Friday, December 21, 2007

Must be Santa

Look at this cute little red nosed Elf.

Visiting Santa. Ben is trying to evaluate the situation. Isabelle tells santa she wants ear muffs and a bathroom.

Ben finally decides, hey I don't like this.

Sibling Sweetness

Isabelle's school program. She is the unsure donkey in the front/middle.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snow & Decorating of the Pine

A brief quiet moment with Ben as he decides
what kind of trouble he will be pursuing next.

Isabelle putting ornaments ON the tree.

Ben taking ornaments OFF the tree.

Isabelle being pulled in the SNOW on her sled via daddy.

These days of late have been extremily busy. On top of illnesses (yes, still!) and other things, we recently had an ice storm that knocked out our power for almost 24 hours! Oh Winter Bliss is among us. I can't believe how quickly Christmas will be arriving, I am so unprepared. I don't even know if I will get Christmas cards out this year...and if I do, they may not be homemade! (I know shocking!). Any HOOT, (owls are making such a grand comeback...well I suppose they never actually "Left"), that is all I have to report at the coffee is waiting and Alice in wonderland (aka Isabelle in her alice in wonderland dress) is waiting for her Juice.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

2 turkeys & the night kitchen

Thanksgiving Day at Grandma & Grandpa's. We had such a nice holiday & got to spend time with lots of family this weekend! I am truly so thankful for so much.

3 bakerS in The NighT KitcheN (ben, belle, aunt mary)

Well we started baking for the holiday season already. The turkey decor isn't even down yet! But, it is never too soon to make cut out sugar cookies! I had to take a picture of these 3 stooges as they created the festive masterpieces. For some reason these fun, messy bakers remind me of the story: In the night kithen by Maurice Sendak (author of where the wild things are).

I can't believe there is Ice on our windows already. My new favorite at home coffee is: dunken donuts brand. Currently, Noah is making homemade cinnamon rolls this morning. Ben is still sleeping, Mary is reading nursery rhymes to Isabelle. I recently began reading a new book: Roasting in Hell's Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Ben's most recent Dr. Visit was quite a success for he is doing very well (aside from the fact that we all have colds to some degree right now). Isabelle's class made stone soup at school recently. Her job was to bring the barley. She talked about stone soup for a week straight, couldnt wait...after school we picked her up and asked her what she thought of stone soup...she responded that: it was yuk but I liked the crackers!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Little Prince

Recently I went to a used book sale. I found an old copy of The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. This is one of my favorite children's stories. What an amazing find, this book...not only do I love the musty old book smell...but I love the history of owners...I love when you open an old book and not only discover the story within, but also a little piece of who owned it at one time. In this copy of of The Little Prince there is an inscription from the gift giver and he is telling why he likes this story and is passing it on. ALso inside the book is a note from someone who owned the book, the note is about her "love" who I am assuming is her son. Also at the end of the book was an old newspaper article that I found delight in reading. This book, what a treasure for 25 cents!

So, I decided with a busy Monday coming (Isabelle School, Ben Dr. Misc Errands..) that I would try to prepare myself as much as possible for the morning, because morning around here lately...are anything but prepared. I dump my purse out in attempt to clean it out, get organized and I find...I can't believe this.... 12 pens! 12 pens! Am I insane? I was wondering where all my pens went. I ask myself am I a mental case? 12 pens? Normally, I carry 2 pens. 1 for use, 1 for back up, cuz you never know. This just shows how out of sync I have been lately. The normal me would never haul around 12 pens. Yes, I am a writing freak...but not in that way. So anyway, I am taking note (now that I have found my pens and can do so) that I need to slow down and concentrate a little bit more. I am not even going to tell you how much change I had in my purse!

Something that I have been feeling really bad about lately, is my lack of correspondence with family and friends. I feel like a total and complete antisocial neglector. <-- sorry if that is not a word or spelled incorrectly but I dont feel like looking it up. I apologize to anyone that has felt like I am not around anymore...I'm here! I'm just trying to find myself in all this mess! Seriously though, things have just been crazy and I really am trying to become better aquainted with my priorities and a somewhat schedule that is functional to be productive in all aspects of my life. Something that will really help my communication is that I have a new cell phone (living without one was quite an adjustment!). The best part of my new phone besides the fact that it is p i n k (I am trying to embrace more feminity as I have been lacking at that lately too), is that I have the best ring tone I could have ever dreamed of! The office theme song! Whoah, life is good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These lovely Autumn days...

