Monday, January 18, 2010

Gnome at Home

Here we see Gill the Garden Gnome writing out his grocery list. He is very forgettful so if he doesn't write it down, it slips right out of his underused deranged noggin.

Recently, Gill invited Spiderman for a spot of tea. They enjoyed their visit and discussed everything but religion and politics. They avoid those subjects due to some past upset which caused them to become on nonspeaking terms for quite awhile. Grateful for their rekindleship, they decided it was best to discuss lighter subjects such as which flower is the prettiest and how their knitting is going. They had such a joyous time they promised eachother that they should meet again like this very soon.

Here I snapped a photo of Gill sulking. You can't really tell, but he is very angry with me. He is wishing and dreaming of sledding outside, but quite honestly I did not feel like dressing him up properly and taking him out because once we are outside he usually has to pee. Then he starts complaining about how cold he is, he also doenst like to carry his own sled up the hill, so honestly, what is the point? I just didn't have the energy to deal with it. Get over it Gill.

Here you see Gill relaxing. Reading in bed is one of his favorite winter pasttimes. He is so busy in the spring, summer and fall...with all of his chores and outdoor festivities...that he really tries to enjoy that quiet time in the winter months.

Here we find Gill hiding in the soap dish. Sometimes he just wants to be alone. Away from the children, away from the dog, away from me. I always seem to find him though. All I have to do is listen to hear the lyrics of twinkle twinkle little star....he usually sings it when he gets lonely or afraid.

Thanks for sharing in my Gnome at Home series. In the past I have written/created a little photo/quote book of Gnome at Home (don't tell Gill but it was a different Gnome). I missed taking photos and documenting these little creatures so I thought I would rekindle this lost project. Good day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amongst the Winter Blanket

As I go about my thoughts & tasks, I look out the window upon the winter blanket and find this beautiful reminder, greeting me. To me it is: a hello from God, saying: I am with you, I am here. Winter tends to get many of us a bit blue after the holidays are gone. The world seems empty, muddy and freezing and it seems it will last for way too long. "Now is the Winter of our Discotent", but we must keep our hearts warm with the knowledge that to everything, there is a season. There is beauty and reason everywhere if we take the time and the mind to look for it. I know that someday, the snow will melt and until then, I must find the treasures that bring me peace, understanding & joy.

If this face doesn't say trouble, I don't know what does. My little boy. Always planning, playing and on the move. I think about how much this little boy brings into my life every day. His discoveries and views of the world...truly amaze me.

CLEMENTINE/cuties - O.k., thank you to my friend who introduced me to these gems! I seriously can't believe I walked this earth for so long without realizing what a SUPER fruit was available to me. This discovery has truly been so grand! These wonderous little oranges are so fun and good. I recommend them to all. We are almost through 2 bags already since Friday.

Here the children watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

MISC. RAMBLINGS: Sunday Morning. We should honestly be getting ready for church, but we are in our pajamas, slowly waking up. It's been such a busy week (for winter!) and today I have major cleaning on my agenda. I seriously don't know how the house gets so unorganized and out of control so quickly. I know today should be a day of rest, but who can rest among such chaos? Not I said the Mom. I think pregnancy hormones are kicking in, for I was almost in tears recently when Noah brought home seeded grapes instead of seedless. Also, I am starting to have a hard time sleeping, bending over. etc. I miss wine among other things. The frequent bathroom trips has returned (joy). I am just so thankful that in this house the bathroom is right next to my bedroom verses the last house in which I had to walk down the cold wooden stairs in the dark, across the house (I know totally dramatic I am) to reach the facilities. Seriously, though - it is a blessing! It never fails that there is always and forever at least one toy on my kitchen table (no matter how hard I fight the forces that be). This mroning it is 2 toys, a dinosaur standing on top of spiderman. For those who get: Life:Beautiful Magazine, the new issue is out. Around here we have been attending birthday parties, dance rehearsals and selling cookies. I've realized that I haven't really been taking the time to do the things I enjoy (writing, taking pictures, reading, etc), that my time needs to be better organized and executed. I am starting to get in a small panic as I am realizing that I really have nothing for the new baby...not prepared or ready at all and I know that we have time...but time I need to wrap my brain around all the things that we need to be doing and getting done in regards to all aspects of everything. I like to consider myself an organized and productive person, but honestly, it's not enough. I am just not getting things done, not the way I want to anyway. I have let the kids sleep in a tent in their room this weekend and they have been so thrilled. It's the little things I guess sometimes! I wonder what we will make for Sunday Dinner tonight. Maybe we can fit some painting or fun projects into this day somehow. Well, maybe I will take a nap first. Happy Sunday & Embrace the Winter Gifts!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

White Coldness

The world is frozen . Is coffee a gift from God? I think so. Especially since I have a strong feeling that I am in the process of getting a sore throat, so not only is it warming me up this a.m. and waking me up, but it is also soothing the oncoming irritation/pain. This was a very busy week around here. 3-D Ultrasound - So I was supposed to have another ultrasound due to the heart chambers were hidden last time due to position, so as I go in for another ultrasound before my appt. on monday - I learn that my dr's office just got a brand new 3-d machine! I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was to watch my baby on the screen. It was truly a miracle to see. I also got some pics to take home and I find myself constantly looking at the baby's face. It truly makes waiting so much easier. Isabelle and Ben are completely amazed by the pictures. So all is good in that department, I go back next month then after that, my appts will be every two weeks. I finally got Ben (and myself) a haircut this week. So he no longer looks like Shaggy from Scoobydoo. I had a flat tire on Monday so that was crappy, especially since surrounded air hoses were frozen, so I took it to a local place for fixing , which is probably best anyway! We had dinner out twice this week: Imperial Palace (chinese) and Amigos (mexican). At home we had: Spagehetti Squash (use squash instead of noodles), tacos, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Isabelle had dance and brownies.

