Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Twirl Me, Tickle Me.

So, Noah is gone this week for work. It just amazes me, only a man would pack for a week’s trip the morning of. Monday morning is when he started packing, right before he had to leave (not to mention that he woke up late)!

Cutting Onions – I hate onions. I hate the smell of them (let alone the taste)..but If Noah wants onions I offer to cut them for him. Then I smell like onion afterward. If that isn’t true love and sacrifice in marriage, I don’t know what is?

Baby Names – Well, this has been an ongoing battle within my head. I must be honest and say that there are truly no boy names that I love. Noah likes Henry the best and I really like it to, but I really like Luke the best. We also like Benjamin, Gabriel and some others. I guess we just go in to the situation with a small list, look at the kid and know what’s is right at that time. Im a planner and I like to know things, have things set and ready…but since I have no absolute, I can’t force it. I had a strong dream a few months back that we should name the baby: Elijah. I am not fond of the name Elijah. I think that dream was meant to go to someone else.

Our Garden. So this is what we have gotten from the garden recently: Strawberries (just a few), Black Raspberries, Cabbage, Cauliflower and PEAS. Isabelle enjoys getting to carry the basket and help pick berries and peas.

Toddler Musings & recent things I have learned by being a parent:
Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets taste better then regular shape.
You can take a toddler to the potty 87 a day. (or at least it feels like it).

Isabelle’s favorite thing to do lately is catch Butterflies. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she says is : Let’s go catch Butterflies!, so we do (well, after I have a cup of coffee and wake up a bit).

So, I bought Isabelle some tinkerbell underwear yesterday. Later in the day after we were home for a while, a thought suddenly hit her and she asked in desperation: Where’s my Fairy Wears?

Isabelle has definitely noticed and taken an interest in my growing Belly. She likes to look at my belly button and ask, Baby in there? And I answer yes. Then she puts her eye up to my belly button and says: Awww, he’s cute! Then she screams, Baby Come Out!

Speaking of belly’s – Isabelle insisted the other day that her belly hurt and she needed a band aid to make it feel better. I tried to tell her she did not need a band-aid for her belly but she insisted. So, I gave her one and she put it right across her bellybutton and said, Better Now!

When Isabelle does get an ouch somewhere she asks me to kiss on her ouch. Example: She got an ouch on her hand and asked me to “kiss on her hand”. Well, yesterday, she pulled down her pants in back and told me to “Kiss on her Butt”.

Marathon Runner – Somewhere Isabelle picked up this little running routine (which I love cuz she gets tired). But it is so funny because She gets in this stance with her arm behind her back (like the professional Olympic athletes) and she yells: Ready. Set. Go. And she takes off for a sprint! She reaches her destination, turns around and does the same thing. And if you have ever seen Isabelle run in the first place it’s the funniest thing…cuz she shakes her butt/hips and moves her arms in full stride.

I asked Isabelle what she wanted for lunch yesterday and she answered: “Coffee”…(then she changed her mind) “Um no, Tea pease”!

Everyday Isabelle tells me to “Twirl Me!, Tickle Me !” Everyday she tells me: “I love you, Mommy.” That is when it makes all the tiredness, the chaos…the challenges…it makes it all worth it. It reminds me, what is most important and that I am so very blessed. Not to get mushy and sentimental and all...It's just I really feel I need a brake lately, like I want to run away to a quiet place and that being a parent is really hard sometimes. I think because I feel so tired and sore lately that I am just getting kind of worn. I feel kind of selfish because I get upset that I dont have time & energy to do the things that I want to get done. A child needs constant attention and care. I dont function well in chaos and clutter and noise, yet I am forced to. I need to remember that I am so lucky and so blessed in so many ways and that I can do this. Not only can I do this, but I love this. Every day I must try my very best for this little person and never give up. Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. But, being a parent is the most wonderful thing I have ever done in my life. I recently read a quote that said, "being a mother is the greatest privilage a woman can have." I believe with all my heart this to be true.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

friendly Cantaloupe

Some kids have imaginary friends. My kid has befriended a Cantaloupe. Yes, a Cantaloupe. (occassionally referred to as watermelon because she gets confused). I have documented a little bit of their adventures today: It started with: Mommy can I hold canelow? And then the relationship grew from there…

Isabelle places canelow on the couch next to her and tells it that they are watching “berry cake” (strawberry short cake). Isabelle throws canelow up in the air and drops it and tells it to: fly! Isabelle stands on canelow and giggles as she tries not to fall. Isabelle get’s a blanket and lays down on the floor next to canelow. She covers herself and canelow half way with the blanket (enough for it’s head to stick out?). She tells canelow that she is tired. She tells canelow: let’s count stars! She puts her snow white headband on it and says: pretty! She asks: Canelow, where’s my juice?
She screams: Owe, Canelow hurt me!

Although this bond seems sweet and all, I feel Isabelle’s intentions toward her new friend are short lived. She has already requested that I “cut it open”.

Yippee - A visit from an idiot!