My friend Sally visited from afar (Minnesota) and while here, she did a photo shoot of the kids. Even though the elements (on the go children and wind) were against her, she got such wonderful shots! These are just two of her amazing photos! I love them all, so I will be posting more when I get them! :)

The last couple days have been so nice weather wise. Those perfect Autumn days in which the weather is crisp enough to breath soul into your step and warm enough to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without heavy attire.

I just took the kids out of the bath. They smell so nice. The sun is setting. I think we are having leftover Gumbo for dinner because Noah has a meeting tonight. Noah has been cooking an awful lot lately. I tease him asking if he will ever let me cook again...maybe when he has a cold and has no taste buds. Well, he enjoys it and he by some miracle has been really helping with the clean up, so honestly, I don't mind one bit. Most things he has been making have been really good....well, except his meatloaf. It was way too salty. Oh well, they can't all be five star. So speaking of cooking, we finally saw the movie Ratatolli. Very cute little flick. Isabelle tells me the next time she goes to a restaurant she is going to ask for Ratatolli with NO matos!

The clutter of the house has been really getting to me lately. Today I spent the day attempting to do my best to change things up a bit. Clean, organize, switch furniture around. I feel better for now but as I speak the house is getting undone by the two little people whose job it is to keep me challenged.

My etsy shop has been keeping me quite busy lately. I have serveral custom orders lined up. This has been such a good thing for me but I personally need to make sure I keep a balance of all the house has been in such chaos lately, that's why I took today to attempt some kind of major improvement. I also have been working on projects after the kids go to sleep and before they wake up, so I have not been sleeping as much as I should. I am not complaining at all, it has been such a good thing...but I like I said, I need to learn a good balance for family, home & business. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Speaking of, I should probably get off the computer for now! Stay Well & Enjoy these Fall days, for they are fleeting!

p.s. I just had to add this! I just picked Ben up and something I unzipped his footy pajamas and found a little shaker toy, a little people horse and an half eaten apple!!! This kid is little a chipmunk storing things in his pajamas!

Monday, November 05, 2007

10 years

On November 1st, Noah and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I have to say, WOW. I really can't comprehend that 10 years have gone by so quickly. A few jobs, houses, towns, dogs and kids we are. Like all lives, some of the times have been hard, but all in all we have been truly blessed with our amazing family and we somehow get through the trials we face. In each other we find comfort and we find laughter. We find understanding...and we know that we are truly loved.

So, I thought I would share a few converstions/situations that I have had with Isabelle & Ben lately:

Isabelle: My friend Cake is going to be at the party. Cheryl: No, your friend's name is CaDe. No, his name is Cake!

Isabelle comes into our room in the middle of the night*** Isabelle: I can't hear the OWLS because DADDY is snoring!

This afternoon, I gave Isabelle a toy catalog that came in the mail and told her to circle the things that she liked so we could get ideas for a list for Santa Claus. Isabelle, returns later to show me the catalog and as we go through it, I notice that ALL the items in the catalog are circled.

Isabelle likes to pretend Ben is a puppy, she throws something and tells Ben to fetch. Ben goes and gets it and brings it to her and she pats him on the head and says good boy. She throws it again and he goes and fetchs again....they go on like this for awhile.

Isabelle's new obessions: getting a race car shaped bed and bringing an outside bird in the house to sleep with.

And Ben has turned into quite the escape artist...when he sees me coming with the diapers and wipes he high tails it away like you wouldnt believe...or if Noah tells him he is going to get him...then Ben goes and hides under the little kid picnic table and peers out laughing.

Ben does not like swings. Ben does not like his hair rinsed in the bath.

I'm very tired so I : Wish you well & goodnight.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Yellow Brick Road Unwinds...

So, today at the local Picture Show, there was a special showing of The Wizard of OZ, how perfect for our costume choice this year! Isabelle Loves the Movies. Isabelle Loves The Wiz, Isabelle Loves her Costume, Isabelle Loves her Great Aunt Mary (who came with us) and Isabelle Loves popcorn, so as you could imagine, this was the perfect event for my little Dorothy. This was the first time I put in her in her complete costume. Noah went golfing, Great Aunt Margaret stayed home & played with Ben, and we were off to the show... It was such a fun experience. I couldn't remember the last movie I saw in the theatre to be pefectly honest with you. We've been watching The Wiz at home alot lately, so Isabelle just absolutely "knows" and enjoys this movie.

