Friday, November 18, 2011

Pukey Fruit and a 1st draft Christmas list

 Here thing 2 and thing 3 are pictured after baths.  They are getting way too old for my liking.
 Here are some : upset eggs.
 We have been curling Isabelle's hair via Rag Curls and she absoutley loves it. 
 My handsome Ben.  He gets so excited when there is dress up day at school.  It's like his ultimate favorite.
 I have finally finished the firefighter themed mural that I was working on at a friend's house.  I have more pics of the other walls (now if only I could remember my painting site password/loggin so I could update my galleries!).
Monster fruit.   I prepared this for the kids afterschool snack yesterday.  they abosolutely loved it.  Besides the fact that I stabbed myself twice with a toothpick and also used frozen blueberries that stained my fingers...I thought it was pretty much a success. 

It is so windy outside today, I dont want to step foot out there again...but I must.  I am thankful that the weekend is here.  I am tired.  I want to take a nap.  

My brain isn't super top notch functioning at the moment so I will just share with you Ben's Christmas list for now.  This is exactly as it was dictated to me last night:  first draft:   Ben's Christmas List :  A flying green lantern suit.  An Iron man suit (flying!).  A Bat costume.  A Bat costume that never breaks and the stuff are all hooked together --please!.  A boy american doll with an aquin sweat shirt and aquin football clothes.  A computer.  A phone.  A two-wheeler.  A stuffed green elf that is 10 inches.  No, 24 inches.  I should have said 24!.  A flying buzz lightyear toy.  2 ramps for my jeep.  I think that is all.  that's a pretty good list I think.  Oh, and A baby ruth bat that talks.  A baseball that talks.  ..and some Chicken. 

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