Which brings me to the news of: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. She is now offically selling them, so if you are interested in an order, let us know , we will be happy to arrange the transaction! Some Details: On sale now, will come in march. money due in march when cookies arrive. 3.50 per box. Types: carmel delites, peanut butter patties, shortbread, thin mints, peanut butter sandwich, thanks a lot, lemonades, daisy go rounds.

Mail of the week: A priority package from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. The kids were waiting for this to arrive and were almost excited as Christmas morning when it did. Noah ordered 2000 worms for his compost bin that he set up in the basement in prepartion for his mega super amazing garden planned for the spring. I thought it was crazy to recieve a box in the mail that had breathing holes punched into it.

I finally found and replaced my dollar calendar/planner with an excellent one that I purchased for 25% off at a local office supply. I am thrilled! whoah. So fun to write in (I know Im a total dork). Current Searches that I am on for future soon purchases: A cute and original TOTE bag (for myself) and some fun/cool linen napkins for the kitchen (we have decided to stop using paper and try this for a change) . O.k., I have rambled way too much this morning and the troops want scrambled eggs. Have a lovely weekend! p.s. Happy Birthday Elvis.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Painting & Play-doh

I don't really have any photos to share this morning, so here is a picture of a watercolor painting that I did recently. I have not had my paints out in a very long time. I can't even explain how good it felt to paint again. It felt right. It felt magical. I hope to reincorporate this wonderful art form back into my life somehow. I absolutely love painting and have missed it dearly.

So, the holidays were grand and the new year was nice. I would say my favorite moments of this Christmas season were watching Ben come out dressed as Joseph for his school program and wittnessing Isabelle open her American Girl Doll that she received from Santa. I had tears in my eyes, seeing her so happy and seeing her biggest wish come true.

So this winter break from school and other activities has been very nice. Not having to run out of the house all bundled and ready in the freezing morning has been a blessing. But, like all things, it has run it's course and it is now offically time to rejoin society and return to the hustle and bustle of life and it's requirements. Tomorrow we are at the starting line once again and it honestly feels good. If only I can get caught up with the laundry.

Calendar for the new year. Well here is my story. I am quite a calendar freak. I need to have the perfect desk/planner calendar to write in for the entire year. Appointments, notes, etc. I need to organize my brain properly. Well, I have been on the search for a calendar. I dragged the kids to staples before the new year and found a super calendar, but..then something in me refused to pay $21.00 for it. It's just not in me. Not in my soul right now and not in my wallet. So, then I drove a few blocks over to the dollar general and bought myself a calendar for $1.00! Sure, it's not the greatest. But it will do for right now. If I find a happy medium somewhere along the way, something that is a little more fun and joyous to write in, I may get it, but for now, it feels good to spend only a dollar to help get my brain sorted.

So, the new year... I have a lot to think about, plan, organize....bring to fruitation. We are already talking spring around this house. I miss flowers and the birds. Noah is so excited about planning his vegetable garden and becoming a beekeeper and beer maker. <--yes these are his current dreams. I am of course, planning this new baby coming into our lives. Thinking I am ready for this kid to be produced because I don't do pregnancy well and I am currently remembering that as things are starting to get more difficult. I am praying for peace and patience. I am trying to enjoy the kicks and movement that remind me of what the whole thing is about. I still can not wrap my brain around the fact that there will be 3 children in this house. Honestly, I am barely ready, but I know somehow it will all work out and we won't remember how we functioned otherwise. Wow. Also in the spring we will be hopefully finishing up the improvements around here including: landscaping and new siding. Also the baby room has to be completely refinished. Right now it is an unfinished office.

So I guess I should get on with my day. lots to do. (lots to clean actually including play-doh all over the kitchen floor). little notes of interests to conclude our discussion: yesterday I stayed in my pajamas and read an entire book (have a little faith) by Mitch Albom the author of Tuesdays with Morrie. Liked it, didn't love it. Last night, Noah made Chili for dinner, it was so spicy that I could not even eat it. ugh. Luckily he made homemade baked mac and cheese for the kids as well (and now you see why I have so many dishes to do). Last night we watched the movie: Facing your Giants. although somewhat cheesy acting, I enjoyed the story and actually cried at the end. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow morning, so praying for a good visit. There is defintley a busy and freezing week ahead, but I am so looking forward to seeing my friends again & getting out of this house for a bit. Biggest goal of this week: getting the Christmas decorations put away and finding proper homes for the gifts. Happy Sunday.