Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freeze & Squeeze

Bubble Boy - When Isabelle is at dance class, Ben and I usually try to run an errand or two during the waiting time. The weather was so beautiful during her last class, that we decided to stay, relax & just blow bubbles.

While waiting, we also spotted a bunny. Ben suspected it was the Easter Bunny but he was not certain. Also this day was my birthday. It was a quiet birthday, but like I said, we were gifted with beautiful weather which made it perfect. Every year I am reminded of how much that I am loved by my family & friends. Special little celebrations went on all week. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, visits, cards & gifts. Truly, I know how blessed that I am.

Gift Wrapping 101- Free & Fun: This weekend my sister in law Elaine was out and she had a gift for my father in law that she needed wrapped. I offered to wrap it for her. I soon realized, I wasn't exactly sure where my manly wrapping stuff I decided to whip out some standard household items and I cam up with this wonderous creation. Tin foil, plastic wrap, brown paper bag, string, newspaper & the finishing touch: duct tape. You don't see a gift like this everyday. Also it makes opening a tad bit more adventureous than the norm. In fact , by the time you get to the actual gift, you are happy no matter what it happens to be inside.

So, this morning I finally noticed some Daffodils popped up on the side of the house! I was excited to see them...our first flowers of spring. A little while later, Ben comes in the house: "Mom, I got a present for you......" I turn around and he yells: "FLOWERS!" With the biggest grin on his proud face, he held out to me, the only growing flowers on our property in his anxious little hands. I couldn't help but to break out into laughter. Such a sweet little boy, I seriously just want to freeze him & squeeze him forever.

Spring Break - The kids are offically on Spring Break. Isabelle kicked it off with a sleepover at a friends with a bunch of girls in her class. Ben and I spent it with a pizza get together with friends and Noah really got a chance to start working on his garden. Tonight the kids are spending the night at my inlaws. This little break couldn't have come at a better time for me...I am really feeling kind of ill and exhausted and I seriously just want to rest.

Other news: Happy Birthday to my Dad who also celebrated his birthday this week! We are currently getting an estimate for the new siding on our house, so that project will probably be taking way soon which of course is exciting. There is a busy week planned more updates soon. Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Sprung Backwards

Is there anything more exciting and promising than a surprise package in the mail? This week the kids received a special box of fun gifts from my mom. One of the items was a very special something for Isabelle. This adorable spring dress with a matching dress for her American girl Doll: Rosie. She already has planned out, all the events they will be wearing the dresses to in the upcoming season.

The sneaky Leprechaun made his annual visit to our home on St. Pats Day. Green milk, gold chocolate, tipped chairs...

On Thursday, we got to visit Isabelle's school for her Research Fair. Her project was: HORSES. Also this week Ben and I visited Isabelle for lunch at school. Now I know why the kid comes home from school so hungry! She socializes for approx. 98 % of her lunch time! I think I got her to take maybe 2 bites of her sandwich.

Which leads us to: today. march 20th and wake up to this! SNOW!!! everywhere. freezing and blowing...cold ...wet snow. It feels like just yesterday (oh wait it was just yesterday)..that the grass was green, buds on the trees, the kids were rolling in the dirt, the birds and squirrels were all about, sweaters were even taken off to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Ben was excited to see the snow this morning, because he can go Sledding again! ugh. MELT. please Melt dear snow. Your time has past. Go away. I am so done with you. goodbye.
Several dr. visits last week and several more scheduled for this upcoming week. At least this means the time is close. I can't believe in just a few short weeks, our new baby will be in our arms. I am revisiting the whole name option thing lately. I have a few special thoughts...but I am really just wanting something to strike me as: this is it. ALthough Ben keeps insisting on HULK or Misses HULK, I am leaning toward something more traditional. I should probably pack a hospital bag soon. I hate dishes. Laundry , I will do any day, any time...but Dishes...really just need to be thrown out. I'm sick of walking around like a Penquin. Seriously, it is so not me. I haven't been able to work on any fun projects at all in a while. Maybe this upcoming week I can sneak in some craft time. Today is special as we await my parents to arrive for a special visit. We are celebrating: my dad's upcoming birthday, my upcoming birthday and spring/Easter...all wrapped up into one since I don't think I will be making any traveling plans coming up any time soon. I think the mail is here since the dog is going nuts. Anyone want a dog? I am quite serious...take him. Come get him. Now. I will even put a bow on him for you and throw in a half of bag of dog food and some chocolate milk. O.k., I am off. My IPOD is now fully I can go...tackle some cleaning tasks in pure bliss. Wishing you a super duper Saturday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Grass is always Greener

Grass that Ben brought home from school. He waters and pets it every day.

Cookies have arrived! For those who have not gotten their cookies from us yet, they are on their way! We hope to have all orders completed this week.

This season would not offically be kicked into gear if we did not start out with Shamrock Shakes! The kids are unhappy with the cherry additon but are in complete support of the whip cream.

