is requested quite often is: Pumpkin Pancakes.  I found these really cute ramekins to use for all the custards and such.  Also, soon I will be trying a chicken pot pie which I thought those dishes would be perfect for.  I am so thankful to have a dishwasher nowadays.  The cub scout is still selling popcorn.  Ben will soon be contacting those who said they wanted to order to tell them what he's got to offer!  (sorry we have been sluggish about doing this).  Guess, I should go do something....what I do not know.  Maybe make a grocery list...or take a shower before the troops are up...uh oh, too late.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Leaves and stuff.

 This TIGER scout is selling POPCORN!!!!   If you are interested, please contact us for details!!!!!
 This is one of our puppies (Scout), father.   He is amazing.  This dog is just WOW.  I am in awe of his majesty.
 At training this weekend there was a very brave family of CATS/kittens.  They even approached all the dogs at one point.  Rose barked like a maniac.  Scout could care less. ((and holy chicken by the way and you should see the roosters!)).
 Hello Autumn!!!!!!! You greet me once again and I am in amazement of your beauty and power over me.  I love you fall.   You reawaken my existence like no other season.   I don't know why I love you so much, but I do and that shall never weaken.  Thank you for greeting me when I need you most.  Thank you for reminding me to breathe.  I welcome you with all my heart and soul.
A horse is a horse of course of course.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

happiness WARM puppy

 Finished a painting of my Olivia & Rose.  Titled:  Happiness is a warm puppy. (charles shultz)
 Isabelle and Ben call this carrying the Princess.
 Ben riding his bike!
 Ben falling off of his bike :)
A Random Deer.
The pups do not like the deer nor the turkey.  They bark bark bark at them.   They all stare at each other in a frozen stance for a while and then all animals go about their business as if they never noticed each other.  I love when the puppies are tired and lay on each other. So cute - got to get a pic.  I guess that makes up for that fact that we are going through a lot of papertowels these days.  Ben has a loose tooth. His first one!  We had taco salad for dinner.  My hands smell like onion.  Today, I stood out in the autumn wind and the bright sun, and I breathed in the earth and I was at peace.  I thanked the lord for my many gifts. I think we will all hit the hay early tonight, we are getting so worn and tired these days, on the verge of colds.  Tomorrow we need to get up early for dog training.  Can't wait to jump into bed tonight -  I started reading a book that I find very interesting:  Rin Tin Tin.  :)  Well, Ben wants me to go set his alarm clock, so I suppose I must go as there are other things to attend to as well.  Happy Weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2012

step into the light, everything will be alright

 Ben snuggling Scout.  The puppies are growing so fast already!  I can't believe that they have already been with us for two weeks.  Their personalities are shining through and it is exciting to see them develop.  It is so fun to see them interact with the kids and with each other.  They are a handful no doubt....but quite honestly, I am quite enjoying it.  Sure they are trouble, but sometimes in life....trouble is what gets us to become awake when we have been sleeping for too long.  Trouble is what opens our hearts and our minds to the possibilities that await.   I like that they are trouble.  I hope that they won't be too much trouble. Only time will tell. :)
 Speaking of Trouble - Olivia (playing in the bird bath) and Rose (chewing something).  Both causing trouble and not listening to come in when called.  Misc. Notes:  This crazy circus just keeps on growing!  oh well, can't say that I am bored.  I do kind of secretly hope the fish dies so I can gain some counter space back.  These days have been a whirlwind.  I invite the cool breezes that whisper to me that Autumn is coming.  I love that Olivia calls sponge bob: bob bob.  Ben has learned to ride his two wheeler officially.  Isabelle is dancing like a fool to her ipod music.  Our school is having its ups and downs.  I always feel like we are not doing enough, but maybe we are.  Noah is on a business trip and I hate when he is away.  I feel anxious and sad.  I hear the cool wind outside.  I hear an owl.  I hear the puppies chomping on their food.  I hear Olivia saying: up up up up.  I think her butt might stink.  got to check into that.  We had baked sweet potatoes and turkey for dinner.  Olivia is now singing and I can no longer hear the wind or the owl.  Isabelle just thanked me for dinner, how sweet that girl is.  There are books spread all over my counter as we did school upstairs today for a change of pace.  I think that worked pretty well...but really what do I know?  I do know that I have some very muddy shoes and clothes to clean for Ben since he played in the creek and collected clams half of Sunday.  My little wild boy.  Olivia just stole all the ice packs out of the freezer.  Wonder what her plan is.  Every day I think about how I want to paint, but every day ends with me never making it that far...maybe I do a sketch of an idea...but that is as far as I get.   Maybe tomorrow will be different.  Maybe tomorrow, I will get further.  Create.  Create.  The word echoes through my soul...and I know I should listen....I know I should...but, the end of the day, beats me every
Olivia eating a Paleo / gluten-free chocolate cookie and loving it!  For those who think that my children get no treats or "special" snacks...they do.  This is a homemade cookie that is made with great healthy stuff that won't hurt their tummies or make them feel sick.  I feel good giving it to them and they enjoy eating them.  Isabelle helped me make these!  She was so excited because she loves to cook/bake and she loves trying new recipes.  I think about what is best for my children every moment that I am awake and breathing and alive. This is my job.  I am not cheating them or mistreating them. My children are not on a diet.  They are not restricted food if they are hungry, they are just restricted of food that we don't feel is best for their precious growing bodies.  I feel so good giving them healthy meals.  My children have so many wonderful choices/opportunities and I am so excited for them.  I sure have a lot to learn on this (not so easy) journey, but the more I learn, the more I understand and the more I look forward to this path and our next meal together :).

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin Tree

 A Creekside View.
 A Boy and his Pup.
 A Gnome or Fairy hole.  I am really not sure which one it is yet.  Will have to do some investigation to know for sure.
 The kids (with their friend) drawing under a tree on a beautiful early evening.
Sometimes kids fall asleep in the most uncomfortable places.   But, as long as Ben has his very loved blankie cow with him, he is just fine.  ----- So another weekend begins.  Lots planned already including a family wedding and dog training.  I love that it's really starting to feel like fall already.  Trying a whole lot of new recipes around here lately (might have something to do with two new cookbooks that I've bought (Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and Practical Paleo).   I know there are tons of recipes online, but there is just something about having the actual book in your hands.  The kids love flipping threw them and picking stuff out to try as well.  They have also been helping with preparing some things so that has been (a bit more messy).  So successful new stuff has been:  Pumpkin Pancakes (biggest hit), Tuna Patties (with a lemon garlic aoli sauce (another super favorite), Broc/Cauli Chowder w/ bacon (parent favorite, not so much with the kids), Smoky Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs (also a winner!).  Oh yeah, and Pumpkin Custard was great too!  My coffee is gone and I have a list ten miles long to accomplish this am so I better get a move on.  Sounds like a heard of elephants got loose (puppy one and puppy two).  Have a beautiful day!