Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Literature Review at it's Finest

It was a beautiful evening, just at the cusp of Autumn's beginning.
Six lovely women met to discuss a fine piece of Literature.
The Book: The Heretic's Daughter - Kathleen Kent.
The Location: Liz's Farm
The Agenda: Fun, Enchantment & Enlightment

Here comes our hostess Liz with the wOOd for our Grand Bon Fire! (bon fire of the Insanities)

Here is our Refreshment Table. Lots of good and fun stuff to share! My favorite part was the SPiced hOt aPPle Cider (the offical name is Wassue sue or something like that). Notice the cute little witch hat cookies that Stephanie made to go along with our theme!

Just over yonder among the cornstalks, a black cat watches our gathering.
What a great meeting! No spells were cast (well, not really - maybe one). We dined and we discussed. The book is about the Salem Witch Trials. It is very sad, but it is well written. There was a lot of good topics to review. This book is recommended, but if you do read it, be prepared at times to be mad and sad while reading as there are many injustices brought to light. We closed our evening with a (tad bit spooky) candle light night stroll down the country road. Thank you ladies for a Thought Provoking & Enjoyable Evening with FrIeNdS. Looking forward to the next one! 1000 White Women: The Journals of May Dodd by Jim Fergus

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chai Tea & Cold Lunch

" Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." - Sanskrit Proverb
This is the quote that is inside of the CHAI Tea that I just opened. As I take my first sips this morning, I remember why I love this tea so much. I am trying to drink less coffee, not that I drink a lot , but I think I am sick of it if that makes sense. I decided I may have a cup here and there but I don't want to be dependent on it each morning. I want to make it an non-requirement of my morning routine, yet still an occasional option. I don't know how far I will get, but I am giving it a try.
The photo above is of two mini blank books that I made. I havent been able to scrap lately, so this was a nice little retreat for my creative soul. The books are made in pamphlet style stich (which is super simple - anyone who wants to learn, just ask and I will be happy to show you). Cardstock for the covers, twine and thread for binding, copy paper for inside pages.
This weekend was crazy and tough (I was sick with a migrane for a good portion of it). So, I didn't get alot acomplished. I did offically close my ETSY shop for now. I have a few things to finish off and send off, but for the most part I am done and although I am kind of sad and it feels weird, it is such a relief. It feels good. It is the right thing for now. I will be happy to start doing projects for family and friends again soon though. :)
Isabelle has school pictures today. I don't even know what she will be wearing yet (which is really not like me, but like I said kind of yuk weekend). She is insisting on bringing cold lunch to school (school serves hot lunch which we have got all along, she wants to bring a lunch in a bag from home), so I told her that we could try it today and see how it goes and maybe once a week we can look at the food schedule, she what she doesnt like (like FISH) and that could be a day she brings cold lunch. Isabelle's teacher is out for a few weeks and although she likes the substitute, Isabelle told me the other day that she misses her teacher so much that "her heart hurts". I really need a haircut. It's slowly getting lighter outside, but I don't see the sun yet. Wishing everyone a beautiful Autumn Day. Take time to watch the leaves fall!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Deer.

We spotted a giant herd (4 to be exact) deer crossing the road on our way home from open house last night. I just happened to have my trusty camera with me and snapped this photograph before they galloped into the enchanted woods. Ben saw the deer and said " dog". Isabelle saw the deer and asked which one was the mom and which one was the baby (she asks this any time we see animals, it is very important to her to get relationships figured out).

Open House was nice, I enjoyed the classroom part - but the book fair part of it was somewhat chaotic. Isabelle was allowed to pick one book (barbie diamond castle) and I picked one book for her (pinkalicious) and then she could pick one bookmark (a yellow one with a kitty on it).

I don't think that I slept much at all last night, my brain won't settle down. I am quite exhausted. Must brew the coffee and find the shower....here's to another day! p.s. - The Office Season Premere is on this evening!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here comes Trouble

When I was a child, I used to sport a shirt that read: Here comes trouble. Well, I could sure use a t-shirt stating that for both of my children at the moment. What little monsters lately and it's not even Halloween time yet.

Kids are weird. Let's be honest. I claim to have 2 little weirdos and thats fine by me. They make life interesting. They make me laugh. They are odd little balls of energy and I wouldn't rather have them any other way. I have to say that this sibling fighting lately though, now that has been extremily challenging. They fight over every toy, every piece of food, every spot, every bit of attention that they can get. There is screaming, pulling, smacking, kicking, etc. I never understood why it bothered my mom when my brother and I would fight, I always thought to myself...it's our fight, why do you care? Well, now I KNOW.