There was a few moments that I looked over at Isabelle watching the show, and I almost felt like crying. Not to get all sappy and such...but I just love to see her so happy and my mind simply can't wrap around the fact that she is this little girl longer a baby...but more and more her own person everyday and that she is so beautiful. All in All it was a swell time.

Later in the day we went out to lunch at a chinese restaurant. When the waitress asked Isabelle what she wanted she answered: I would like a hot dog please. With ketchup.


My Esty Store has been so great. Ive been working on a lot of paper projects lately. I have my first international customer! Someone from Australia is buying a book I made! I think that's really cool. (If I can figure out the postal/shipping correctly). The house is neglected. I wish I could hire someone to come deep clean and de-clutter. I am trying to gain some focus. I can never establish a proper routine. This chaos makes me feel like "if I only had a brain". But, I don't give up ...I don't give in. It's been so cold and dark lately. We've all been on the verge of sickness. I think I have been wearing the same sweatshirt for 3 days. I need to really pull out my winter clothes. My clocks are always off. It feels like autumn has gone, yet it has not begun yet... I can't believe Halloween is in just a few days. I even forgot that we are supposed to carve pumpkins! That will be fun with Ben I'm sure. Haha. Recently we have made several meals for freezing and we have actually used them so much lately...beef stew, chili, chicken soup (tonight). I must get Ben a proper stocking. Isabelle asked if we can make muffins tomorrow. I don't know if I have ingredients for muffins...oh maybe pumpkin spice muffins I do. I think once my head finally hits the pillow tonight, that I will be in a nice deep slumber. It's been a long day...a long week. Goodnight dear Friends & Family.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FALLing into Trouble

Look at my little Ben's whispy curls...I know I need to get his hair cut, but I just love those little curls. Boy am I getting a run for my money with this kid. He is constantly looking for trouble. We now have to keep the garbage can compltely turned around against the wall because he is constantly going into it either trying to pull things out or put things (anything) in it. Yesterday he fell off his little picnic table, hit a toy with his mouth somehow and there was blood all about. If this is what little boys are made of, I better get ready because I am in for a wild ride I believe...

So far this fall has been very busy. I don't know where the time goes. I have been extremily neglectful of my blog and I apologize. I intend to do a better job of updating.

Tonight I am making chicken parmaseasn on spaghetti noodles. Infact, the oven is preheating and I must put it in soon. I have not made any new outstanding recipes lately. I really hope we make chili this weekend, its cold and I am cold so I think that would be good.

It has rained on my laundry for two days now.
I really dislike my post office for several reasons.
Ben just put a papercrafting tool of mine in a little truck of his and drove it away...I hope I remember to go find it. I must go for now, but I shall return soon. Good Evening.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

writting letters & hand stuck in a green bean can

Since I have no new pics of the kids, I put this one up! I have made these Recipe Cards and put them in my new online shop. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! Makes me almost want to cook!

Isabelle has started writing a few letters of the alphabet and she is only in the beginning, but her teachers have taught her how to write the letter I for her name. I just can't believe she is writing letters! Isabelle just told me "tell my family that I can write the letter D too, and Benjamin can't!" She has her first bus field trip tomorrow to the local apple orchard.

Ben lately has been attempting to eat dog food, put things (that don't belong garbage) in the garbage, pull things out of the garbage (got his hand stuck in opened discarded green bean can, has floated his bottle in the dog water, had smashed an egg on the floor, keeps getting all his clothes off (including his diaper), pretends he's talking on the cellphone, walks around with it to his ear, babbeling, he has tried brushing his hair with a tooth brush, among many other adventurous talents.

I officially have gotten both kids costumes for Halloween! Whoah!

Yesterday for the first time ever, Isabelle told me she wanted a NEW mom. I was almost in tears. She has never said anything like that to me before. Also, yesterday a bug flew up my nose and a vaccum belt that I just bought instantly broke. I am hoping today will be a more productive and positive day. (If only I can get myself and the children out of the house at decent hour). I have to go grocery shopping since there is nothing to make for meals in the cabinets…but I can’t seem to think of anything to make…maybe a turkey breast and chili (not together).

