Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Boy Blue

I know Isabelle has only been back in school for a little bit now, but I am really enjoying my alone time with Ben. Just us. We can just interact with out any interruptions or takeovers...hehehe But of course...11:15 rolls around and I can't wait to go get my little girl back.

Today is one of those days in which I cannot stop yawning. Even though I drank 3 gallons of coffee this morning, I guess it just didn't do the trick. The last few nights I haven't slept much at all. I think the moon is too full. The night is too still.

So, I started selling on ebay. I started sunday. I now have 9 misc. items up for sale. So far, NO interest. I am not even a good sales person not in person! haha Today Isabelle told me I could sell her princess potty. I told her no, she better keep it. So even though I have got no BIDS and only one inquiry so is exciting...the anticipation of checking....and maybe some day...some how....some way... I shall sell something! Of course when all is said and done, I am sure I will lose money in the deal...considering all the fees involved already. Oh I said it's kind of fun. Especially writing the descriptions! Putting a little color and flair into everyday objects... but then again, maybe it is those very descriptions that are frightening buyers to "trust" me.

Isabelle came into my room in the middle of the night last night and said this: Mom! Mom! I need to talk to you something important. Why does baby Bop have a bow in her hair?

Did I mention how upsetting black and white photos are to Isabelle? She really gets disturbed when there are no color in pictures. She doesnt understand it and she gets really upset like something is wrong.

I have NO clue what I will make for dinner tonight. If it was up to me it would be Ramen Noodles or beefaroni....or cheese and crackers. Something S i m p l e. I tried to take a nap earlier but it just didnt work.

I think I really want Isabelle and Ben to be Dorothy and cowardly Lion this year for Halloween...I will have to see if I could pull that off in a cute way. I dont like the lion costumes that have a head of a lion on top of the hood ....I really like the ones that have the maine directly around the baby's face. And I could paint him a little black nose and wiskers. Also there is a cute dorthoy costume somewhere that comes with the basket with todo....and then of course there are the ruby slippers.... Or she could be alice in wonderland and ben could be the white rabbit or door mouse. Or she could be red ridinghood ( i was that when I was about her age) and ben could be a little wolf.......of course I should probably find out what Isabelle wants to be. I just asked her and she said "Spiderman...then she said no, tinkerbell...oh never mind how about spiderman?" I think this girl might need some costume suggestions and direction from me afterall. I was gonna get Isabelle a humpty dumpty costume when she was a baby...a cute egg with a hole for her face to come through...maybe I will see if I could find that for ben...he would make a cute humpty dumpty.

Isabelle just told me that ELIVS is a boy show. Not a girl show.

o.k. I don't know what rock I have been living under but I am so in love with a song I recently discovered: Goodnight my angel - lullaby by billy joel. Also I have a love hate relationship with the song: Love Today by Mika

I feel like I live in the wilderness lately..or at the zoo. I was thinking of all the overwhelming amount of animals I came across today alone.....the standard birds, cats, dogs, squirrels...but also today I came across pigs, apacas, cows, horses, sheep and deer! Maybe it's a sign that my husband should build an ark. I don't think that's gonna happen, it's hard enough to get him to take out the garbage.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back To School

I can't even explain how exciting it was to get back to school today! This year wasn't emotional for me like her first year (plus I had just had Ben just a few days before at that time) was nice to go there with the excitement of the first day and not have the anxiety of a new situation. This year Isabelle will be going to preschool 3 mornings a week (m-w-f). This year Isabelle has the same teachers and some of the same kids in her class, so that was a nice thing to look forward to as well. She also knew what to expect so there was no departure anxiety from her or I as I left the building after dropping her off which gave us both great comfort and security. Ben and I ran a few errands and before I knew it, it was time to pick her up. She had a great first day and so did I. Of course one of my favorite parts of school starting is knowing that Autumn is coming too.