Ben is now in the stage also in which I do not want to go to any type of store with him at all! What a nightmare. We were just in the grocery store and I wanted to leave before we even got out of the car but he already undid his buckle and was in my front seat, so I figured might as go in and get groceries or we will be eating soup crackers for dinner. Really, why can someone not invent a drive through grocery store around here? I would gladly pay twice (maybe even triple) the amount so I would not have to torture myself through the store with this boy child who just happens to create a total stress-filled destruction path as he goes. I am lucky to come out of the store with even one item that was on my list, and extra lucky if I managed to throw enough things for a complete meal into my cart.

Now, I must get some projects ready for my MOPS meeting tomorrow. Lots of prep work to do. We have open house at Isabelle's school tonight. I am excited to go check out her learning enviornment. Tonight I think I will keep dinner simple. My plan at the moment is: BLT's and Vegetable Soup. I was looking for minestrone, but Ben was taking all the cans off of the shelf at the time, so I decided to just stick with what I could find easily and move on. Did I remember the bacon?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

25% Off

A brief Synopsis of the Garage Sale: OR Observations & Notes of Interest to Share:

I tried to sell Lance for 25% off (since he is missing one leg) or Make An Offer. Although there was some interest, he was not sold.

I tried to sell the kids 2 for 1. There was absoutley NO interest in that. I question why.

Lots did sell. It was quite a successful event.

WE still have lots of stuff. (plans are in the works other outlets to sell, for donating, etc) I just want the stuff gone! Part of my declutter my life plan.

Customers - Most people were super nice and so fun to talk to. The best part was seeing what people were getting and why. It was so cool to see people get super excited over certain items. Of course we got the occassional crabby apple, shirtless drunk man, etc. But, again overall - great clientel. <--not sure if that is correct spelling of course I could do spell check or look it up but I am not in the mood.

Garage Sales produce many bruises.

We had a lot of repeat customers. Also, People kept asking Isabelle for her cookies after she was sold out. There was disappointment when they were gone or not offered on the following day.

Lesson learned that really holds true: One persons junk is anothers treasure.

p.s. be sure to visit garage sale BoB's Blog. Just click on his pic on the right.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Fall

"I'm having a Cookie Sale Today" - Isabelle (to each potential baked goods customer). Isabelle did quite well as a little sales person. Kindly greeting everyone, boldly informing them and gently reminding them of her wares. She was quite successful, she ran out of product by noonish and she even got several tips. I think I might set her out at the end of the drive way with a cookie stand every weekend.

Ben was quite a help at the sale too... he kept rearranging and testing all the merchandise. He would also bring selected merchandise to customers as they shopped, things he wanted to suggest as a good purchase (ex: bringing an elderly gentelman a fine purple tinkerbell purse). Also, he decided that he really didnt think price stickers were a good idea, so he kept taking them off of the items and throwing them away.
I love this picture. All of a sudden a breeze came and leaves came whispering down and all around. I told Isabelle, look here comes fall! So, she decided she would try to catch it!

So, we have one more day of sale. It's going pretty well all together and we are having fun, but I am so ready for it to be over. I will give a little report of the overall event later on. Coming soon there will be a new fun on going feature on my blog including "Garage Sale Bob" and his journeys! Good Sunday ya'all!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haircut & Bus Boy

9 inches of hair...gone! Lately, Miss Isabelle and I have been having battles and screaming and tantrums over the hair routine in the morning. Often it ends up with us both frustrated and ready to cry because she just doesnt want to brush her hair or have it brushed. Well, she has been admiring some of her friends shorter do's lately, so I have gently been suggesting that a cute short cut would be so great. She likes her longer hair because she feels like she's ariel, but she was very excited for a change. Well, this girl loves her new hair cut and so does her mom. win, win. It is so cute on her, I think it fits her spunky, spit fire type personality a little better. It's fun hair!

BEN AND HIS BUS - Ben will go nowhere these days, if his bus is not invited and included. Bus! Bus! Bus! Ben's bus goes in the car, Ben's bus goes to the nursery, Ben's bus goes to menards, Ben's bus goes to the grocery store. Ben shows everyone he meets his bus. He informs them loud and clear that it is indeed a "BUS". Then he points to me and adds: "mom".

For Sale

Yes, I do believe we may have some items to sell! There is still so much prep to do before our garage sale begins. I have lots of pricing and organizing and signage to do. Isabelle wants to set up a cookie stand and sell cookies, so I may let her do that. Thank goodness for the calvery coming in to help us prepare and conduct this massive event. In honor of the garage sale, I thought I would share one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems from Where The Sidewalk Ends: (because, honestly, who hasn't felt this way about their siblings? hehe)
One Sister for sale!
One Sister for sale!
One crying and spying young sister for sale!
I'm really not kidding,
So who'll start the bidding?
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickel?
A Penny?
Oh, isn't there , isn't there, isn't there any
One kid who will buy this old sister for sale,
This crying and spying young sister for sale?
In other news, I have a sample of Noah's business commercial. Friends & Family, if you would like me to send it to you, please email me and I will be happy to send you the link. It is super cheesy and we can all make fun of him together! haha

