Sunday, November 06, 2011

paper and glue and zoo

This was a fun project (painted photo stand-in) that I made for Ben's classroom halloween party.  Each child had their picture taken and they will be printed and sent home for the parents.
 Me & Mario
 A bunch of Suckers.
 A recent painting of mine:  Nutty Blessings. (acrylic 12x12 stretched canvas).
 The children working on our Thankfulness Tree.  Somethings written on the leaves:  God, family, friends, warm house, good health, healthy food, Jesus, laughter and smiles, candy, Travis, love, are (our) world, etc.
A journal that I made out of an old golden book, twine and misc. papers.  I forgot how much I love making journals.

We have actually been working on a ton of projects lately, so of course the house is an insane mess.  oh well, must move on.  Isabelle is absoutley loving playing basketball, she has a game late this afternoon.  Since Noah is out of town, I will be trying to wrestle Olivia in the stands by myself.  Snack size chocolate bars are pure evil. Currently I am Reading a book called:  God Makes Lemonade, it's a bunch of short stories.  Noah and I celebrated our 14th year anniversary this past week. I thought we were like on our 12 but I did the math and wow - it's fourteen.  We decided to just make it a quiet dinner at home since it was a school night with lots of homework and we coming off of the Halloween high.  Exciting news I have is that I was asked to help with Art in Ben's Kindergarten I get to plan the projects and then teach them the art session once a week.  I am so excited.  What a wonderful opportunity.  I love being around this age group and seeing what they create , I just find so much delight in them.   I am almost finished with the firefighter themed mural that I started awhile back.  I get there about once a week for a couple hours. I keep thinking I will finish today while I am there, but then Olivia throws a wrench (or actually toys at me) in the plan.  I thank my friend Teresa for her patience with me.  I will show pics when its completed.  We have been trying some new recipes lately.  Most are turning out good.  The garden is offically done.  I think I might make us some hot chocolate, there is a definte chill in the air.  Isabelle has been having some major meltdowns lately and it really makes me wonder how I will survive the teenage years (she is 8!).  Olivia's word list grows:  Uh-oh, MOM!  No! , Ut Up (shut up to the dog)!, down, night, hi, etc.  I barely ever sit down to watcha movie, so yesterday I watched Zookeeper with the kids.  It was cute (not the greatest flick in the world).  Speaking of zookeepers, thats how I feel latley, that I am running a zoo.  Wild animals everywhere.  Which reminds me, I'm tired.  The End.


Sally said...

The halloween cut out is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I wish my kids were in your kids classes. :)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Another post!! You know how much you brighten my day :) Hugs.... Sarah