Tuesday, September 23, 2008

25% Off

A brief Synopsis of the Garage Sale: OR Observations & Notes of Interest to Share:

I tried to sell Lance for 25% off (since he is missing one leg) or Make An Offer. Although there was some interest, he was not sold.

I tried to sell the kids 2 for 1. There was absoutley NO interest in that. I question why.

Lots did sell. It was quite a successful event.

WE still have lots of stuff. (plans are in the works other outlets to sell, for donating, etc) I just want the stuff gone! Part of my declutter my life plan.

Customers - Most people were super nice and so fun to talk to. The best part was seeing what people were getting and why. It was so cool to see people get super excited over certain items. Of course we got the occassional crabby apple, shirtless drunk man, etc. But, again overall - great clientel. <--not sure if that is correct spelling of course I could do spell check or look it up but I am not in the mood.

Garage Sales produce many bruises.

We had a lot of repeat customers. Also, People kept asking Isabelle for her cookies after she was sold out. There was disappointment when they were gone or not offered on the following day.

Lesson learned that really holds true: One persons junk is anothers treasure.

p.s. be sure to visit garage sale BoB's Blog. Just click on his pic on the right.

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sal said...

poor doggie. 25% off. kind of makes me laugh, though..... i would have loved some of the cookies belle was selling! what a little entrepreneur (sp?)! glad the sale was successful. woo hoo!