A few days ago, I offically saw the first Robin of the season! Only one and only for a little while. It was a skinny little fellow...but there it was just bobbing away in the grass. Speaking of is turning green! Yes it is! I remember the time that Isabelle woke up on St. Patricks day and fully believed that the Leprechaun had turned the grass green overnight. So, spring is springing and it could not be more exciting and renewing to the soul. Today, I will put away the winter decor and get out the spring and Easter stuff. Today we are going to visit the storage unit, to see what we have left in there especially on the search to see what we have remainder of any baby stuff/gear. I don't suspect we kept much, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised..maybe. I hope to also maybe see the new Alice In Wonderland movie today. I can't wait to see it and I am hoping when I do, that I won't have to take 15 bathroom breaks.

Other thoughts of the moment: I don't understand why some people still have their Christmas Decor up? I just don't get it. I know lights are harder to take down and such, but honestly people, you don't have to plug them in! Also those plastic figurines and such would probably be pretty easy to undisplay from your yard, in fact , I wouldn't mind helping you with that if you feel that task too daunting. I am currently reading a book I got from the library that I find somewhat depressing, but it's helping me with my non sleeping yet too sleepy to do anything else states of being...It's called: Those who save us. A fiction story. It's about German/Nazi survival. The upcoming week promises to be busy for sure. I have a feeling it will defintely be gReEn.

Friday, March 12, 2010

misc. RounduP 3.12

So, by some miracle, my computer is currently working, but it is very finicky these days...and I know that I need to be careful because it may be out the next time I try and use it (screen problems is my concensus). I will have to take it in for sure because it won't go on like this. But, for the moment, I am thankful. I decided to proceed forward to the best of my ability for now.

So many things going on since we last had a chat. Sorry no pics to accompany this time. Friday could not have come sooner, I am exhausted, but honestly - the weekend is exhausting too. hehe - The house is a ROYAL mess and I have a HUGE headache, but I am determined to plow through and get things done today. The hint of spring weather is such an inspiration to keep on going!

Pregnancy - I must be honest, I don't do this well at all. I am trying my best but I am soooo tired and sore...ugh. I am supposed to be on restricted activity right now...but that is impossible with two young kids. I have been having to go to the dr. for extra monitoring of the fetal heartbeat, breathing etc..two times a week and also now we are checking with ultrasounds once a week for aminoitc fluid levels, this on addition to regular appts. I am not complaining, I am very grateful that I have such amazing Dr. Care. Seriously, I feel I am in the best possible hands & hearts. I just know these upcoming weeks are going to be much more challenging than I had hoped since I feel this awful already. I keep telling myself this is temporary and this is a miracle that I get to assist in! That only goes so far though when everything aches and I am ready for bed at 7pm! hehe. Ok, enough of my whining for the moment.

News - change on the dance recital front. Due to some issues with the shows music not coming together, etc...the dance studio that Isabelle belongs to, has decided to no longer conduct, The Wizard of Oz as their upcoming recital. They have now changed the performance to Alice In WOnderlAnd and it will be a few weeks later...June 5th I believe. We are waiting to hear Isabelle's new part(s), in this new show. She took the news alot better than I expected...I think as long as she still gets to be in a show, she will be happy! I have a little boy dressed as a dragon sitting next to me, he's hungry....I think I better feed him before he roars at me again...

Friday, March 05, 2010

Computer Note:

Hi. All - just a quick note to let you know that my computer is unfortunatley down for the count...out of commission...has kicked the bucket. I will of course be trying my best to get it functioning again asap, but I have no clue what obstacles that I am dealing with. So wish me luck! Anyone who needs to get a hold of me, please give me a call or send me a nicely worded letter through the u.s. postal service as I don't even know if I will be able to check emails for a bit. Also, please keep my family in your prayers as the baby's arrival is getting closer and somethings are getting a little more challenging/difficult. Thank you and take care...until we meet again...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sew, Bake, Birds

Winter is for the birds. I have finally put new seed in my feeders recently and the birds are coming back. Often in the early mornings or afternoons when they come, the kids and I have a little bird lesson. We look at the books we have and try to identify the different birds. They are so excited to spot birds and are starting to learn some of the names & traits, etc. Very exciting! (I know I am a dork, but I cannot help it). Ben swears he sees an Eagle every time.
Baked Goods: sorry my banana bread photo is not rotated, but I have decided to leave it this way due to the fact that I am tired and have other things on my agenda.

Sewn Goods: I am sure I mentioned before that I am probably the worst sewer in the world. But for some reason, I really enjoy it. My creations defitnely look handmade! haha. There is no talent seeping in my veins regarding this craft....yet I like to make this kind of stuff. Here are a few things I made this weekend. A tiger finger puppet for Ben , A Penquin finger puppet for Isabelle and a little toy bunny, just because it was in the pattern book I had from the library and I wanted to try it. Now, I am teaching Isabelle how to sew a little bit. She sewed a pillow for Ben this weekend (a little rectangle that we stuffed) all by herself. She was excited to give it and he was excited to get it. very cute.

Breakfast this morning: strawberry yogurt and granola. Yum. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. I hope for today to be productive. Many things on my to do list. Just need to get myself organized and begin. Wishing everyone a happy & healthy day!