Wednesday, September 10, 2008


SALE! SALE! PREPARING FOR A GARAGE/YARD TYPE SALE THING - I know that I am a complete and total moron in regards to this, but having a garage sale brings me great anxiety. The only experience that I have had so far is taking my stuff to a combined rummage sale (which was fun, but a lot of work). Here are my fears, I will spill them out for you right here and now: what if nothing sells and I am stuck with it? haha, what if the people try to super haggle prices and I cave or worse yet - anger takes me over cuz that annoys me and I punch out a saler? What if they expect lemonade and what if they don't only expect lemonade but if they want the kind with real lemons like on t.v. and they get angry because I can't provide. What if I run out of bags for them to take their purchases away in, what if I run out of change? What if the winds are whipping cold and keep buyers away and blow my merchandise all over the countryside? What will I do with my children as they are trying to take back into the house all the things of theirs that I am trying to get rid of? (every day I think about throwing away their worn beloved Elmo couch, but I can't bring myself to do it because I know that I will dearly pay for that action). What if I dont get the ad in on time or if I dont get things priced.......I don't even have a clue what to price things at...I guess I will just throw the price labels where they shall these are just some of my fears.

o.k. so other news....

Noah was filmed for a commercial for his company the other day. He said it felt like fake/cheesy, I can't wait to see how it turned out! hehe

I attended the first meeting of a newly established book club with friends. We discussed The Other Boleyn Girl (among Other things) and the book got mostly: Toast of The Town reviews. Our next read is: The Heretic's Daughter by I forgot.

Isabelle next week will be going to the Apple Orchard on a School Field Trip. I love apple orchards! How fun for her. Isabelle asked me last night if she had Buttefingers? She said "If I have buttefingers that means that I am not really good at holding a ball."


Flipfloppingmamma said...

Don't provide bags...they kill the environment and who cares if they have bags...haha!

I'm going to the apple orchard too if I can get a sitter. Want to ride together?

Nikki said...

2 things....
1) Whats the new book about? I may get in on the action

2) What orchard is she going to? I really want to take cai to an orchard but I'm not real sure where there are good ones around here.

Cheryl said...

Lynn - I think you go in the a.m. and we go in the p.m. :( I will double check though!

Nikki - The new book is about the Salem Witch Trials and a family that is accused. I will email you the orchard info!