Currently I am reading a book about Cemetary’s (getting in the Halloween mode).
Also, cannot wait to watch the office tonight!
I know there are other things as well that I wanted to speak of, but my mind is kind of in a million directions at the moment. So, I shall check in soon, just wanted to say hi and have a pleasant day and a lovely evening!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Footy Pajamas and Exploding Vaccum

Sister & Brother fighting over a toy cell phone (I think there may be about 30 more toy cell phones laying about the immediate premises, but this one held particuliar interest for both children at the same exact time, go figure...)
We call this picture: The loving compromise. A win. win.
So, the (wonderful, amazing, leaf crunching, crisp air) season is upon us. The season of footy pajamas! Is there anything more comforting in life then footy pajamas? I think not.
My coffee tasted a little "soapy" this morning, so I dumped it out and started a new pot, yet the taste still lingers. Yuk!
We picked our garden pumpkins recently, that took all of about a minute. The garden is defintely winding down. I have canned tomatos, I have sauced tomatos, I have given tomatos, I have incorporated tomatoes, I think I am done for the season.
Recently we did a bonfire with smores and I forgot how good smores are! I wonder why we don't do that more often? Speaking of the bonfire area of our yard...apparently a few weeks ago while my family was slumbering...some drunken teenagers drove right through our yard becuase they missed the stop sign and didn't realize the road ended! LOVELY.
School is in full swing for Isabelle. She already had picture day (crossing fingers that photo will be cute and adorable). Isabelle comes home from school with many stories. I don't know if she learned this song at school or MOPS, but the other day she started singing: "bringing home a baby bumble bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me". Then of course, I chimed in with great enthusisasm (sorry if im miss spelling or bad grammer today), because this song brought back great memories of my youth as I used to sing this song in brownies/girl scouts! It was neat to hear her singing it now. So far Isabelle has worked on the letters A and B in school. I'm betting the letter C may be next...
I started selling some things on ebay (so far the experience has been interesting & fun but I haven't made much money). Im learning alot and it is neat and thrilling, the whole process from interacting with people from all over and learning, that my stuff may be their treasure! hehe One of the funnest <--is that a word? parts is putting together the packages with a little extra fun touch or surprise.
I have been trying to get a lot of paper projects done. I am selling some on ebay, but I have also opened a little store on this site called Etsy. It's where to go to buy and sell handcrafted goods. When my store is ready, I will put the address here, but as of right this moment, I only have 3 things listed so far! This is exciting I must say.
Who would have thought that new "green" Shrek toothpaste would make Isabelle think I am the greatest mom on the planet? Uh oh, Ben is eating something and I didnt give him anything! Be right back......o.k., it was pretzel from yesterday that he must have found. He finds everything! As I was over there, I also discovered that he is stinky so I must not linger long.
Did I mention my most recent appliance/equipment nightmare? My vaccum practically caught on fire the other day! Here I am vaccuming, almost done with the living room, when I smell a scent almost like burning leaves, yet more like burning rubber! Then I turn around and there is massive amounts of dark grey smoke coming out of the shop vac! I ran to the wall and unplugged it, grabbed ben from the pack n play and evacuated the house, finding Noah and telling him the vaccum is on fire! Well, come to learn it was nothing I did, the thing was old and shot. So, needless to say, I don't need to vaccum at the moment (because I can't) besides, I have Ben to pick up any thing that needs not to be on the floor (well besides toys).
We have a birthday party this morning for Isabelle's friend and a barbaque this afternoon for a family friend, so I better get going I have presents to wrap, dishes to make ...oh and I have that diaper to change!

Monday, September 17, 2007


new updates coming soon.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Boy Blue

I know Isabelle has only been back in school for a little bit now, but I am really enjoying my alone time with Ben. Just us. We can just interact with out any interruptions or takeovers...hehehe But of course...11:15 rolls around and I can't wait to go get my little girl back.

Today is one of those days in which I cannot stop yawning. Even though I drank 3 gallons of coffee this morning, I guess it just didn't do the trick. The last few nights I haven't slept much at all. I think the moon is too full. The night is too still.

So, I started selling on ebay. I started sunday. I now have 9 misc. items up for sale. So far, NO interest. I am not even a good sales person not in person! haha Today Isabelle told me I could sell her princess potty. I told her no, she better keep it. So even though I have got no BIDS and only one inquiry so is exciting...the anticipation of checking....and maybe some day...some how....some way... I shall sell something! Of course when all is said and done, I am sure I will lose money in the deal...considering all the fees involved already. Oh I said it's kind of fun. Especially writing the descriptions! Putting a little color and flair into everyday objects... but then again, maybe it is those very descriptions that are frightening buyers to "trust" me.

