Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barbies & Trains Oh My

Fun Project: Paper Photo Wallet - Halloween Style! - I used to make these in my Etsy Store. They sold well. Funny, how many I made - I never made one for myself! Now that I have put Etsy on hold (or cease), I want to try and catch up a little on my own projects. This is such a fun item to make! And now that I got to use my own pics/journaling with it , I love the concept even more! These pictures are from last halloween since I have to wait a few more weeks before I can take new ones! hehe

In other news: There are barbies and trains spread throughout this place as far as the eye can see. I don't remember what the carpet looks like (well that's a good thing actually). I was lucky to survive a dinner out with my clan of savages the other night. As the young boy child was postioned in the seat right next to me with a flying fork, wild chopsticks and a heavy and painful etch-a-sketch....oh yes, and we can't forget the cold ice water. The girl child had to go to the bathroom two times while we were there. Once just as the food arrived at the table and then again not too long after. Fun Stuff let me tell you. Especially since she wanted help (sorry if this is too graphic for people who are not currently dealing with child bathroom issues) wiping her butt. Yeah, I want to finish my dinner now kid! Speaking of Butts as long as I am on the grand subject...Ben is doing SUPER on the POTTY. He and We are quite excited about his recent success in that department. I think he'll be a pro in no time, he is excelling wonderfully. Isabelle is quite fasinated with the man in the moon. She wants to know why he is always looking at her and following her and why he has an uh-oh type shape to his mouth. Once I told her that fairies kick the moon to wake him up (and she just won't forget it). Ben at lunch today: "I PILLED OUP!!!!" - translation: I spilled my soup. Tonight we had frozen (pizza kitchen) pizza. This was the easiest dinner that I have made in a long time. It was so nice. So freeing. So simple...and actually not half bad! The kids are currently holding on to eachother and Isabelle told me they are a choo choo train. They are repeating choo choo choo choo and circling the living room. I am tired, is it their bedtime yet? They both woke me up very early this morning and it's pretty much been go go go since. My back hurts, I just want to grab my book and lay in bed and read. Is that really so much to ask? Just a little longer, I can make it, I know I can. I just need to hold on for a little longer, host and direct the bed time rituals and then proceed with my simple dream of reading a little bit with...comfort and peace. Yes, a little peace would be a nice way to end this day. Goodnight Y'all.

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Emily said...

oh man, what a dinner that must have been! :) Glad to hear Ben is mastering his potty skills.
Your photo wallet is awesome!