Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A fondness for shoes & still more snow

Ben wearing Isabelle's Dorothy ruby slipper shoes.

Snow I woke up to this morning.

Beautiful....yet I am ready for it to go away....
School was cancelled today (even though Isabelle doesn't go on Tuesdays). Isabelle recently got a time out at school! I picked her up from school, we were drivng home and she told me: Me and Isa (her friend Isabella) got a time out today! For what? For running.... (she was embarrassed, yet at the same time proud of getting in trouble). Driving to school yesterday, Isabelle informed me that it was really FROGGY OUT. I said froggy? and she said yes, froggy! (I myself, I thought it was really foggy out, but what do I know).
In the first picture we see Ben wearing Isabelle's shoes...he loves to wear shoes, hats, purses, backpacks...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Morning Quick Steal

I feel like I have totally been neglecting my blog lately, the family is still sleeping (which will change any moment, if I am not too late already!) so I thought I would steal a few moments of proper thinking time to produce an update of sorts.

The kids have both been sick! ugh. Kept Isabelle home from school some, she went back on Friday, we are all thankful for that. Of course, Now I am feeling quite crappy myself, it was bound to happen. Speaking of bound. Above is a fun journal that I made to get me in the mood for spring!

I think the project we will take on today is cleaning and organizing the bedrooms (clothes have gotten extremily overwhelming) and Noah may paint the upstairs hallway & railing...so I must say that is exciting, and probably worth spending the day cleaning...just to get that done! That will feel good to have that done.

Coffee and Pajama Pants are two of the best inventions in the entire world. that is a true belief of mine.

Ben had his 18th month appt at the Dr. He wasnt feeling to good while it was happening, he was not happy and would not settle down for the nurse, so she never got his proper weight and such...so Im kind of clueless there, but overall exam, he is doing wonderful of course and we are so blessed and thankful! I must admit that Isabelle was an angel baby compared to Ben though...in regards to....trouble. I am calling him my little terror...his constant goal, is to climb, touch and destroy. I think my favorite moments lately are seeing Isabelle and Ben having fun together..coming up with little games and play and just giggling and sharing....(when there not fighting over the same item). They often remind me of Shel Silverstein's poem HUG O WAR, when they roll around on the rug and giggle.

Kindergarten....OMG, very soon, I need to register Isabelle for Kindergarten! She will be going full day, everyday and we are changing schools...so there is a lot of new coming after this summer. I can't believe how time flies away. Speaking of flies away, recently, Noah saw a huge BALD EAGLE right next to him as he was driving down a road by our house. He said it was amazingly cool.

We are still in Annie land here every day. Isabelle wants a hampster, that's her new desire. She talks about it quite often. How she wants a real one to pet and feed cuz she SICK of PRetend hampsters (we have a toy one in a ball that operates on batteries). I told her to ask for a bunny instead because I always wanted a bunny, but Noah always says no....something about Lance eating it.

Happy Weekend Friends & Family! When the kids get fully well, I will be taking their pics, I know I have not shared any in a while! Plus, I will be revamping my blog, there's lots of old stuff in the side bar! Fresh and New is on the horizon!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Snow Birds, Smelly Fish

Along with the endless snow, we have been getting endless birds! Snow has overwhelmed our area and we have had lots of school closings, event cancellations, etc. We have been hybernating this winter for sure! Tonight they are calling for below freezing weather with horrible windchills - joy. I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner and we have so many wonderful things to look forward to. I read a quote yesterday, forgot the detailed words, but it was basically saying be IN the season that you are in and make the best of it. So with that, we are defintely trying!

So this morning, Noah gave Isabelle a hug and she ran to me and screamed daddy smells like the stinky fish we had for dinner! (grilled trout last night). - haha.

Valetine's Day is approaching and Isabelle wanted Barbie Valetines for some reason....so that is of course what I found! She will be filling them out herself this year so that is so exciting, seriously. They are not supposed to address the cards to specific friends so it's eaiser at distribution time, so they are supposed to address the cards to: Friend. So , I have been teaching her to write that. So now she knows to write her first, last and sort of middle name. ben's name and a few other words. She is right handed (Noah and I are both left, I think Ben will be left as well because he tends to color and such with his left).

On this winter day I have much household chores to tackle, I need to work on some custom orders for my shop and I think I will make bake some banana bread with Isabelle.

Oh I have some fun news! A publishing company is making a book about handmade greeting cards and they had a call out, so I submitted a few of my cards for consideration back in nov/dec. Well, I just got notification that they selected one of my cards to be included in this book! So, I think that is very cool.

Ben has been an extremily mischieveous little boy lately. I swear this kid's middle name should have been TROUBLE. But, he's so darn sweet. :)

That is all for now. Demands are calling (and whining and screaming). :)