Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Technicolor Dream Isabelle

Girl waking up under the sea (in her new Ariel Bed ((I got a super great deal on it in the clearance section! whoah))
(Girl dressed herself this morning. Kind of reminds me of punky brewster...anyone remember her? hehe).
So, this week is flying by! My to do list for today has about 1,000 items on it, I will be happy to get at least 2 done. I am so glad that it stopped raining finally! Isabelle enjoyed her apple orchard field trip. "the farmer is happy when he has happy trees" - that is something she learned there....also that she can't just yank the apple off the tree, she needs to twist it 5 times. Ben has been feeling sick lately, I hope he is better today. I think I might make mini meatloafs for dinner tonight. I should go before I am running late...but just wanted to wish everyone a SUPER day!

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