Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here comes Trouble

When I was a child, I used to sport a shirt that read: Here comes trouble. Well, I could sure use a t-shirt stating that for both of my children at the moment. What little monsters lately and it's not even Halloween time yet.

Kids are weird. Let's be honest. I claim to have 2 little weirdos and thats fine by me. They make life interesting. They make me laugh. They are odd little balls of energy and I wouldn't rather have them any other way. I have to say that this sibling fighting lately though, now that has been extremily challenging. They fight over every toy, every piece of food, every spot, every bit of attention that they can get. There is screaming, pulling, smacking, kicking, etc. I never understood why it bothered my mom when my brother and I would fight, I always thought to's our fight, why do you care? Well, now I KNOW.

Ben is now in the stage also in which I do not want to go to any type of store with him at all! What a nightmare. We were just in the grocery store and I wanted to leave before we even got out of the car but he already undid his buckle and was in my front seat, so I figured might as go in and get groceries or we will be eating soup crackers for dinner. Really, why can someone not invent a drive through grocery store around here? I would gladly pay twice (maybe even triple) the amount so I would not have to torture myself through the store with this boy child who just happens to create a total stress-filled destruction path as he goes. I am lucky to come out of the store with even one item that was on my list, and extra lucky if I managed to throw enough things for a complete meal into my cart.

Now, I must get some projects ready for my MOPS meeting tomorrow. Lots of prep work to do. We have open house at Isabelle's school tonight. I am excited to go check out her learning enviornment. Tonight I think I will keep dinner simple. My plan at the moment is: BLT's and Vegetable Soup. I was looking for minestrone, but Ben was taking all the cans off of the shelf at the time, so I decided to just stick with what I could find easily and move on. Did I remember the bacon?


Nikki said...

Funny you should say that....they actually used to have a drive through grocery store in town! But it only lasted like 6 months and it bombed ;0(

Have you ever been to a Meier? They have the COOLEST carts EVER!!!!! They are like completely enclosed and contain a tv. You can rent them for like $1 for an hour...which is WELLLLLLLLLLL worth the investment!

I feel your pain though, we are just coming out of that stage of not wanting to take Cai out in public. He still has his moments, but I was mortified more than once! ;0)

Cub's truck carts (located by the pharmacy door) do seem to help though ;0)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I used to have a shirt that said, "here comes trouble" too! Interesting....and now we are friends....