Some super weirdo just came to my back door trying to sell me magazines. Um...first of all jacka**, Ive been trying to get my toddler to take a nap all day, we were both just about to fall asleep (exhausted pregnant woman here) - and because of you, well that didnt happen and now it doesnt look like its going to. These are the times that I am thankful for Lancelot's Large Bark. He really scared this guy and got rid of him pretty quickly. Why dont you go stand in a field and chew on some corn or better yet go stand in the middle of the road and count clouds. Just leave me alone! Visits like this are worse then a telemarketer call. A. Who the hell invited you on to my property? B. Why are you disturbing my day with your idiotness? C. Do you honestly really believe that I am just sitting here with a bunch of cash in my hand hoping and praying that some moron stops by and wants me to buy magazines because I really want to add a new magazine to my subscription list and I really needed for someone as grand as you to come by and offer it to me so I could acomplish that life goal? Question, do you even know how to spell your name let enough know how to read any of the articles in the supposed magazines that you sell? (can you tell Im tired and a bit crabby?) Good Day Sir!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Book Review: The Glass Castle

I have been such a slow reader lately (not counting the various toddler level books I read everyday). Seriously it takes me forever to finish reading a book these days! Anyway here is a short review of one I just finished for book club:
The Glass Castle - A Memoir - Jeannette Wells
This memoir is about Jeannette's childhood. She grew up in challenging circumstances with dysfunctional (drunk , selfish & mental) parents. The family was very poor most of the time and the children had to keep the household going and keep their parents in line as much as possible. At first I thought it was humourous the way that Jeannette wrote about her life, the tragedies, but then I realized how sad it was. Her story got very depressing very quickly. In the end she is a survivor who seems to have a decent life, but only because she was strong and brave through many dark situations.
Toast of the Town
Worth Telling a Friend - I would recommend this depending on what you want to take away from this story. The lifestyle this family lead was interesting...but sad. The whole time I was reading it, I just wanted someone to scoop the children up and take them to a warm, kind, safe place.
Needs A Boost

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slip Covers & Fake Deer

Pet Peeves. Two of my major ones are when people who leave their christmas lights up way too long and when people dont use their turn signals. One of my other "favorite" pet peeves is: FAKE DEER. I just dont get it. I dont understand the concept of it. It's like people are trying to trick hey look! Here's a deer (or two), standing here on my property looking at you, how exciting- oh wait it's just a plastic piece of crap. I would like to take all of the fake deer from all these lawns and gather them into one field. Then the people can drive by and say" Hey look there's a whole field of deer! Oh wait...their fake. Then I would like to torch it.

Here is one more pet peeve...SLIP COVERS. Here is my personal situation. We have stripe couches and we have flowered carpeting. These items all must co-exist in the same room, yet they dont match. They clash. The chaos of these two patterns together, seriously makes me ill. It's just pure yuk. I can't afford new couches or new my only solution is to go blind or to use slip covers on the couches. Well the thing about slip covers is that they slip! They never ever stay on the couches. They are a constant pain in the butt. They dont stay put. I dislike them to the highest degree, yet I feel trapped in my situation to battle their placement every single day of my life. My dream simple as it is, is to rectify this situation and daily dilema by replacing the carpeting (which by the way collects and displays dog hair more then any other carpet that ever lived, but that's another story) or to get plain couches that would match this flowery designed carpeting. My dream seems like it will never come true. I guess I should be thankful that I have couches to put slip covers on and that I dont live under a bridge somewhere, heating my grieving soul by garbage can fire.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Kitten Anyone?

Well, MOO (our shop/outdoor cat) has had kittens! There are 4 black and white spotted kittens. Isabelle loves to go check on the babies several times a day. When they are ready, we will be looking for homes for all of the kittens so if anyone knows anyone who wants a new furry addition, please let me know! Side Note: Moo just showed up at our property one day in the fall and has been here ever since. She has been nothing but wonderful natured/well tempered (between Isabelle and Lancelot both wanting to play with her constantly). She's such a good cat that even Noah admits to liking her! So anyway the point of my side note is that if she is such a good animal, maybe her kittens will be as well!

Duck, Pook, Goose.

This spring/summer thus far has been filled with alot of PARKing. Isabelle just loves going to Krape Park and feeding the geese & ducks. Life has been very busy & crazy lately with a lot of changes going on with Noah's career. Lots of adjusting for us (with his traveling, etc) but it has been good and we know that we are making the best decision for our family. Uncharted territory...but it is a path we must try. The garden is growing! I cant wait to start using the vegetables! We are growing a little bit of everything. Seeing several deer around the homestead lately. I made potato salad from scratch all by myself for the first time this week. It turned out pretty darn good I must say. Isabelle has moved to a booster seat for the car. I just cant believe how fast/big she is growing. So this pregnancy is going fast and slow at the same time. I have approx two months to go. Two months until a new little baby is here and life will change for us once again! My appts. are now every two weeks! Im starting to feel sick & tired & sore lately. Ugh, like right now...I could so take a nap!..but I dont think Isabelle will let me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Im a little teapot

As a special surprise birthday gift for Grandma Barb, Isabelle was the star of a tea party photo shoot, in which the pictures were the main attraction of a special TEA scrapbook and a special little surprise tea party in Grandma Barb's honor. It was such fun to make the scrapbook and create a tea party!


Isabelle loves to theive Noah's headphones and wear them around. Only thing is that they fit her cheeks better then her ears.