Isabelle came into my room in the middle of the night last night and said this: Mom! Mom! I need to talk to you something important. Why does baby Bop have a bow in her hair?

Did I mention how upsetting black and white photos are to Isabelle? She really gets disturbed when there are no color in pictures. She doesnt understand it and she gets really upset like something is wrong.

I have NO clue what I will make for dinner tonight. If it was up to me it would be Ramen Noodles or beefaroni....or cheese and crackers. Something S i m p l e. I tried to take a nap earlier but it just didnt work.

I think I really want Isabelle and Ben to be Dorothy and cowardly Lion this year for Halloween...I will have to see if I could pull that off in a cute way. I dont like the lion costumes that have a head of a lion on top of the hood ....I really like the ones that have the maine directly around the baby's face. And I could paint him a little black nose and wiskers. Also there is a cute dorthoy costume somewhere that comes with the basket with todo....and then of course there are the ruby slippers.... Or she could be alice in wonderland and ben could be the white rabbit or door mouse. Or she could be red ridinghood ( i was that when I was about her age) and ben could be a little wolf.......of course I should probably find out what Isabelle wants to be. I just asked her and she said "Spiderman...then she said no, tinkerbell...oh never mind how about spiderman?" I think this girl might need some costume suggestions and direction from me afterall. I was gonna get Isabelle a humpty dumpty costume when she was a baby...a cute egg with a hole for her face to come through...maybe I will see if I could find that for ben...he would make a cute humpty dumpty.

Isabelle just told me that ELIVS is a boy show. Not a girl show.

o.k. I don't know what rock I have been living under but I am so in love with a song I recently discovered: Goodnight my angel - lullaby by billy joel. Also I have a love hate relationship with the song: Love Today by Mika

I feel like I live in the wilderness lately..or at the zoo. I was thinking of all the overwhelming amount of animals I came across today alone.....the standard birds, cats, dogs, squirrels...but also today I came across pigs, apacas, cows, horses, sheep and deer! Maybe it's a sign that my husband should build an ark. I don't think that's gonna happen, it's hard enough to get him to take out the garbage.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back To School

I can't even explain how exciting it was to get back to school today! This year wasn't emotional for me like her first year (plus I had just had Ben just a few days before at that time) was nice to go there with the excitement of the first day and not have the anxiety of a new situation. This year Isabelle will be going to preschool 3 mornings a week (m-w-f). This year Isabelle has the same teachers and some of the same kids in her class, so that was a nice thing to look forward to as well. She also knew what to expect so there was no departure anxiety from her or I as I left the building after dropping her off which gave us both great comfort and security. Ben and I ran a few errands and before I knew it, it was time to pick her up. She had a great first day and so did I. Of course one of my favorite parts of school starting is knowing that Autumn is coming too.

little side note before I forget: BEN says Uh-Oh all the time now. So cute. hehe


Pretty in Pink Party Girl.
"tired" Birthday Boy
Adorable Duck Cake made by Elaine
Elaine made this beautiful Alice in wonderland dress from scratch for Isabelle. Also on this night Isabelle recieved a dress up princess Belle gown, a Fun Bears Cheerleading outfit......but she choose to wear for the remainder of the evening, this:
Spiderman Costume from Uncle Al !
At first when Isabelle opened the gift, she questioned the giver "why did you get me this? It's for a boy!" But, once she got it on, there was no taking it off. She ran around all night with super powers, spinning webs and jumping on the party guests. (doll cake made by Elaine).
Family Party = Great Success. Thank you Everyone! We are truly blessed (and spoiled).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look Whose Walking

Yesterday we celebrated Ben's 1st Birthday. All of a sudden the last few days he has been taking steps all on his own. He looks like a drunken boxer going back and forth and then tumbling over. hehe We had his first year check up today. All is good! (well, the shots weren't so good, but the rest was good).
Tonight is an open house for Isabelle's school class. I'm so excited school will be starting soon! There's nothing like back to school supplies is the best! (even if it is preschool supplies!). It actually almost feels like fall out today and I even swear Ive seen some changing leaves already. Tonight I am making Slow Cooker Salasa Chicken for dinner.
----Last night Isabelle and I had the following conversation:
Me: You are my special girl right?
Isabelle: Right. We are real right mom?
Me: Yes, Isabelle we are real.
Isabelle: Good. (It was just really sweet. I love my little girl so much...
when I sometimes forget, she reminds lucky I am).
Happy 4th Birthday Lancelot, you 3 legged wonderdog.
Happy Anniversary of Elvis's death. TCB

