Monday, October 06, 2008

Ode to Library, etc.

My Library Loot Today
Ben and I are sharing a bowl of leftover chili for lunch. I love that the cooler weather is here and we can start making "comfort" and "warming" foods. On Sundays, we usually try to make a really nice dinner (one in which we put the food in bowls instead of leaving them in pots is part of the "nice" process...along with cloth napkins....and other grand simple gestures of "special". This Sunday we made a small turkey with sides. It was excellent...and tonight we are having...leftover turkey! Win, Win in my book. hehe Speaking of books...Ben and I visited the library this morning. I just love the library (I love it much better when I am alone). Sometimes I wish I lived in a library. It's always hard for me to leave, If I could wander the isles all day, I would. Little facto of info: I used to be a library board member in my past life (pre-children). It was so exciting to be part of the process and decision making for such an important and wonderful establishment! I did not know much, but I learned alot! I am always thankful for that opportunity. How exciting it must be to be a librarian to be surrounded by books everywhere - all the time. I recently re-saw the episode of Seinfield in which he had a "very overdue" library book. funny stuff. SO anyway, I hope Isabelle likes the choices I made for her today. My selection process was quick as there was a Ben with a bus on the loose knocking all the books over in his path. Today my brother is going to be an audience member of the Jerry Springer show. He is on his way there right now. My throat hurts as of this morning, I hope it goes away, I am so not in the mood to be ill in any way. I have decided to have Ben be a dog for Halloween. He loves dogs (tries to befriend every one that he encounters). He barks a lot. Also, it's potentially a nice warm costume. So now, I will be on the search for the perfect Dog costume. I dont like the ones that have faces on them already. I like when his face is the ony face if you know what I mean. Like the hood is just floppy ears. Anyway that is part of my challenge so wish me luck! Isabelle's newest allergy is: Strawberries. She could not use stawberry shampoo the other day...because she is allergic. Good to know I will add that to the list kid. I have an overwhelming amount of dishes and laundry to do, so I better get to it, so maybe I can get to some of the fun stuff on my to do list! Happy Monday Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Dog costumes. I've seen some at the thrift store in Lena and also a couple in Twice is Nice consignments in Frpt just a few days ago.

Happy hunting!

I'm on the hunt for a Mickey Mouse costume for my 3 yr old.