Monday, September 08, 2008

Watermelon Musings

Eating Watermelon on a Sunday Afternoon.
Misc. Musings & Updates
School is going super great for the Kindergartener.
We are preparing for a HUGE garage type sale coming up ((might start the 19th)) 9/20-9/21).
Recently, Noah and I started taking Yoga together
(except I had to miss last week because I had a cold).
Some nice cooler weather is settling in.
I am slowly closing down my ETSY shop for now.
I have been doing lots to get ready for my new role as Creative Activities leaders for my local MOPS group (I am excited our first meeting is this week).
The Office will be starting: Sept. 25th.
Regarding Sandwiches: Isabelle no longer likes hard salami, but prefers turkey now.
Ben is slowly getting used to the "potty". He likes to sit there, but hasn't done too much there if you know what I mean.
My Current Favorite song is: The Story by Brandi Carlile
I think that is all I have to share at the moment...must drink coffee, shower and offically start the day.

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