Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Fall

"I'm having a Cookie Sale Today" - Isabelle (to each potential baked goods customer). Isabelle did quite well as a little sales person. Kindly greeting everyone, boldly informing them and gently reminding them of her wares. She was quite successful, she ran out of product by noonish and she even got several tips. I think I might set her out at the end of the drive way with a cookie stand every weekend.

Ben was quite a help at the sale too... he kept rearranging and testing all the merchandise. He would also bring selected merchandise to customers as they shopped, things he wanted to suggest as a good purchase (ex: bringing an elderly gentelman a fine purple tinkerbell purse). Also, he decided that he really didnt think price stickers were a good idea, so he kept taking them off of the items and throwing them away.
I love this picture. All of a sudden a breeze came and leaves came whispering down and all around. I told Isabelle, look here comes fall! So, she decided she would try to catch it!

So, we have one more day of sale. It's going pretty well all together and we are having fun, but I am so ready for it to be over. I will give a little report of the overall event later on. Coming soon there will be a new fun on going feature on my blog including "Garage Sale Bob" and his journeys! Good Sunday ya'all!

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Anonymous said...

Gramma and Grampa love your new hairstyle!!!
We think it's great that the cookie stand was your first job.
You are tooooo cute.
I sure your going to need time to relax after the sale. Hope you had fun.