Friday, September 12, 2008

Something Fishy...

Yoga Practicing Mantis
(This photo is posted in honor of me because I am excited to start practicing yoga again and for my brother who suddenly has a Special Mantis in his life.)
School Lunch
Me: Isabelle, what did you have for lunch today?
Isabelle: I don't remember.
Me: How do you not remember? What did they serve?
Isabelle: They had FISH, but I didn't have any.
Me: Why not?
Isabelle: Because I am allergic to FISH.
Me: Really? That's news to me. Are you sure you are allergic?
Who told you that you are allergic?
Isabelle: I do! I told me. I'm allergic.
Me: You are not allergic to FISH.
Isabelle: Yes I am.

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