Saturday, February 26, 2011


I walked into the kitchen yesterday to find Woody, held hostage - tied to a kitchen chair. There are always these kind of wonderful fun surprises when Ben is playing. Yesterday was a big deal for Woody because by an "amazing miracle" , Ben found Woody's lost hat (been missing for a few weeks, found it in the car, which reminds me - wow, that car is extremily messy over this winter...I truly need to get a garbage bag or a dumpster and get to work). After Ben found Woody's hat, he washed it nice and shiny in the sink and wrapped it in a red bandana and surprise gifted it to Woody. It was a special moment, I am so glad I got to be there for the reunion of doll and wardrobe.
Finally last Sunday, although cold and rainy - Noah and the kids got to work in the garage and put together the truck (but he calls it a jeep) that Ben got for Christmas. They drove it around a little bit (oh that reminds me I need to get c batteries for the radio) and it is now parked in the garage until spring decides to make a return. Kids are thrilled. Ben keeps asking me for a sponge to wash his "jeep." I wonder if my car will ever earn a spot in the garage.

This is a little accordion album that I recently made as a gift for a friend. In October we took our sons to superhero bowling together. Well, finally, I got around to printing some pics of the event and making this cute memento. I was happy with how it turned out, now I have to make one for of these days.
Girl Scout Cookies are here! We will be sorting and delivering what we can soon. Distant family that has ordered, we will get them to you next time we meet! If anyone needs their total, please let me know. Cash or Checks are accepted. Check with me if you are writing a Check: depending on when we receive it, it will either have to be made out to Girl Scouts directly (within a week) or to us directly (after a weeks time). Thank you!

So, I must admit that I am crabby this morning. Yes, it's true. Olivia was up half the night, so...was I. I can't take this any more. Now I wake up with a headache and stuffy nose. Should be a fun day. Especially since I didnt do the dishes last night. I am out of creamer. Oh well, had one cup of coffee, which is my norm anyway I suppose. I can't believe (well, yes I can cuz it's the season) that it is snowing again! Yippee! Yesterday, while bringing the dog in the house, I slipped in the mud and fell. It was not the highlight of my day by any means. Yesterday, I offically signed the kids up for spring indoor soccer. They are so excited. Should be great! Kept Ben home from school again. I am praying this weekend that we will find him well. Yesterday I made banana bread (now that I have my oven back) and I made a rump beef roast (in the crock pot actually - cuz roasts scare me, I don't know what to do with them and I found an easy recipe). I thought the roast turned out very good considering my skill level with such meats. I over-listened to Ben and Isabelle talking about shots at the dr. Ben told Isabelle that the last time he got shots it was because they were checking to see if he had vampire blood. I am thinking he must not have vampire blood, otherwise they would have sent us a letter or notification of some kind. Ben keeps telling us that he wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. He has also told me that he wants the whole family to get: wranglers so we can all be cowboys and cowgirls together. I am trying to interview the kids a little bit so I can make a scrapbook page with the answers. I asked them: Who is the coolest person on Earth? Isabelle answered: "God, Mom and Taylor Swift. " Ben answered: " I say, Michael Jackson.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My baby is a monkey. She can't stand on her own or walk, but she sure loves to climb! She also loves bananas and makes weird sounds, that is also why I conclude that she is a monkey. This morning I am missing a MOPS meeting becuase Ben is sick. I kept him home from school yesterday. Poor little guy. He is watching movies on the couch again today, I hope that will heal him. So, my toaster is: offically deceased. I was so excited to buy bagels yesterday, totally had a taste for them, get home - pop one in the toaster. My toaster has failed me. I guess I should not say that because honestly, I think we have had it for a very long time. I can't remember when we first met. So, I suppose I was lucky to have him this long. Microwaved bagels are not so grand. Yesterday, I finally decided to take advantage of the free coffee offer with a fill up at shell. Well, let me just tell you that the free coffee might supposidly be $ free, yet it is not hassle free. I shall not take advantage of that offer again. thanks, but no thanks. Today I plan to get some major cleaning done. Organization is on my agenda. If the little rascals allow it. Have a beautiful Thursday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

what's a typewriter?