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Four & More

Isabelle's (1st)kids party was a great success. We had it at a local party place that includes a fun zone (jumping in balls, climbing, etc). She had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who helped plan, prepare and participate!
Since Isabelle has turned 4, all of a sudden she can "magically" do the following with ease: open the stairs door by herself, reach the sink without her stool, open and close car door, likes broccoli…. (if only with her magical fourness, she could start wiping her butt on her own...) Oh, also along with these can dos and likes...she says that now that she is 4, she "just doesn't like milk."
Interview With Isabelle on her 4th Birthday.
How Old Are You? Um…I’m four today alright? I’m not three anymore.
If you had a million dollars what would you buy? A watch! Even though you got 2 watches for your b-day? Yes.
How do you like the cake Elaine made you? I don’t know.
What would be your dream job when you grow up? When I close my eyes and sleep…and I have a good dream.
What makes you sad? When Ben pulls my hair!
What makes you happy? When Ben doesn’t pull my hair.
What is your favorite game right now? Zingo!
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Ooh….Owls are scary! Um… I want to talk about something….the storm…and how it scares me.
What age have you enjoyed the most so far? 4 cuz I’m 4 now.
Favorite color? Red.
Favorite show? Strawberry shortcake, I keep telling you!
Favorite store? The little cart store.
Favorite food? Peanut butter and honey wrap.
Where would you like to take a vacation? Um…like to the bank.
Let's talk BEN a little bit now. I can't believe that he will be 1 next week! wow. Seriously this baby boy has grown up so fast already! Some of his activities lately: pulling the entire cushion off couch- sitting and bouncing on the couch without cushion- then sliding down the angled cushion. Taking dvds out of cases - trying to put them in the tv equipment, pressing the paper feed on my printer, getting all the papers out one by one (he has obsession with paper, he must be my kid!) , pulling chairs out from the dining room table - climbing on chair and proceeding to climb on dining room table!…sits and claps. Taking little steps, or walks pushing something. and...I swear he says mama.
Misc. Notes & Observations
Glue sticks are expensive. Humidity is evil. I'm sick of tomatoes. The people at my post office seem to have an attitude most of the time...what is the deal with that? I might have a garage sale at the end of the summer. I am going to start selling things on ebay (for the first any advice would be greatly appreciated-email me). I finished the book the time traveler's wife. It was very good, I really liked it...I didn't cry. I heard alot people cried when reading this...I didn't feel the need to. I have just started reading: Middlesex. sidenote: I love the smell of old musty books. My windshield wipers have been acting very strange lately, before I had trouble with them not coming on when I need them. the last couple times I drove my car, they come on when i dont need them and wont shut off! I can't believe the disney's tinkerbell fairies movie will not come out until fall of 08. that is a long time to wait!
upcoming plans: family birthday party for the kids, zoo, bristol reinsannce faire, school starts...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Outing

Well, let's face it...every Outing Can't be a Mary Poppins with the Banks Children in the Park Magical Experience.

Today's family outing seemed like a good idea in the morning.....before we actually went. It was a beautiful sun shiney day and we decided hey, let's go to the lake.

So, Packing for any trip no matter how minor can take a lot of prep, ya never know what you might need. I seriously, don't want to be the mom who doesn't have a bandaid on her when needed (I've been that mom plenty of fun...working on improving). So, I packed us up for a day trip (when all actuality, it wound up being less then 4 hours all together I think). Later, I realized as I lugged all our supplies up and down a big huge hill to get to and from the camp site, that...yeah maybe I packed too much...and if I really calculated...maybe I wound up NOT using about 88% of the stuff that I couldn't do with out. What the heck was I thinking? Yeah right, besides the kids stuff (stroller, toys, diapers, sunscreen, bottles, etc), grilling supplies, fishing supplies...I brought a book for me to read, cuz I would so get a chance to do that! Oh and a notebook to do some writing in a peaceful NO. A Radio...o.k., forgot I even had it since it was buried under the "other" stuff. There was so much stuff in the car there was no room in there for the dog so he had to stay home.

