Monday, November 24, 2008

Morning Snow

Our Monday Morning started out with a White Surprise.
Our Friends, the Minnesota McRoberts visited us today.
I made them each a special journal with photos that my friend took previously.

These were so fun to make, I am sure I will be making more! hehe

We had a wonderful visit. We shared and compared our creative/scrap projects, we had a few photo sessions, we ate some lovely treats...time went way too fast. These visits are always so bittersweet. I enjoy them so much, but am so sad when they are over. Isabelle did not get to visit this time because she insisted on going to school! She said she could see our company next year, she didn't want to miss projects! Well, when she got home she found some special gifts that were left for her. "How did Sally know I liked tinkerbell mom?" - hehe. The kids absolutely LOVED the nice warm pajamas they got. They put them on right away! (Thank you so much Betsey!!!!). What a nice day. If only all Mondays could be this swell. hehe

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