A fun chair that I started to paint, but have not finished yet.
Our new deck out the back door. Please ignore all the's mud city around here right now! It will be so wonderful to grill and eat and sit and read here instead of on the ground. It will be nice to let the dog out of the back of the house again instead of opening this door to find a huge drop to the earth if you step out!
Isabelle wearing her glasses!

Wild Thing...I think I love you!

(digital elements/papers from: Amanda Rockwell-My Love kit) Sunday morning: We had a lovely visit with my parents yesterday. It is always hard to say goodbye. It was also so nice yesterday to see and feel the sun. Isabelle was very sick last night, but says she feels way better this morning. I truly hope that she is. Maybe we will get Shamrock Shakes today. There's no school tomorrow for presidents day. I guess I better go make some coffee since 3 of the 3 children are now up with me. As I was typing my blog post, Isabelle asked me how I learned to type so fast. I told her it takes practice and that I started learning to type on a typewriter. She asked me: what's a typewriter?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Branch

I can't put any new pics up at the moment because my camera connection cord is in the bedroom and I cannot risk waking the baby up (since she wouldnt go to sleep last night). So for now, here's a pic I took after our last storm. It's not the clearest pic, but I thought it was so very neat the way the different birds are all sharing the same branch. Roundup: I kept Isabelle home from school yesterday, she was sick. I hope she will be better when she wakes up this morning. I am very much in a scrapbooking mood, I hope I get a chance to do some of that this weekend (at this point I am years behind!). I am excited, last night I got a phone call: my parents are coming out to visit today, we haven't seen them since Christmas since we have had all this bad weather. The other night the kids and I were watching a little American Idol and Isabelle asked: Who is that? Is that a boy or a girl? (referring to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler). The squirrels love to do acrobats off the bird feeders. Speaking of outdoor matter what we do our shed door always winds up open...I wonder how many frozen/thawed out animals we will find in there in the spring. Ben gets in his modes in which he likes to dress like a cowboy. he was dressed the other day and Isabelle says: Look it's a cowboy! and he corrects her: No! Actually I am a Cowboy with 4 dollars! (and he pulls the cash out of his pocket to prove it). I have finally got him to call bebe guns, bebe guns instead of baby guns. Yesterday Isabelle asked me, Mom - Arn't you glad our oven is fixed? Ben asked: Who fixed it? Isabelle most defintley answered: The plumber! So, this slight taste of spring we have received recently has inspired me to go forth with hope. The promise of the sun and warmth and growth...beneath the winter snow.... it's coming...I know it will be here. We need to start thinking about planning birthdays, Easter, First Communion...there is so much to celebrate. I think about how I had a wonderful bible study this week. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time...reminding me that there are things I cannot control or understand and that I need to leave them in God's hands. Also , the fellowship with these amazing women, is the greatest gift to look forward to when we meet. I feel so truly blessed to be a part of these groups. uh-oh...I hear ramblings of children. Of course they are up early, because it's the weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Endless Winter or so it Seems

