Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Match this.

Altered Matchboxes
Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.
The chicken is in the salt water (for baked chicken tonight).
Got to scrape the paint of the cases of the dvds so I can return them to the video store.
I want to join the crowd and take a Zumba class.
Dog won't stop barking today. Where is the burlap bag?
I wish I knew how to widdle a fairy door, but I don't have any wood skills.
k, I gotta go - troops are restless and resentless.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day is Done,,,

...Gone the Sun.
(for some reason the photos insert is not working, so I will just write):
I love the freedom of the summer. Yet, I miss the routine of non-summer.
I wish I had all the change back that I ever threw into a fountain or a well on a mountain top..., then I could by myself a peach smoothie.
Everytime I see a banana start to get brown spots, I get sad and I think about how I wish it didn't have to be that way. So quickly, the fleeting moments of perfect yellow are gone.
I despise dog hair with every ounce of my being.
I admire the light on the tree leaves just at sunset.
I have a favorite pen that I must always use. It's been like that for a long time and always will be so. Nothing will ever replace the perfectness of the zebra f-301 fine ball point pen. (extra fine and misc. ink colors are welcome as well).
I don't put crackers in my soup.
I don't like to chew gum.
I have never mowed the lawn.
I wrote a poem about the children, it goe's like this """I bet a million trillion buckaroos, there will be a trail of toys, and they will ask for ice cream before the night is through.""""
I think there is a cat dying outside as I type.
There are lots of muddy shoes at the front door.
I miss the tv show: All in the Family.
I want to go catch lightening bugs right now, but I am too tired, plus I might have an encounter with that dying cat.
The air is coming through the window right now and it is pefect cool. Just a light crispness that reminds me to feel and breathe. love it.
Quite often I call Ben: "Little Boy Blue" . Every single day that boy puts a smile on my face with his little plans of play. Always up to something. Often with two pairs of underwear and one sock on.
Isabelle really has no clue how beautiful she is. I hope that she will realize it some day, when the time is right. :) I could stare at her face forever. Every single night at bedtime she tells me that she loves me with all her heart...and I believe her.
I make bookmarks for people all the time, yet I never have any for my books. I either use an index card, or fold a page down or soemthing along those lines. There was once upon a time that it was against my personal reading religion to ever fold a page in a book, that time is gone. Also, you probably won't find a book of mine that doesn't have notes written it, underlines or hightlights. I have always done that ((most likely with a zebra pen)).
A movie I wish I did not see is: The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.
I wonder whatever happened to the store called: Pharmor (not sure on the spelling).
Which makes me thinkg of the WONDERbread factory I used to visit for a tour. We used to be sent home with the most adorable little mini loves of bread. I wish I could buy those in the store. I could make mini pb & j sandwiches. how cute. I was going to by WONDERbread today but it was over a dollar more to the next best thing so I refused.
I need to save change so I can make changes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

baby ruth & cloth napkins

I did it! I finally scrapbooked after a long long time (like a year or so, seriously). It has been on my mind every single day, yet I never get to it. Well, today...I did it. Sure it is only one page. But, it's something. I have offically started to get kid #3's memories documented. What a grand acomplishment. My feelings of late in regards to my scrapbooking is: KISS - keep it simple stupid. I will not put pressure on myself for the perfect page. I don't need fancy anything. I just slap some pictures on...handwrite a few ponderings and pretty much call it done. This page is a 12x12. I was fortunate to find that I had paper that matched Olivia's outfit exactly (yellow with green dots), what are the chances of that? I wrote a short note about how the kid didn't seem to be in a photogenic mood. Maybe I'll whip up another page tomorrow!
A deer. A deer. A female deer. - So this lady has been hanging around our neck of the woods. Sorry for the poor quality of film, I had taken the shot through the window in fear that if I ran outside with my camera and screamed: say cheese!: that the deer might quickly gallop away.

Here is my baby girl smiling away. She sure does love to smile. Many things light up her day. So fun! I just want to squeeze her right now as I type this, but she is sleeping and there is no way that I am rocking that boat.

