Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PuMpKiN gUtS

This last weekend was so busy with fun activities and things that I wanted to share, that I had to break up my posts in 3 parts! This is the final segmant. As part of our fun weekend with some family visiting we decided to conduct a mini simple Fall Festivus type event (just a fancy name for getting together, eating, laughing and making a mess). Sometimes we refer to these events as: FestivSKI's. Anyway........... here are a few things to share:
We told some scary (maybe more like silly) stories around the campfire (well around the little votive candle). Don't ever tell stories about the Great Humpty Dumpty or you may cause a relative to leave the room in distress. (hehe)

We decided for the evening meal to make a tour de homemade soups! I don't know if a tour de has to be 3 but we had 2 super grand soups and a salad so does that count? This is a baked potato soup and a chipolte chicken tortilla soup. Excellente and so fun!

We ran out of time and energy on Saturday night, so Sunday morning the Festivus gang got together to carve some Pumpkins! There were pumpkin seeds and guts flying everywhere! Ben kept saying: Yuk as he spooned out his little pumpkns insides! So, I decided we needed a nice photograph of the pumpkin carvers and their prize pumpkins. So here they are in take #5, still trying to get situatued.

Here they are at take #27 (jk). The offical photo.
Isabelle, AUnt MaRy, BeN, Aunt ElaiNe & Cousin StaCy.
Thank you everyone for such a great Autumn weekend!

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