(this is not my photograph, I got it off of a newspaper website during the big storm. I just fell in love with it!). So, I sit here with a lingering cough, but for the most part the flu/cold is gone. What a nightmare those days were. They pulled me down and knocked me out. I could not function, I could not take care of my was horrible. Lessons learned: It really made me ask for help when I needed it and it also taught me to appreciate what I do each day a little more....because seeing it not done, really made a difference. Those freezing temperatures were getting so old too...I was afraid to step outside. I would be fine with eating stale crackers just so I wouldn't have to venture out the frozen world. But, the weather has let up some and it makes all the difference in the world. I even saw a robin the other was high in a tree (not pecking on the ground like in spring), but it was there. Let's see news around here: Isabelle finally got her glasses and loves them (now all of a sudden Ben is having trouble seeing the board at school...he says the letters are fuzzy but he is not blind...hehe)., Recently we celebrated valentines day and Noah's birthday. The kids wanted to get him a Bee pillow that was his gift from them. Our oven is still broken!!!! Supposidly, the repair man now has the part and is coming today. Our back deck is now complete and it is sooooo exciting! Also, we now have a doorbell and a new mailbox up. It's the little things! hehe I think all we really have left to do on this house is: storm doors. Our basement is even clean! I cleaned the kids toys/my craft side and the laundry/tools/brew making side is cleaned as well! Olivia is now approx. 10 months old. Wow, is the time flying by. I love when that little baby sleeps. Like right now, she is sleeping, so I got to take a shower and type this! Ben is sitting next to me watching Peter Pan. Yesterday I caught him singing: "Sweet Home Avacado!"...with that I leave you. Have a beautiful day. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday, February 06, 2011


(digi scrap elements from shabbyprincess) We've been noticing lately besides the other sounds that sound like words (mama, da, etc)...Olivia has been saying: Uh-oh!, which is so appropriate for this little bundle of trouble. So, it's Sunday Morning and I feel like crap. For the last two days my throat has been killing me, feels like I coughed up a lung. Ben is also sick now as well. This weekend has not been fun. I super worked on cleaning yesterday because the mess/clutter was just too overwhelming, well by the time I was done: everything hurt and I was about to pass out (and thats only two rooms and some laundry done). Oh well, at least it's better. Its snowing like crazy at the moment. Last week the kids had 2 days off from school due to snow/freezing weather. Last week also we found out some big giant news...all of Isabelle's wishes and dreams will finally come true...she needs glasses. She hasn't stopped talking about it or asking questions since she found out the grand news. They should be in sometime this week and they are the most awesomest glasses she has ever seen in the entire world! Other news around the homefront: The repair man in regards to the oven, still has not called with the part. So now, this is getting old. It was ok for awhile, but really, I'd like to use my oven again, that would be lovely. Also, our deck wood/materials are here, but the work hasnt begun yet. Also, I am one of the rarest creatures on the planet, I have absotuley no interest in the superbowl today. Also, I began refinishing a single lonely chair. I' am painting it fun colors and so far I have painted a nostaligic looking bird on it. Then I had to call it quits, cuz life got in the way. I should make us clean the basement today (toys and crafts everywhere as far as the eye can see), but my energy level is at an all time low. If this dog doesnt stop moaning, I am gonna kick him out into a snowdrift. I guess I should make breakfast of some sorts, I wish I had something easy like cherrios to throw ina bowl, but I dont. Maybe a second cup of coffee will help me function. Ben needs a hair cut. Ben's buzz lightyear pajamas are so small that his toe is poking out, but he refuses to give them up. Now I can barely talk, my voice is froggy. fun stuff. o.k., guess I should go do lay on the couch amongst the dog hair and cry...or cowboy up and have a decent day the best I can. I'll decide after my coffee...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blizzard 2011

They said it would snow...and it did. Waking up to a white world, was beautiful and peaceful. Right away, we all got dressed in our snow gear and made our way outside (besides the baby). Something that I absoutley truly love about events such as the unity of the neighbors...working together to clear everybody's paths and cars. Even though we hired someone to come out and snowblow/shovel....everyone was still out there helping eachother anyway to get the task done.
Lancelot sure enjoyed the snow...and the socializing.

