Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A BENCH inside the Arts Center that I am fond of.
A few of my Recent Projects:
A Little Christmas Themed Tag Shaped Notebook/Planner to fit in the purse or pocket!
A 4x6 Notebook/Journal - stab style binding, blank pages.

Something that I know for sure: As soon as I let my dog outside, chances are the mailman will be arriving about 32 seconds later.

Something that I learned today: Sometimes it would be better to make hamburger helper and spend 20 or so minutes on dinner rather than wasting two hours on a new homemade from scratch recipe (especially when the children either do or dont eat no matter what and they would have rather I spent that time with them and so do I).

Something that I wonder: I wonder if the Wonderbread factory is still open to the public for tours. We used to take field trips there as kids and they would give us these adorable little mini loaves in mini packaging to take home and I could make adorable mini little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Something that I am grateful for today: My Benny Boo taking my hand and asking me if I want to "dance, dance?"

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