Monday, April 30, 2007

Flower Tasting

Ben flower tasting.
Ben getting Crabby
Ben up to trouble
O.k...I don't know what I was thinking when I let Isabelle pick lucky charms for her cereal. I should have known there would be a constant battle of the marsh mellows (wants to only eat the marsh mellows and not the rest of the cereal). What was I thinking? That's the problem I wasn't thinking. I was trusting the universe, that everything would fall into place. I was just like, o.k., pick a cereal...I don't want to share my honey bunches of oats with you anymore so Pick something so we can get out of this store. Isabelle and I made pine cone bird feeders for the yard. The birds seem frightened of them. If you ever get the chance to watch a movie called: The Gnome Mobile (circa 1967, Disney), I say it's good for a few laughs and you'll also get a new fun song stuck in your head. We are riding in the gnome mobile, gnome mobile, gnome mobile.... Is it horrible that Noah and I told Isabelle she was eating squirrel for dinner yesterday and she believed us. She seemed perfectly fine with long as it wasn't the brown ones... (I did tell her later that we were teasing). I realized the other day that I have never read the Diary of Anne Frank. WEll, it's a beautiful day and I have much a do that awaits. First off being, I must serve some lucky charms to the pook monster.

Hair Today, Gone tomorrow.

I got my hair cut. Short. Shorter then I can remember ever getting it. I couldn't stand the length any longer. Every day recently, I would throw it in a pony tail and off I went into the world. So, Ive been researching shorter hairstyles and I have always loved Mariska Hagerty's (olivia benson, law and order svu) hair when it was short and flippy. Stylish..Cool and Cute, all in one. So, that's the style I went for. Not sure how close my hair cut is to what style that I intended to replica. I mean, I don't have the fan's blowing on it making it look cool like she does in the commercials and such. I think I need time to accept my new hair as I am currently having hair cutters remorse. I'm not sure how to style it or what products to use. I just wanted something simple, that I didn't think need to think about, but now I feel like I am thinking about it and messing with it more. I see all these longer styles now and I think, that could have been me. It didn't help when I came home from my hair cut and Isabelle looked petrified and asked me to get my hair back. I tried to put it up the other day and I couldn't and got a little sad. I needed a change and this felt like a good change for me. I think it will be good. I just have to get used to it. I must admit it's easier to wash and its kind of fun in a funky kind of way. I have to give it time and see what I can do with it. The photo I provided is not the best to highlight it's features and options ( its all flat and weird from the wind and elements of the great outdoors), but it gives the idea. I guess the point of my little pondering is that...I may never be satisfied with the hair that I choose at the time...but I can keep trying until I get it right. I need to let go of what's gone. It's a little too short now for my liking...but maybe I have to give it more of a chance. Maybe I will learn that I do like it and maybe even love it ...and if will grow... it is hair after all.

Veggie Tales

Most of the garden has been planted (by Noah). Potatoes, onions, squash, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts, beans, peas, broccoli, radish and cauliflower. Still have to plant, tomatoes, pumpkins and green peppers. Our asparagus patch has already produced some stalks which we ate as part of dinner last night. I must say, asparagus is by far my favorite vegetable ever. The Crab Apple Tree has started blooming and it is beautiful. It is a very fleeting bloom so we must savor it's short existence.

Bones & Nuts

Look through Lance's Jaws...and you will see a baby squirrel. This squirrel showed up and decided to be adopted by Lance. It was really strange.. This squirrel just wanted to be around Lance all day Sunday! They were like best friends. Peas and Carrots. Bones and Nuts. Laying next to eachother, sharing water, etc. It was fun to see this odd interaction as they formed a relationship. It was challenging to keep Isabelle at her distance...She kept wanting to touch the squirrel (which she named Spice). Actually there is possbily a sad story behind the sudden appearance of this needy fellow. Noah was cutting the grass the other day, saw a dead squirrel in the ditch and accidently rode over it (and its guts spattered on him, he said it was totally gross) we are thinking maybe that was the mother. It's so weird because Lance chases squirrel's day in and day out, but he was very nice, gentle and accepting of this one.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Rainy Day

We have been reading this book often lately. It feels like it's been raining for a month! Rain Rain Go Away, I am sick of being in this house all day.

Miss Belle watering the garden on one of the non-rainy days recently.

Princess of Quite- A-lot

The other day I entered the dining room to find these 3 items on the table just like this. I thought it kind of neat as each item represents my family members. Noah's blackberry, Isabelle's doll and Ben's block.

