Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harvest Moon

Halloween Projects! O.k. these projects are not finished yet, but I could not wait to share them! One is a jar filled with ghost peeps and candy, one is a treat bag that I made out of one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock and the third is a binder/chipboard album I am working on to put our Halloween pictures in this year. If anyone would like the instructions/steps for the jar or bag, please email me, I would be happy to share! I am excited because I think they will make great little gifts!
This was our dinner last night: Sausage & Tomato Rigatoni. A first time recipe for me. It's from It was easy, and good! I recommend giving it a try sometime!
Here it is the famous TOY catalog. The first in our mailbox this season. Isabelle snached it up immediately and started circling things with a big red marker. Things she didn't even know what they were! Things that were pink. Things she thought Ben might like. SHe said she X'd out things she doesn't want. WEll , I just found one x in the entire catalog. It was on a little tikes truck that Ben already has. She even has riffle guns that's interesting. Of course we already have to start up the Santa questions for the does he make all the toys? does he buy some of the toys, how does he know what I want? remember when he got me the wizard of oz music? how did he know? how does he remember how to get back to my house? .....
I took this picture the other night, because I was shocked by it's yellow/orangishness. I believe it to be a HARVEST MOON.

Here Isabelle sports a spider HaT that she made at school. She wore it for two days straight, she was so happy and proud of it. She even let Ben wear it (which is amazing). Speaking of Spiders, the actual ones in my house will finally go with the season's decor. yeah.

In other news: I spoke too soon regarding Ben's potty training, we have taken a back step, as he currently has NO interest in this subject. I remember Isabelle did the same thing for awhile. So, I am not going to push it, just keep suggesting it and see if it kicks back into gear again, because honestly, he was doing so great! He really understands the concept well. He even started with a little routine of his, toliet paper, etc. We made a small addition to our apple crack snack from a few days ago. We discovered that Isabelle likes peanutbutter on the cracker instead of cheese. SO theres yet another option. When recently discussing jewerly with Isabelle, I learned something new. If it is not gold jewerly, it is: "SILVERWARE". There has been a request change (or should I say addition) to Isabelle's costume this year. She is going as little orphan annie and she is super excited, but she did ask me yesterday, if she could - please, please, please get some vampire teeth to go with her costume. Annie with Vampire teeth...should be interesting. Can't say shes not my daughter, that's for sure. I am remembering back to when I was snow white with a head injury.......

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