First stop was the grocery store (that has little kid carts). Isabelle accidently rammed her little cart into my foot. I calmly (while clenching my teeth so I wouldnt scream from pain) suggested that she be more careful because she hurt mommy. We got: hamburger supplies, sun chips, cottage cheese and iced tea. This task, complete. Oh and as we were departing the cashier said, "please take a free pack of hamburger buns on your way out as part of our grand opening special". Well o.k. lady, super, but maybe you could have told us about this little special BEFORE we bought the buns we just bought!

Next, the bait/license shop. I don't know what happened in there because I opted to stay in the car with Ben while Noah took Isabelle inside. She was asking him questions when they left the car. She was asking him questions when they returned. Here we got: license , bait and Ice. Task done. On our way again...

Arrive at "the spot". Unpacked the car, lugged everything down big steep hill. First - Prepared food and ate lunch (the hamburgers tasted like zoo burgers...they were premade and a little "different"). Next: Isabelle and Noah fished. I kept Ben entertained. The entire time, I had to keep him out of and away from the lake and I tried to keep him from constantly putting the following into his mouth: stones, sand, grass, leaves, sticks, cigarette butts, misc. garbage, etc.

Isabelle was quite excited about the dock. She ran on it, she sat on it, she skipped on it, she layed and rolled on it. Isabelle had about a million things to discuss with Noah. I think if Isabelle could literally talk someones ear off, that noah's ears would be floating in the lake right now. Isabelle wasn't manning her pole so she kept losing worms and needing them replaced. In the end, ONE FISH was caught in all (by noah). After what seemed like a very long afternoon, we (meaning me) packed up all the supplies and cleaned up our mess and we headed home. Isabelle told us that her very favorite part was that she got to pee in the woods. She also told us she doesn't want to eat the leftover worms for dinner because she thinks they would taste YUK. u.m... o.k. kid, it's a deal - no worms.

As we drove away through the winding tree lined roads - sun and sea behind us, Isabelle asked if we could come back next time. Noah said next time he was going to bring beer. I said next time doesn't have to be anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, it was nice quality family time together. It was us, being us. But, sometimes...staying home is nice too.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Is the fan my new best friend? I would say, YES. Thank goodness the fan was invented. It blows on me now and saves me from utter miserability. K... I'm officially sick of summer (humid, muggy...sultry...sweaty...yuk), bring on the fall. Give me the crisp days...ah...lovely autumn, I am waiting.

Ben is yelling into the fan currently. Like an idiot from stupidville, I decided to make a chicken the oven for dinner. So now as if it wasnt warm enough in the's even warmer. Leave it to me to make a bad situation worse.

I worked on a project today and completed it! With ben's 1st birthday coming up, I started thinking about how I still havent scrapped Isabelles first birthday... I have a ton of pics...what am I waiting for the perfect moment? Well instead of doing several 12x12 pages...I went into my stash and got out an a simple scrapbook (no protective covers), square that I got a target on clearance years back and never used.... I just started laying out the pictures in it..... I threw some sesame street (the party theme) and birthday stickers all over it...I did a little journaling...........and called it done! It's nothing special or fancy by any means....but it's done...all the pictures in one spot together and viewable... so... I am happy with that.

Tomatos are growing like...well, tomatos! They are soooo good....heaven sent for sure. I'm starting to feel like it is tomato nation over's crazy. I'd say tomatos are my favorite part of the garden....except.....for..... PUMPKINS! They are definetly on their way....and they are taking over the garden and I am afraid that Noah secretly hates me because I asked him to plant them and now they are overwhelming everything else........but OH well, how fun they will be in the fall! Our very own pumpkin patch! I'll make Isabelle sit out there and wait for the great Pumpkin to arrive.

So latley since we have been watching bats outside a bit...Isabelle is obessed with bats. She wants to look them up in books and talk about them. We worked on projects today and she even asked me to help her make a BAT. So we did and now she flies it around everywhere with her and it even sat next to her at dinner. My little weirdo.

Ben keeps shutting my fan off...not to happy about that. Maybe I'll just color in Isabelle's dragon tales coloring book for a while and call it a day.


I can't believe that Isabelle will soon (aug. 7th) be four years old!
My little baby girl is growing up so fast!

