Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paint Me Silly

 I can't even begin to explain how amazing this mural painting experience has been for me for so many reasons.  Below is a sneak peak of one of the walls so far.  This mural is for my friend's daughter's room.  We decided to do all four walls with a whimsical garden theme. 
 I am so loving this!
 This painting was a gift for a special friend.  The story behind this painting is very meaningful to me.  At the end of a very emotional and powerful MOPS meeting inregards to miscarriages and infant loss....all the women gathered outside together for a balloon release.  All white balloons.  Every woman could write a message or a prayer on their balloon.  The words in this painting tie in with the message of the meeting.
Here is miss Olivia after I tried to get banana out of her hair.  These days have been filled to the brim.  Ben is graduating preschool tuesday and school will wrap up for the year.  LOve the movies:  Gnomeo & Juliet and Bridesmaids.  Isabelle wants to be a vegatarian (veternarian) when she grows up.  I found Ketchup on my curtains.  The other day, Ben woke up and told me, "mom, I found a cowboy dream!".  Got lots on my agenda today, must go before time runs away.  Feeling very blessed and so thankful these days.  Be good and well, until we meet again...

Monday, May 23, 2011


 I give Ben his own dresser.  It only has 3 drawers.  He dedicates one drawer to socks, one to underwear and one to costumes.  I should have known.
 We really enjoyed the butterflies.  We let them go shortly after birth so they could live the life that they were intended. 
 Recntly the kids made these warm fuzzy's.  All of Bens had extra eyes on them.  Isabelle was so excited to give hers to some special friends.
 I think that Olivia confuses Little People with her bink.
Yesterday Ben caught a toad and he announced that he wasn't even gonna kill it!  But heres the thing, he wont let it go either....I tried to get him to do so last night and he cried.  He said he wants to keep him for a pet.  So anway, we have some challenging talking to do.  :)

Sorry to family and friends that I haven't been around much via phone/ computer.  I am having a very hard time find any peace or  quiet or calm these days.  I have seriously just been feeling overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  Little sleep & The kids are on full energy mode....there are so many messes, and tasks, and projects and events... with the end of the school year coming on....everything is coming to a wrap like a whirlwind.  A storm before the calm.  So, I hope to get my act together in the upcoming weeks so I can prepare for a low stress yet fun summer.  The most amazing news is that I have started a mural at my friend's house for her daughter's room....and I can't even explain how fun and exciting this project has been for me so far.  Today, I start the actual painting (she already let me draw on her walls, brave soul!).   The first thing has popped up from the garden:  Radishes and the baby is up (again) and I haven't even made any coffee yet.  Good day everyone.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wishing Flowers

 What a cute little troublemaker.
 This stool I painted in distressed style.
 The hatching of the Butterflies.  So, we thought the one caterpillar did not survive, but it did!  5 butterflies joined us this weekend.  It was awesome.  We have been enjoying watching them.  A few more days and we will let them go into the wild blue yonder.
 This is what this kid does to me all day every day.  She climbs and destroys.  She is always up to something distructive, distmanteling...along those lines.  I tell her NO NO and she points her finger and yells at me and continues on with her agenda.
Not only do I get yellow dandelions, lilacs, strawberry plants, worms and whatever else Ben finds around the yard....Ben likes to bring me an occasional Wishing Flower.  He tells me it's so I can wish for something good.  Here is my current wish:  I wish I could sleep.  It is almost 4 a.m. and i have been up since about 2.  My mind is racing with a million and 4 things.  I cant settle down.  My eyes are burning the last couple days...Ive had to take my contacts out, I have no clue what is goign on//causing this.  They are red and irriated right now.  I am praying in the morning they will be better.  It's been a rainy weekend and thats been so fine with me cuz I am trying to get chores done.  I swear I cannot keep up with the daily things and it leaves little time for much else.  ugh.  Nothing like the smell of wet dog in the house.  fun stuff.   I overheard Isabelle and Ben playing earlier and Ben directs --> "Isabelle, pretend I am an Eagle in my nest and you need to try and kill me."  Speaking of Eagles, the other day when a bird I wasn't sure to identify came to the feeder, I said outloud, I wonder what that is and Ben asnwered very matter of factly, "oh, that is probably an Eagle Bluebird".    I love that when Ben is asked his favorite color he usually answers "Every color in the world".   Sometimes I wish I never discovered Planters Trail Mix - Alaskin Wilderness Blend.  These weeks coming up are to determined to be very busy.  I need to make lists and prioritize.  Theres so much to get done with the ending of things and beginning of others.  I guess that is all for now, I shall reattempt sleep.  Happy Sunday.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's not every day that a Baltimore Oriole (or 2) arrive at my feeders.  These orange birds actually like to eat Oranges. So this is just a quick update as my mind is overwhelmed with tasks.  Ben insisted on making my bed this a.m.  Noah rode his bike to work.  Isabelle did her own hair in pony tails and Olivia managed to get into all the dvds and distribute them all over the living room.  Our first butterfly has emerged from it's cocoon.  The weather has been way too warm as of late.  Luckily there seems to be a breeze today.   I think I will make banana bread this morning.  Been thinking about painting alot.  Working on my website (link on the side).  Beautiful blooms are growing all around the house (lilacs, cherry blosooms, etc).  The seedlings from the garden are already budding through the ground. Major project for today:  continue The Great Closet Clean Out.  I should probably pay my (unjust) library fine, so I can get books again.   I need more painting Gesso and we are out of olive oil and I still have not replaced my broken toaster.  I have gotten so many Dandelions picked for me everyday...I am so blessed!  Have a beautiful day. :) 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

