Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow Down

 This is my most recent painting:  Titled:  Slow Down
 Here is a recent pic of my adorable Livy Monster.  She wrecks havoc every day.  Her newest "trick" is to batt her eyes at you and look all cute when she is causing trouble.
 Here are my new running shoes.  weird. freaky.  I know.   It is like running barefoot...yet not.  They are super cool.  I think they are almost magic.  Hope I get to use them...(lately, nothing but rain and baby).
 It was NERD day at school today. The kdis had such fun preparing this morning. 
I took me the whole flippen day to put away laundry away today (that included putting away summer clothes and having a little whirlwind rip everything off of hangers and unfold towels, etc).  I mad a beef roast in the crock pot, it smelled so good.  Busy week ahead still.  Wishing you well until we meet again! 

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