Friday, November 07, 2008

She's got a way

She's got a way about her and everywhere she goes,
a million dreams of love surround her, everywhere.
- billy joel
My girl. Yes, she is a little odd at times....but who isn't? Isabelle is really into making things out of paper lately. Here we see a pair of paper seeing eye glasses that she constructed. The other day she made paper slippers and wore those all around. Every day she says, " I've got an idea of something! I need paper, scissors and a stapler. " O.k. kid go for it. Also, lately she is noting many word associations and such. Like the most recent observation only moments ago: "I know what rhymes with Jeep! Sheep! Sheep rhymes with Jeep! " Please note there is no ouch on her forehead, but she assures me that there is a band aid requirement. o.k. Who am I to argue?
p.s. It's snowing!

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