Here is that little sweetie again. What a doll.
I call this photo: A Trio of Trouble.
So, this day was long and hot and humid and I am glad that it's over. I am going to grab a glass of wine and watch me an episode of friday night lights off of Hulu. Noah has been gone this weekend for a trip, so I have been a single parent. I don't mind being a temporary single parent, I do mind being a single parent in this heat. ugh. (no air people, have I mentioned before?, I think so). ((Side note: we do have a window unit, but seriousy, it's not like we can stay all day in the bedroom and not want to beat eachother with sticks, we have a life to live, things to do so staying in the one room is not an is something that I look forward to in the evening, a bedtime retreat, a moment that saves me from the sultry, sticky day)). I decided to let the kids paint and watch movies all day (regrets, I have a few). I cleaned, made a few things for my etsy store, and scrapped (as shown above). I was thrilled to the moon to find the new summer issue of : LIFE BEAUTIFUL in the store today. I have not read it yet, savoring it for some quiet not such torturous time tomorrow. Ben MADE me write this on his baseball: "Baby Ruth, I knew you are dead but, I love you so much. You are the greatest baseball player " - Ben. It just amazes me how Ben has taken such a liking to baseball these days. It has not been forced upon him in any way...yet that seems to be his sport of choice (just like his dad). Quite often if you look at Ben's feet around the homefront, he is wearing only one sock. Whenever I ask him about it, he tells me that the other one fell off. Little weirdo - but he's mine. Something that Isabelle does that I just adore is she writes little notes saying: I LOVE YOU MOM, love Isabelle and she leaves them all over the house for me. It always makes me smile to find one . I found one on my pillow today. (she probably just came in my bedroom to get some refreshing AC). Housewares: In regards to kitchen dinner plates/bowls ,etc. I am so tired of the mismatched. Sure sometimes it's fun that everyone can have a different plate, but now I want some unity. I have these wonderful white textured plates/set that I have been saving? Why the hell am I saving them? My new goal will be to do a plate switch out and since the plates ars just all plain...I am going to get some fun decorative mismatched cloth napkins. (I know above I said I'm tired of mismatched, but that is in regards to the totally different than napkins). So far I have found some neat Owls and some Vintage Little Red Ridinghood ones. I think fun cloth napkins defintely add flare to the table setting. sorry im rambling, just thinking outloud, which I could do forever, so goodbye for now. :) p.s., why is hanging things on the wall always so scary? it's like I don't want to blemish the wall in anyway and what if I change my mind about placement? I'm working on my fears though, cuz I hung a few items this weekend and seriously if anyone is going to leave marks on the wall... I think the kids and the dog already have that task covered. goodnight.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

fungus proof

Here is proof that I love my husband dearly. I cook mushrooms & add them to certain meals against my own personal preference. Yeah, I'm super great like that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Theses days, Sweet & Sweat.

Life is sure sweet these days. A tiring chaotic Circus of Crazy Overwhelmness, but good. I always dread going to the store with 3 children. The deer are eating our blueberries and maybe that's sort of o.k. I like blueberries, but I like deer as well. I ordered a shirt I have always convented: MORE COWBELL. (will farrell skit from snl), well, the shirt arrived, I love it and I sport it in all it's glory. A chuckle constant in my noggin as the skit goes along through my thoughts. good stuff.