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Technicolor Dream Isabelle

Girl waking up under the sea (in her new Ariel Bed ((I got a super great deal on it in the clearance section! whoah))
(Girl dressed herself this morning. Kind of reminds me of punky brewster...anyone remember her? hehe).
So, this week is flying by! My to do list for today has about 1,000 items on it, I will be happy to get at least 2 done. I am so glad that it stopped raining finally! Isabelle enjoyed her apple orchard field trip. "the farmer is happy when he has happy trees" - that is something she learned there....also that she can't just yank the apple off the tree, she needs to twist it 5 times. Ben has been feeling sick lately, I hope he is better today. I think I might make mini meatloafs for dinner tonight. I should go before I am running late...but just wanted to wish everyone a SUPER day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Strange Days Indeed

What a dreary day. I don't know why, but I felt like taking some pictures on the way to school this morning. It's been raining for serveral days. All weekend we have had family here helping us get ready for our big garage sale. I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed and depressed by how much stuff we have. Over ten years of stuff to sort through. Wow. I must say, it is the most amazing and freeing feeling - to let it all go. To declutter our lives. I know I will be excited once it's all gone, but....in the mean time this process has been somewhat exhausting (mentally mostly).

Tonight, I will make slow cooker salsa chicken for supper. That's about all I know at the moment. Good day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Something Fishy...

Yoga Practicing Mantis
(This photo is posted in honor of me because I am excited to start practicing yoga again and for my brother who suddenly has a Special Mantis in his life.)
School Lunch
Me: Isabelle, what did you have for lunch today?
Isabelle: I don't remember.
Me: How do you not remember? What did they serve?
Isabelle: They had FISH, but I didn't have any.
Me: Why not?
Isabelle: Because I am allergic to FISH.
Me: Really? That's news to me. Are you sure you are allergic?
Who told you that you are allergic?
Isabelle: I do! I told me. I'm allergic.
Me: You are not allergic to FISH.
Isabelle: Yes I am.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


SALE! SALE! PREPARING FOR A GARAGE/YARD TYPE SALE THING - I know that I am a complete and total moron in regards to this, but having a garage sale brings me great anxiety. The only experience that I have had so far is taking my stuff to a combined rummage sale (which was fun, but a lot of work). Here are my fears, I will spill them out for you right here and now: what if nothing sells and I am stuck with it? haha, what if the people try to super haggle prices and I cave or worse yet - anger takes me over cuz that annoys me and I punch out a saler? What if they expect lemonade and what if they don't only expect lemonade but if they want the kind with real lemons like on t.v. and they get angry because I can't provide. What if I run out of bags for them to take their purchases away in, what if I run out of change? What if the winds are whipping cold and keep buyers away and blow my merchandise all over the countryside? What will I do with my children as they are trying to take back into the house all the things of theirs that I am trying to get rid of? (every day I think about throwing away their worn beloved Elmo couch, but I can't bring myself to do it because I know that I will dearly pay for that action). What if I dont get the ad in on time or if I dont get things priced.......I don't even have a clue what to price things at...I guess I will just throw the price labels where they shall land....so these are just some of my fears.

o.k. so other news....

Noah was filmed for a commercial for his company the other day. He said it felt like fake/cheesy, I can't wait to see how it turned out! hehe

I attended the first meeting of a newly established book club with friends. We discussed The Other Boleyn Girl (among Other things) and the book got mostly: Toast of The Town reviews. Our next read is: The Heretic's Daughter by I forgot.

Isabelle next week will be going to the Apple Orchard on a School Field Trip. I love apple orchards! How fun for her. Isabelle asked me last night if she had Buttefingers? She said "If I have buttefingers that means that I am not really good at holding a ball."

Monday, September 08, 2008

Watermelon Musings

Eating Watermelon on a Sunday Afternoon.
Misc. Musings & Updates
School is going super great for the Kindergartener.
We are preparing for a HUGE garage type sale coming up ((might start the 19th)) 9/20-9/21).
Recently, Noah and I started taking Yoga together
(except I had to miss last week because I had a cold).
Some nice cooler weather is settling in.
I am slowly closing down my ETSY shop for now.
I have been doing lots to get ready for my new role as Creative Activities leaders for my local MOPS group (I am excited our first meeting is this week).
The Office will be starting: Sept. 25th.
Regarding Sandwiches: Isabelle no longer likes hard salami, but prefers turkey now.
Ben is slowly getting used to the "potty". He likes to sit there, but hasn't done too much there if you know what I mean.
My Current Favorite song is: The Story by Brandi Carlile
I think that is all I have to share at the moment...must drink coffee, shower and offically start the day.

Monday, September 01, 2008


This morning we got up early and went to breakfast. Noah got BIG BOY breakfast, Isabelle got Waffles, I got French Toast and Ben shared all of ours. Next, we took a ride to the park and walked around for a while. Here are a few photos.
Happy Labor Day!