Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Literature Review at it's Finest

It was a beautiful evening, just at the cusp of Autumn's beginning.
Six lovely women met to discuss a fine piece of Literature.
The Book: The Heretic's Daughter - Kathleen Kent.
The Location: Liz's Farm
The Agenda: Fun, Enchantment & Enlightment

Here comes our hostess Liz with the wOOd for our Grand Bon Fire! (bon fire of the Insanities)

Here is our Refreshment Table. Lots of good and fun stuff to share! My favorite part was the SPiced hOt aPPle Cider (the offical name is Wassue sue or something like that). Notice the cute little witch hat cookies that Stephanie made to go along with our theme!

Just over yonder among the cornstalks, a black cat watches our gathering.
What a great meeting! No spells were cast (well, not really - maybe one). We dined and we discussed. The book is about the Salem Witch Trials. It is very sad, but it is well written. There was a lot of good topics to review. This book is recommended, but if you do read it, be prepared at times to be mad and sad while reading as there are many injustices brought to light. We closed our evening with a (tad bit spooky) candle light night stroll down the country road. Thank you ladies for a Thought Provoking & Enjoyable Evening with FrIeNdS. Looking forward to the next one! 1000 White Women: The Journals of May Dodd by Jim Fergus

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shsh28 said...

SO much fun, it was (that's my Yoda imitation). Friends, fun, food, what else is there?
Except that which I left our meeting for, of course....