Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Passing the BUCK

This lovely BUCK passed by our House this morning. He was across the road by the time I got my camera out, but I got a couple decent shots! Usually we see the ladies or youngins, so it was neat to see this giant fellow hanging about for a bit.

Other notes:
- I took Ben for a haircut this morning. He sat very well!
-Isabelle wants me to teach her how to make Friendship bracelets. (oh the memories...I picked up the floss thread we need and I told her we would start tonight).
-Tonight for dinner, I am trying a new dish: Linquine with Chicken Thighs
-Book Club: We had a great meeting last night discussing Eat, Pray, Love among other things. Our next reading selection is: A Wedding In December by Anita Shreve.
-I am currently researching Daisy Scouts and Ballet at the Art Center for Isabelle. Both start in December!
OPPS! Revision to tonight's activities....Ballet started tonight! Revised the dinner plan to: opening a can of chicken noodle soup upon our return from the first class. Isabelle loved class and she did so great! I defintely think we have a future ballerina on our hands.

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