So, in this life we are supposed to choose the things we trust. I trust that I buy a fish..and I hope that it dies. We are now on betta #2. Although, not as pretty as the first one (Jackson Bob), this new guy (Woody Lightyear), I have great faith in his survival. I do. All precautions have been made for proper arrival and homefront. The great thing about Woody Lightyear, is that I learned some great news...if he croaks within 90 days, with receipt I can replace him. I forgot to ask if I have to return him...but I guess well cross that bridge if we come to it and here is the big question of the day...if Woody ceases to swim before the 90 days are up, will I still have my receipt? Doubtful considering that my brain has been less than organized these days. (sorry if I have bad spelling during this post, but I am honestly not in the mood to check my grammer and such, so whatever is and that's the way it is and you can accept it or not and really theres nothign more to say on the subject at this moment in time). So, other things in life that we learn to "trust" is when one purchases a watermelon at the supermarket and it is clearly labeled, :seedless:, that we believe with all our heart that it is seedless....only to joyously chop into it to learn that it's not so seedless after all is said and done. there's several white seeds and even some black seeds. very disappointing I must say. I know in the big scheme of things, really truly it is no big deal...yet it is, I bought & thought seedless...yet NOT. It was Sweet though. And this incident was not as shocking and disappointing as to open a can of chicken progresso soup, only to find the contents inside to be: beef. You can bet I wrote them a strongly worded letter of my concerns. Come to think of it, they never wrote back. So, this day was as hot as heck. why oh why Lord, is it such a humid, sticky summer thus far...the summer in which I have no air conditioning (because we are waiting to replace it with a whole new furnace type system). I suffer. I suffer greatly. Fans are super, yeah sure, but honestly on days like this they are crap and don't do the trick. On hot yuky days , I am most likely to be unproductive, yet today, a force within me, beyond the sweat and dripping sorrow...a force seemed to keep pushing me along to tackle a most dreaded task. See, I was kid free (besides the baby...well and the dog) for most of the day, so I decided to tackle the dreaded bedroom of Child #1 and Child #2. This room has become so horrid that one could not even walk in there to tuck their children in at night, I just had to say goodnight at the door, by shouting across the room...across the toys and the clothes piled to the ceiling. Today, I braved this chore. Well after many sweat and tears (no blood this time), I acomplished a great deal of organization and such. Although, there are still many details to contend with, I feel good about what is done. So I must say: good job to thy self. good job. O.k. - so when one tackles such a giant task, all else suffers. The rest of the house although already at a state of distress, became more so. But, seriously, there is only so much time in the day....and I had a deceiving watermelon to cut and a new fish to pray some things must wait for another day.

I have the best news in the history of the nation...last night we bought some CURTAINS and RODS for the living room! Whoah, finally. After the longest time, when I had actually just accepted that there would be none and to get used to it, they fell into my life and I grabbed them up. I don't know if they are the right color or size, I don't know if they match the living room or eachother, I don't know if they easily collect dog hair or how durable they are, I don't know if they let light shine in and I don't know if I want them to, but at this point I don't care! Of course they are not hung yet, but that day will come, I have a feeling. I TRUST that they will be up soon and all will be right with the world. goodnight friends & family - luv ya.

Friday, June 18, 2010

glass, baby, fish, bees & peas

Drinking Glasses that I painted last night! I absolutely seriously love this Art! It was so truly fun to make these. I still need to bake them (to set the paint properly), and then I will list them in my Etsy store. If anyone wants glasses of any type ( wine, martini, vases, etc. )painted, I will be taking special requests/custom orders. I can make serious pretty type subjects also (I was in a fun colorful mode for these). I can also do ceramics. Contact me for a project review/price estimate. :)
Noah enjoys provoking this pouty face on Olivia.
This is Jackson Bob, our new Betta Fish. Before I even got to post his picture and tell you about our adventures, he has kicked the bucket.
The secret beekeepers society...Here is Noah and his friend reviewing and restructuring his hives. It looks like we will have honey sooner than expected.
Fresh Garden Snap Peas!
So, for an unscheduled - take it easy summer, we have been going non-stop. So many wonderful outings & visits. The house is neglected...but there is only so much time in the day. Well, I better go at least do something productive before this day escapes. Happy Friday Ya'all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

no sandman

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence. (photo Ben & his friend Grayce)

Just a note before bed. Im exhausted. Between the dog and the baby last night, the sandman never came for me. Hopefully tonight some rest will be accomplished. Today: 2 month dr. appt for Olivia (she is doing well, and is now 11 lbs!) , errands and a wonderful visit with a dear friend and her amazing children. Came home to a messy house (just the way I left it , I was secretly hoping it would magically be in better condition upon return but no such luck)and made Sloppy Joes and broccoli for dinner and that was about it. good night. sweet dreams.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friends, Wine & Paint, A few of my favorite things..

or this post could be named: Lushes, Blushes and Brushes. Yesterday, I had the rare opportunity to leave the demanding little people behind and just have an afternoon out with my friends. It was so lovely and time slipped away quickly, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Some of my dear friends and I met at a local Winery to do a tasting, share a bottle of wine and "Paint A Wine Glass" together. It was so simple, yet so fun! My glass is the 2nd one (with the bird on a branch & the purple stem). Now, I am obsessed with thinking, what other glass things can I paint? Mason jars, vases, more glasses...