little side note before I forget: BEN says Uh-Oh all the time now. So cute. hehe


Pretty in Pink Party Girl.
"tired" Birthday Boy
Adorable Duck Cake made by Elaine
Elaine made this beautiful Alice in wonderland dress from scratch for Isabelle. Also on this night Isabelle recieved a dress up princess Belle gown, a Fun Bears Cheerleading outfit......but she choose to wear for the remainder of the evening, this:
Spiderman Costume from Uncle Al !
At first when Isabelle opened the gift, she questioned the giver "why did you get me this? It's for a boy!" But, once she got it on, there was no taking it off. She ran around all night with super powers, spinning webs and jumping on the party guests. (doll cake made by Elaine).
Family Party = Great Success. Thank you Everyone! We are truly blessed (and spoiled).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look Whose Walking

Yesterday we celebrated Ben's 1st Birthday. All of a sudden the last few days he has been taking steps all on his own. He looks like a drunken boxer going back and forth and then tumbling over. hehe We had his first year check up today. All is good! (well, the shots weren't so good, but the rest was good).
Tonight is an open house for Isabelle's school class. I'm so excited school will be starting soon! There's nothing like back to school supplies is the best! (even if it is preschool supplies!). It actually almost feels like fall out today and I even swear Ive seen some changing leaves already. Tonight I am making Slow Cooker Salasa Chicken for dinner.
----Last night Isabelle and I had the following conversation:
Me: You are my special girl right?
Isabelle: Right. We are real right mom?
Me: Yes, Isabelle we are real.
Isabelle: Good. (It was just really sweet. I love my little girl so much...
when I sometimes forget, she reminds lucky I am).
Happy 4th Birthday Lancelot, you 3 legged wonderdog.
Happy Anniversary of Elvis's death. TCB

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Four & More

Isabelle's (1st)kids party was a great success. We had it at a local party place that includes a fun zone (jumping in balls, climbing, etc). She had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who helped plan, prepare and participate!
Since Isabelle has turned 4, all of a sudden she can "magically" do the following with ease: open the stairs door by herself, reach the sink without her stool, open and close car door, likes broccoli…. (if only with her magical fourness, she could start wiping her butt on her own...) Oh, also along with these can dos and likes...she says that now that she is 4, she "just doesn't like milk."
Interview With Isabelle on her 4th Birthday.
How Old Are You? Um…I’m four today alright? I’m not three anymore.
If you had a million dollars what would you buy? A watch! Even though you got 2 watches for your b-day? Yes.
How do you like the cake Elaine made you? I don’t know.
What would be your dream job when you grow up? When I close my eyes and sleep…and I have a good dream.
What makes you sad? When Ben pulls my hair!
What makes you happy? When Ben doesn’t pull my hair.
What is your favorite game right now? Zingo!
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Ooh….Owls are scary! Um… I want to talk about something….the storm…and how it scares me.
What age have you enjoyed the most so far? 4 cuz I’m 4 now.
Favorite color? Red.
Favorite show? Strawberry shortcake, I keep telling you!
Favorite store? The little cart store.
Favorite food? Peanut butter and honey wrap.
Where would you like to take a vacation? Um…like to the bank.
Let's talk BEN a little bit now. I can't believe that he will be 1 next week! wow. Seriously this baby boy has grown up so fast already! Some of his activities lately: pulling the entire cushion off couch- sitting and bouncing on the couch without cushion- then sliding down the angled cushion. Taking dvds out of cases - trying to put them in the tv equipment, pressing the paper feed on my printer, getting all the papers out one by one (he has obsession with paper, he must be my kid!) , pulling chairs out from the dining room table - climbing on chair and proceeding to climb on dining room table!…sits and claps. Taking little steps, or walks pushing something. and...I swear he says mama.
Misc. Notes & Observations
Glue sticks are expensive. Humidity is evil. I'm sick of tomatoes. The people at my post office seem to have an attitude most of the time...what is the deal with that? I might have a garage sale at the end of the summer. I am going to start selling things on ebay (for the first any advice would be greatly appreciated-email me). I finished the book the time traveler's wife. It was very good, I really liked it...I didn't cry. I heard alot people cried when reading this...I didn't feel the need to. I have just started reading: Middlesex. sidenote: I love the smell of old musty books. My windshield wipers have been acting very strange lately, before I had trouble with them not coming on when I need them. the last couple times I drove my car, they come on when i dont need them and wont shut off! I can't believe the disney's tinkerbell fairies movie will not come out until fall of 08. that is a long time to wait!
upcoming plans: family birthday party for the kids, zoo, bristol reinsannce faire, school starts...