Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haircut & Bus Boy

9 inches of hair...gone! Lately, Miss Isabelle and I have been having battles and screaming and tantrums over the hair routine in the morning. Often it ends up with us both frustrated and ready to cry because she just doesnt want to brush her hair or have it brushed. Well, she has been admiring some of her friends shorter do's lately, so I have gently been suggesting that a cute short cut would be so great. She likes her longer hair because she feels like she's ariel, but she was very excited for a change. Well, this girl loves her new hair cut and so does her mom. win, win. It is so cute on her, I think it fits her spunky, spit fire type personality a little better. It's fun hair!

BEN AND HIS BUS - Ben will go nowhere these days, if his bus is not invited and included. Bus! Bus! Bus! Ben's bus goes in the car, Ben's bus goes to the nursery, Ben's bus goes to menards, Ben's bus goes to the grocery store. Ben shows everyone he meets his bus. He informs them loud and clear that it is indeed a "BUS". Then he points to me and adds: "mom".


Anonymous said...

Oh well Isabelle, If you miss your hair, there's always the "Annie" wig.....

Flipfloppingmamma said...

OMG!!! I must have not seen her on friday. That's a lot of hair gone!!