Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Part 1

Our Halloween actually started out as a NiGhTmaRe! I had a lot on my agenda, was up very early, got the kids ready to drop Isabelle off at school, so Ben and I could run some errands (I had to finish getting ready for Isabelle's class party that would be after lunch)....and we are all set to go....and I can't find my keys! This has never happened to me which I couldn't find them within 30 seconds. I searched EVERYWHERE. I had the kids searching. I panicked that they might have got thrown away...or lost in the leaves or under the couch.....I checked all my bags twice....3x , checked the car....finally after about 30 minutes of searching I sat down... I prayed and I thought...and I had a dash of hope that maybe somehow my keys wound up in my bible study bag (the only bag that I had the day before that I had not searched), I dashed upstairs and heard that familiar rattle as I lifted the bag, thank you! Called the school, announced that Isabelle would be a tad late.....(25 minutes late to be exact by the time we finally made it to school). Then...Isabelle didn't want to walk in school by herself because she did not see anyone else she was scared and ran back to the car, so I had to get ben out too, we walked her inside and then ben didn't want to leave the school, he ran the other way (away from me)...I had to tackle him , apprehend him...and escort him to the exit, when I placed him down on the ground, he made a quick turn around, screamed and darted for the door to enter again....and as you could imagine...Ben was just as fun in the grocery store when he did not want to sit in the cart or walk, he wanted me to hold him..........

But the day got better from there! I absolutely LOVED helping with Isabelle's class party. What a privilege it was to spend time with these amazing kids and create a little fun together.
This is pre- official trick or treating. Isabelle is protecting herself as Ben had just hit her in the tummy with his cat bucket. He was playing kung-fo chicken. He was in quite the wild mood once he got his cosutme on. The weather was unseasonably warm! I know in my car it was 73 at one point during the day!

Here they are making up.

This is part of a huge display of the first house we stopped at this year. The kids were scared, yet wanted to go up to everything and check it out. And so, the evening begins!

I'm sorry, but I just love this costume. I had to take a picture of this guy! This "burger king" king just brings a smile to my face. Halloween is so fun!

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