Big Sister. Little Brother

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I would today. I really don't have anything of major importance or interest to share, so I will just type and see what prevails. Today: Rainy. Noah watched the kids last night (so I could have a much need night out with my friends) and so today I have a major mess to clean up. He is always so proud of himself, when I get home he tells me what he fed them and what they did, etc. But, like I said: Major mess to clean! This summer has been very low key for us. We have defintely gone the simple, quiet route. Our days have consisted of pool fun, catching fireflies and butterflies, pushpops, sandbox, gardening, evening stroller walks, bon fires, preschool workbooks, lots of reading, movies, visiting friends, etc. The kids are growing like weeds and wildflowers. I won't tell you which one is currently the weed and which one is currently the wildflower...but maybe you can guess. Isabelle is excited about having her first "kids" birthday party. We have been having fun planning that. She insisted on Strawberry Shortcake theme. She can't wait to for everyone to sing happy birhtday to her while she "blows out the little fires on her cake". We are also starting to pick up school supplies...I can't believe it is almost that time already. One of Isabelle's favorite things lately is watching the bats come out in the early evening. She keeps asking me, those arn't the bat's that you hit a ball with right? I must admitt it still kind of freaks me out to see bats...I just cant help to think one will land and turn into a dracula right in front of me. Her favorite current foods are: peanutbutter and honey sandwiches and corn on the cob. The other day Isabelle was laying on the couch and I told her she should go outside and play...and she cried, " I can't go outside, my eyebrows hurt!" Instead of saying good idea, she says: Mom, that's a BIG dea! Instead of saying salami, Isabelle asks for a SLIMY sandwich. Isabelle likes to pretend Ben is her dog...she feeds him the fish from her magnetic fishing pole set. Isabelle also likes to often pretend she is Strawberryshortcake and Ben is Apple Dumpling. The other day I spotted a bunny outside and I told Isabelle to look and she looked (he was still) and she said, : "Maybe he's dead". When Isabelle and I were in the garden recently (picking green beans)..she found a worm..she asked if she could touch it. I said sure. Then she asked if she could tickle it. I said sure. So, she tickled it and kept giggling and saying tickle, tickle, tickle. BEN - wow, this little boy... my mind can't wrap around the fact that he is almost one years old (aug. 15). He is such a character. He is so unebelievably sweet and cuddly and happy. He is also very adventures and BIG trouble! Anything you can think of, he is into! He officially broke a lamp a few weeks ago (pulled it off the table), thank goodness he wasnt hurt. I've baby proofed as much as I can but he still manages to find trouble. He loves to copy and he loves to play peek a boo. He loves pushing any toy with wheels (mostly little people bus) across the room. He loves to put things inside of things (stacking cups) and open and close things. He stands at the toy bin, reaches in and pulls a toy out, inspects it and throws it on the floor and pulls another toy out...till it's empty. He is eating just about anything, doing great. He loves the vegetables from the that has been so nice (and convienent) to feed him. He has two lower teeth and more are coming. He walks holding on to things, we are just waiting for him to let go. Isabelle and Ben roll around on the floor together tumbling and giggling all the time. They also fight. She tells me, MOM I don't want Benny by me! Mom, I don't want Benny to have this toy! ETC... I love his hair right now. It's long enough where it is starting to curl so sweet. I finished reading: A thousand acres. Didnt like it that much. Started reading: The TIme Traveler's Wife. Not far into it but so far so good. My current favorite tv show is Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay, but actually I like more, his show Kitchen Nightmares, where he goes into failing restaurants, sees whats not working and helps them change things and succeed. I recently made a new (and easy) impressive dinner that I absolutely love. It is a cranberry pork roast in the crock pot (if anyone wants the recipe, email me). My current favorite song is: Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry. It is old, but I have newly discovered it. I must find it on cd! Well, Isabelle is whining because Ben changed the t.v. channel (and he is stinky, I can smell him from here) here we go...another day of adventure....Maybe, I better grab some more coffee first........

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Children wearing their 4th of July finery.

Lance insisted on being included in these photos.

Here we see that Ben somehow got himself completely stuck inside a dollhouse. He reminded me of the part of Alice in Wonderland when she is growing inside that tiny house and gets stuck. I know I probably shouldn't have been laughing and grabbing my camera...before I saved him....but I felt that I must document this incident.

And here we see one of Isabelle and Lance's favorite summer pasttimes: Pig Farm (next store) Watching.