Isabelle enjoyed clearing the cars and climbing hills...and the socializing.
Ben had such fun climbing the hills and falling down!
Yes, it was a great snow day indeed. The guys came to finish the bathroom so it is now offically finished! Whoah!!!!!! I want to invite people over just to use my bathroom. We made homemade chicken soup yesterday. It turned out awesome! Last night we got the offical call that there would be no school today either due to dangerous wind chill/temperatures. So, today is an at home cleaning organizing and hanging out day. Except for the biggest event (if they are open today, which I am assuming), Isabelle's eye dr. appt. has finally arrived. All her dreams may come true if they tell her, yes she needs glasses. I just have to munster up enough courage to get us out in this weather. Hopefully it will warm a smidge before our adventure. Tonight will be: Taco Night. Right now the snowblower guys are back, clearing out a path in the back and I giant area of the back of the house. Why? Because finally, the materials have been ordered for our deck! Work should start on that tomorrow. It will be nice to open the backdoor and to not step out to a drop to the ground! (when our siding was done, the concrete porch was ripped off with the intentions of our deck being built right away but then we had to put that project on pause). How exciting. Well, I better get to work, there is a lot ahead of me today. This place is kind of chaos and I need to create some order. I hope Olivia with her elastico arms doesn't eat any more of my books when I am not looking.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

In the Midst of a Storm

My beautiful happy baby. The most exciting thing happened this past week (not captured on film yet), Miss Olivia has begun clapping! It's so adorable, I could watch her clap all day. Even better news...she has slept two nights in a row...I hope we are starting a new trend here!
My winter birds.
A glance at our bathroom thus far. Still there needs to be some finishing detail work done, sealing, painting trim, etc...but for the most part it is done. I can offically take a shower today, I cannot wait! Since I couldnt find a black & white shower curtain that I absoutley love, we just went with a plain white one for now. This room turned out so nice. The best part besides having a toliet that actually flushes is the tall cabinet/pantry we now have (can't see in pic), that will store all the bathroom necessities. Yay!!!

Speaking of baths and baby rarely likes hers. It is usually an unpleasant and quick experience for all involved.
Other thoughts at this time:
Snow day today - blizzard conditions - no school, no work. Looking outside at the moment, the windows are crazy. Thankful for a day at home with heat, electricity - etc. Praying for those who need protection from the storm or who have lost the basic neccesitites with outages, etc. Praying for saftey on the roads for whoever has to be out there. Other stuff: Isabelle was very disappointed not to win a cake from the raffle at school yesterday (teachers made cakes, the kids bought ticket, cute idea!). I told her once our oven is fixed, we will bake something special. Last week the repair guy was out and had to order a we are waiting and just using stove top and crock pot for now. I stopped in a pet store the other day...I suddenly had this get a bird for inside the house! I checked out all the options, costs, etc and I really wanted to bring one home, but I figured I better not. Maybe in the future, but now is not the the time. :(. So, I will have to wait for all my dreams to come true. Speaking of Dreams, I have been doing a lot of painting lately. It has been so lovely. The kids keep watching Despicable Me. Cute Movie. Made some new recipes for dinner lately. Beef Goulash from Cooking light (recipe website), it was excellent, very tender. Also from that site: Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry - It was good, but I don't know if it was worth all the work involved (lots of ingredients and chopping & grating and thinking and time). I also made something the Aunts have been making and raving about: Boneless Pork Chops in the crock pot with apples and sauerkraut (and onions and a little brown sugar). I am not a big fan of sauerkraut, but it was very good. We have been drinking alot of tea and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace around here lately. I guess that is one of the best ways to pass the winter moments. I suppose this has been enough ramblings for now...nothing of major discussion, just me here - doing what I do. Oh, wow! Those are giant snowflakes dancing past the window and I see at least 7 bright red cardinals outside right now. good day.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Paint - tastic!

Here are some recent paintings I have been working on: The fairy one is from the previous post. The frog one is acrylic on an 8x10 flat canvas. The bird (tufted titmouse) is on a 2x2 stretched canvas. These are all for sale if anyone is interested or if you would like something special made, just let me know. I do anything from Angels to Elvis to a piece of stale fruit. :)
This painting was so fun to create. It was a gift for a very special girl who I just adore. It is acrylic on 9x13 stretched canvas.
I was so happy with how this project turned out! My client wanted this as a birthday present for her niece who Loves dogs. Acrylic 12x12 stretched canvas.
This bird painting is my current favorite and is also for sale. It is acrylic on 9x13 stretched canvas.