Friday, June 11, 2010

green eggs and ham? Nope...ham and turnip greens!

So, I spent like 7 days.... (well ok like a few hours) making this dinner: Turnip Greens , Ham, black eyed peas (yes, it's more than just a musical clan) and biscuits. Anyway...after all the work... I must say that this southern dish was quite a success and was very excellent.
A paper bag journal I made featuring a Fairy who just may be hanging the stars..
This is a monster for my Ben. Gifted by family from Isabelle's Alice show. Ben calls him: Peace.
Here is my little flower's flowers - gifted by family. :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer arrives in a blink of a bug.

I love the fact that I can take a short drive pretty much anywhere around the outskirts of our town, and be IN country. I don't miss living in the country, because if I ever have the desire for the peace & beauty of it, I take a little trip down a misc. road and I am there. Blue Sky as far as the eye can see, Green grass as far as the feet can travel...and cows.
One of the many joys of parenthood is watching my children with their friends. I love to witness their relationships with eachother. What a pleasure and a privledge to see these little friendships blooming with innocence and wonder. Above is a photo of Ben and his friend Grayce at the zoo. I don't know the exchange of words that they are sharing, but I do know that it is delightful, magical (and no doubt mischevious) thoughts created by two amazing little beings. below...
is Amy & Isabelle. These two little girls have such a special relationship, It truly melts my heart when I see them together. They are always so excited to be within eachothers reach. They giggle, hug and hold hands. They plan, play and share. What a true treasure it is to see these two together. They light up the world when they are together.
Uncle Al finds the best garage sale stuff for the kids! This time Ben got a football uniform (just his size) to play in (let me tell you I have to pry this thing off of him to wash it.), Isabelle got some Caption Underpants books (lots of laughter within these pages), and we were "All shook Up" when we discovered this Elvis Elmo within the loot. Seriously, what more could one ask for?

I am quickly discovering that it is nearly impossible to get a "good" shot of three children all at once. I thought two was challenging...but three kind of ups the stakes. This is just one of many many outtakes. Hey, Maybe it is the outtakes in life, that are actually the true gems after all....or maybe not.

This week in review thus far: Isabelle's Alice In Wonderland Show was amazing. As a backstage parent, I must admit that I am so glad to see this performance come to an end. It gets quite stressful, but some how we all survive, and it is so worth it. We are taking a break from dance classes for the summer since I am taking the layed back approach to the season. We need a break. Isabelle was a true shining star & ham on stage. She loved it. She can't wait to try out for the Wizard of Oz next time. The kids have been going to vacation bible school all week in the a.m.s. They are enjoying it. (and so am I). I have started to do some (power/stroller) walking in the park/forest preserve now that I got the a.k. ok from the dr. that all is good. It truly feels great. Olivia is still keeping me up alot at night. We have not fallen into any routine , every day and night is different. I try not to think about how exhausted I am...and I am so thankful for coffee. She is laying right next to me at the moment and she is in a light sleep. Little smiles come and go and I can't help but to know how lucky that I am. Well, I have a book waiting for me. Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. p.s. I must report: Isabelle has spotted the first lightening bugs these last couple nights. Summer is here.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Red Flower in Wonderland...

The day has finally arrived: The Alice In Wonderland Ballet! Wishing my beautiful amazing flower: Isabelle - Good Luck, break a petal...or would that be a stem?!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cinderella, you can keep the cleaning chores.

