Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Deer.

We spotted a giant herd (4 to be exact) deer crossing the road on our way home from open house last night. I just happened to have my trusty camera with me and snapped this photograph before they galloped into the enchanted woods. Ben saw the deer and said " dog". Isabelle saw the deer and asked which one was the mom and which one was the baby (she asks this any time we see animals, it is very important to her to get relationships figured out).

Open House was nice, I enjoyed the classroom part - but the book fair part of it was somewhat chaotic. Isabelle was allowed to pick one book (barbie diamond castle) and I picked one book for her (pinkalicious) and then she could pick one bookmark (a yellow one with a kitty on it).

I don't think that I slept much at all last night, my brain won't settle down. I am quite exhausted. Must brew the coffee and find the's to another day! p.s. - The Office Season Premere is on this evening!


shsh28 said...

Pinkalicious is one of our favorites!! Caroline had it memorized after 2 readings and would correct me if I tried to condense the story. Have fun reading it to your pinkerbelle!

Cheryl said...

Pinkalicious has become a quick favorite around here!