Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween - Part 3

Most of the time, Isabelle was way ahead of Ben on the Journey.
Maybe because Ben really liked to linger and hold conversations with the homeowners...and try to cute his way to some additional candy.
The night grew on and the goblins got tired and so did their we decided to call it: done. We went home and made Pizza and Checked out the loot! The kids were thrilled to find that someone gave them a bag of cheetos! Soon it was time to clean off the sticky faces and hands and shove the youngins off to slumber.... I asked Isabelle what her favorite part of Halloween was this year and she told me that it was when I came to school to help with the games at her class party (I almost cried, I was really expecting her to say the Cheetos or something along those lines). She also shared with me, "Guess what mom, I got big news! Now I like ALL the colors in the rainbow! Every color!" (In my mind, this had nothing to do with anything related...but maybe it did). Goodnight.

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Flipfloppingmamma said...

Is that my house in the background?! We probably passed each other in the dark....