4 out of 5 aint bad

 This is a painting that I made for our bathroom.  This is the same floor we have and we have these black and white polka dot towels.  So it was fun to recreate those aspects on canvas.  I wanted something fun for the kids, so I thought this concept would work.  The adults seem to like it too. :)
 Ben picked a recipe that he wanted to make out of his Disney Kids Cookbook.  So, I got the ingredients and we had fun putting these together.  I forgot what they are called:  Something Chicken Cups. Actually, they were not bad.  We might do them again.
 I recently caught Isabelle doing her homework in her room, with something special upon her noggin.
 I didn't even have this hummingbird feeder up for a day, and surprise!  A visitor!
Here is Ben helping me fill the birdfeeders. 

Just a few notes as the day comes to a close.  Today was mostly decent, but also got hard at points.  I am exhausted. 4 out of the 5 caterpillars have now cocooned themselves.  I think 1 is dead.  I've been seeing tons of different birds at my feeders I started taking more pics (they will be on my bird blog).   I am praying Olivia's eye cold/infection goes away overnight so I can attend bible study tomorrow.  I am taking the kids to the denist tomorrow.  The kids are loving a new egg dish that I have been making them for breakfast lately.  It's special and easy.  Like an egg souffle I would say.  I am sick of freezing.  I can't believe how cold it has been, but at least the sun was shining today and it did get a little nicer.  It's garbage night.  I watched Tangle with the kids last night...I must say, what a cute little movie.   O.k., we have to hit the hay.  Goodnight ya all.

PeacE at the ParK

Who knows where the paths we walk upon will take us? Which ways they will turn? Where the wind blows? What we will meet along the way, if we will get lost? if we will run or get rained on? Unexpected delightful surprises await. Tripping, skipping, resting...discovering.....The hill is hard...but, oh when you have reached the top, isn't that amazing? breathless and amazing! These paths are somewhat predictable...but more so, they are unknown. A little scary for sure. But, the only way to experience the path, is to make a step and then the next step and trust that it will get you somewhere worth going.

Baby girl enjoyed our morning walk at the park despite she has a cold or something in her eyes. The cool fresh air did wonders for the both of us.

If anyone ever doubts God's presence (or presents), they should go visit nature in the early morning. The beautiful creations all around you, whisper in your ear: You are Loved. I made this for: You.

This morning, It was Olivia and I alone, so I brought my ipod with on the journey. I didn't even have the slightest desire to turn it on. The thoughts and emotions and peace that came to my mind and heart, were more than enough. In the silence, I found some answers. In the quiet of the earth, I felt the peace that I have seeked and needed for these last several days.

Time runs wild. But, once in a while, we do need to attempt to catch it for a few moments at least. Long enough to put a smile upon our face, peace in our heart and a hug to our soul. Note: I know this post may seem deep and mushy, but it had to be done. good day!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1st Holy Communion

This Sunday was such a special day for us. Isabelle made her 1st Holy Communion. She has been preparing for this day all year and we were all so excited upon it's arrival. I am so proud of my beautiful amazing Isabelle. I am so thankful for the blessings of our wonderful family who helped us celebrate this day.