MISC. CHATTER - We have all been getting past our colds, so that is making life a little easier. I just realized today that Isabelle's first year of school is almost over (end of May)! I can't believe it. I don't know what I am going to do with her all summer. Maybe sign her up for military summer sleep away camp. I can't believe Ben all of a sudden. This kid is on to new and exciting adventures everyday. He just decided he's going to start standing. (holding on to something, but none the less standing). He stands at the couch , he stands in the pack n play. Noah and Ben play this new game, Noah sticks his tongue out at Ben and Ben slaps it back into Noah's mouth and they both laugh. Lance is busy chasing squirrels as usual. I am trying to do some spring cleaning and house organization. But, I am bored with that so I am moving on to better things. Such as I just started reading a book calleed: The true story of Hansel and Gretel. A novel of war and survival. In movie news, I just saw THE DEPARTED and I absolutley LOVED it. I can't wait for the new Shrek to come out. Maybe Isabelle and I can plan a date to the picture show. A little while ago she was playing pretend with the magnets on the fridge. Elvis was the mom, cookie monster was the dad and a dinasour was the baby. They were going to a dance party. Soon I will be chopping off much of my hair. I am so tired of long hair, I need a change. I think if I counted how many times a day that I told Isabelle: no, stop or let go of would range in the thousands. Hickery, Dickery Clock... that kill joy....I must go begin the dinner preperations.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Call the rabbit?

Isabelle with a lollypop. Sept. 2006
So, I haven't really taken any photos lately, so I thought I would post this 12x12 scrap page that I recently made. I actually entered it into the Martha Stewart Scrap page contest! I have never entered/submitted any scrap work anywhere before, but I felt compelled to enter this contest. I think because there were no rules. I'm good when I don't have to follow a much of direction.

Nothing else major going on except this sudden head cold that is totally kicking my butt. UGH! I hate being sick! I cannot function at all! I can't think, I can't sleep. It's so awful, just hope it passes soon.
Last week, I told Isabelle that I was going to call the Easter Bunny and tell him not to bring her so much chocolate next year (because it is a constant struggle of her asking for one piece, one piece, one piece untill it's gone!). And today she asked me if I called the rabbit yet? I said who? The easter rabbit! Did you call him? No. Good.
That's about all the excitement I have to share at the moment as my head feels like it might explode. So - good day and best wishes for a pleasant tomorrow.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Eggsllent Hoppity

Coloring Eggs. When we were all done, Isabelle asked if we could do it again tomorrow.
The Children in their Easter Finery.
Wanted to take photos outside and egg hunt outside, but was way too cold.
Our little Miss Spring. She had so much fun discovering what the Easter Bunny left for her. I think her favorite part was the Chocolate.
And our best news of all....Mr. Ben has learned how to CLAP! He does it all the time now! He just claps and laughs and's the cutest thing ever. Melts my heart into a pile of gooey cadbury egg.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It sure is Spring Out!

Ben experiencing the great outdoors.

Isabelle had to dress like a farmer for school!
Easter cookies. Can you tell which ones I decorated and which ones Isabelle decorated? hehe
Random- thoughts.comments.updates....
  • According to Isabelle, "It sure is spring out".
  • Isabelle saying: "I like shromp! I eat it with my dingers". translation - I like shrimp, I eat it with my fingers.
  • Isabelle informed me today that she does not have a golden ticket and neither do I.
  • Ben is a maniac! He is all over the place. He drags himself from one end of a room to the next room in like two seconds! He is practically full blown crawling! He likes to play tag with lance. Ben reaches him and lance licks his face, gets up and leaves. Then they do it again.
  • my refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. too many leftovers looming in there, taking up valuable space.
  • Speaking of lovely clothes dryer isnt working right lately- so..I have to wait til a sunny non rainy day to do my laundry so I can hang it on the line. Those days are far and few between today I braved it...but my fingers froze as I hung them on the line. I think I washed enough clothes for today.
  • Isabelle recenty re-discovered her giant bouncey ball that santa gave her.
    The kind of ball with the handles..that the kid jumps on all over the house...well my question is, what the heck was Santa thinking when he (she) decided on that gift? Seriously.
  • Ben is now in size 4 diapers. I dont think Isabelle reached size 4 until she was like 1 or something.
  • Isabelle names everything (dolls, imaginary friends, herself ): Kay Kay. Always. I don’t know why she likes this name or where it comes from.
  • Isabelle's favorite current movie is: Peter Pan.
  • Isabelle asked for SUN eggs today. I usually make her scrambled eggs. So, I made her SUN eggs. She informed me that I did not make them the way daddy makes them. But, she ate them anyway, cuz Mary eats SUN eggs.
  • The Office - there is a brand new episode tonight. I can't wait. It looks like it will be a good one. Roy is going to attempt to kill Jim.

Where the wild things are....

Belle and Ben.We went to the zoo recently with my family for a spring celebration weekend. Here are just a few pics of our animal adventure. p.s. the trip was to Brookfield Zoo! Sooo many childhood memories there. It was so neat to be back, haven't been for a while.

Here's Isabelle brushing a goat. She was more concerned with introducing herself to all the children there and telling her name and asking theirs. Our little miss social butterfly.
The Mold-A-Rama! Take home any animal from the zoo in wax form! Keep it and love it forever (well until it melts or brakes or is lost among the masses of other toys and mementos).
Here is my brother helping Isabelle across the rocks in the children's zoo. The rocks, we as kids, crossed skipping-a-lou for as long as I can remember.
Although many animal photographs were taken...I am sharing Isabelle's favorite animal (this time)...the baby giraffe. (n. african animal with a very long neck and spotted skin).