Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can't Sleep

 I painted a portrait of our special magical elf, Flick.  He sat really still.  It was great.
 Painting:  Mother & Child (11x14 canvas, acrylic)
This is the most recent project that I had the Kindergarten class do.  It is called santa's closet.  I found the idea on line.  All the kids projects turned out so great!  (besides there were a few minor major glue incidents).  I think the kids had fun doing this, I know that I did!
 This is a picture of Ben from his Thanksgiving feast at school.  We made these fun turkey drumstick hats for the occassion.  (sorry pic is up so late, just finally downloaded it)  (hey, Sal - recognize the sweatshirt?)
Here's my biggest trouble (joy) planning her next move. 
I can't sleep.  I woke up at and I can't seem to return to slumber.  This has been happening to me often lately.  My mind races.  I can't get comfortable.  I just lay awake...wondering, pondering, planning, recollecting.  So, here I am.  Awake.  The house is quiet at least.  I kind of want to have some coffee, but I'll wait...hehe.  I was so happy to be able to paint a little bit yesterday and I hope to paint some more today.  I started reading a book called:  the pig that sings to the moon (the emotional life of farm animals) and maybe I should not be reading it because now I don't think I want to eat bacon in the morning...the eggs I can probably deal with...but I kind of have to not think about that stuff I guess.  I read the pig  chapter, the chicken chapter...I don't know if I should move on to the other chapters.  Very sad how lots of these animals are mistreated.  Very interesting how they have intelligence, personality and such.  Also lately, I have been thinking about birds alot.  I have been observing birds around the house as usual (there are a few cuckoo's that live inside) and I started thinking about birds in the bible and what is said about them.  There is a ton of reference to birds in the bible.  I have always had a strong urge to paint birds and that continues on and I just couldn't help but wonder if there is a significance to that desire.  So, anyway - have just started researching that subject a little more in depth than just my surface interest in the nimble creatures of the air.  The dog is snoring.  He has had a hard time getting up sometimes lately.  His bark never suffers though.  I keep thinking about how I have to get a picture taken of the kids so I can whip up some Christmas cards.  I plan the picture in my head, but know for a fact, that it will not come out that just have to go with the flow if only I can get the flow going to go.  (I kind of felt like dr. suess there  but not really).  I think about chopping all of my hair off these days.  But, then I rethink it.  I think I am thinking too much...I wonder why I cannot sleep.  I hope the garbage man picks up all my garbage.  I purchased special stickers for the extra bags.  why so much garbage you ask?  cuz it was not taken out last week, so now we have double.  Speaking of garbage...After the new year, I plan some major purging.  throw away, give away and packing of things that are not in use.  I send a call out to people of my life to please start saving your boxes for me if you don't mind.  I am quite serious about this organizational goal for I can no longer live in clutter and abundance.  We hope to move someday and I want to be ready! Well, I guess I could keep on rambling but I think it's best to end this now.  I will try and sleep again and if not I will stay up and read my singing pig book.  Hope you are resting well.  Goodnight, or Good morning - however you feel about it.

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