Some stuff I have been making (journals, albums, cards) when I can sneak into my craft corner (it's a corner now, no longer a room, but it's all good - I am not complaning...maybe I will call it my "Creative Creation Nook" that sounds much better.
"The Hair Cut". Isabelle has recently had a major desire to chop off her locks. I agreed since brushing is always a battle. Although I will miss braiding her hair, I absoultey LOVe her new Style and so does she. It fits her personality perfectly. She is so excited, she can't stop looking in the mirror and she tells everyone we come across (stranger or known fellows) that she got a hair cut. I got a hair cut also, but it's nothing to boast about as with my typical fashion as of late, I just whip it up in a pony tail and move on with my day. sad but true, I know.
crazy, happy, dirty summer kids. ben was wearing 2 shirts & 2 pairs of underwear during this photo.
What is a post without a picture or two of the newest addition. These photos are in great demand, so I must supply. Don't you just want to squeeze her?
Speaking of this Sweet girl, she kept me up alot of the night last night. I am on coffee cup #2. Usually I am a 1 cup person. Today the sun is shining and it is beautiful out (after the storms last night). Last night we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and I ordered turkey and the kids ordered french toast. At least noah got something mexicany. We are really gearing up for the Alice In Wonderland production over here. Dress rehearsals the next 2 days...I am honestly getting a little nervous for my little RED Flower. If you are local and can make the show, it is at the masonic temple on saturday - both at 2pm or 7pm. The thing about the rain is that it makes the dog super I think I will make chicken salad for lunch today and hopefully we make it to the park for a bit. I should clean the house, but honestly, I don't have that desire in my soul at the moment, so I don't think it could be done even if I tried. Cinderella, you can keep the cleaning chores, I am so not in the mood today. I swear we spent at least an hour or more in the basement yesterday in which I instructed the children to clean their playroom....well I must say at the end of our run down there....we still canno't walk through the room. Did not get very far. Kids like to stop and play with whatever toy they are putting away and I got tired of being a drill seragent (sorry if that's spelled wrong). Yesterday as we were in Kmart (might I say that taking 3 kids to the store is not a fun or easy task by any means, but must make the best of it), we came across an older woman that was talking to us (Isabelle was telling her about her haircut) and as we walked away not even 2 steps away, Ben announces: That was a really nice REALLY OLD lady! I am very inspired by some of my friends who are creating "camps" at home this summer. I think I will do an ART camp for the kids. They just love to do projects and honestly we don't do enough of them. That reminds me, Dear Readers: When, I see you in person remind me to tell you the story of how Isabelle sold 2 pieces of knotted string for $20 bucks. Happy Thursday ya-all!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let it begin.

Our first ZuZu pet. As a special end of the school year gift, Aunt Mary let the kids pick out a gift. Isabelle has wanted a zuzu pet forever...and finally her dreams have come true (Ben was gonna get a zuzu but opted for a nerf gun instead). Pinkalicious is it's name just in case you're inquiring.
Buckets of Fun. All weekend the kids emerged themselves in H20. Summer has offically begun!
Miss O is showing more & more personality every day.
It is hard to show Noah's amazing garden in a photograph because I can't get it all in one shot, but here's the gist of a large portion of it. So far we have eaten radishes, lettuce and spinach from it. Peas should be ready soon.
I am determined to keep my flowers alive this year. Let the challenge begin!

----Misc. thoughts on a sunny a.m.-----
Every time I look out the window I see at least one bunny.It's so nice not to do the morning school routine, I could get used to this. Isabelle has dance rehearsal for ALICE all week. The show is this Saturday! Noah chopped down my favorite tree this weekend. It was kind of dead but I liked it anyway. We had these awesome grilled steak sandwiches this weekend - the recipe was from Martha Stewarts current Living mag.Olivia is currently in size 0-3 clothes. no more newborn :( I have not made one thank you note yet for Olivia's gifts nor have I even concepted a Birth Announcement yet. Those are goals for this week for me. I reopened my etsy store for now. So I hope to get to make some new items this week since I have practically nothing in it. Noah planted 6 blueberry bushes this weekend. We have a mini orchard and should actually be getting some soon! I started reading a fiction book called: The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone (so far so good). I'm out of birdseed. Isabelle wants her hair cut short. I think we will get it cut within the next few days. Finally watched the movie: Where the Wild Things Are. This has always been on of my favorite storybooks. I am very disappointed in the movie. very. Although I am sure I could munster up many more thoughts, I have some scrambled eggs to make. Good Day!