Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kisses & Crack

These first two pictures were taken by my friend Sally. She made cookies and placed these festive gems in the middle! Now I will be on the search for these beautiful little autumish candy corn kiss chocolates! HOw fun & how YUm!

This photo is of an easy after-school snack that I recently discovered (on Kraft and tried for the first time this afternoon. They were a total hit among the taste-testers (Isabelle, Ben and myself). They are called: Apple & Cheese Snacks but, I have renamed them: APPLE CRACKS cuz I think it sounds cooler.

You need: 24 RITZ Crackers (we made 12 so I cut ingred. requirement in 1/2)
6 KRAFT 2% Milk Singles, cut into quarters
12 thin apple slices, cut into quarters
ground cinnamon
Make It
TOP crackers with Singles and apples.
SPRINKLE with cinnamon.
Kitchens Tips
Serving Suggestion
Serve with an 8-oz. glass of fat-free milk or fruit juice.
Serve It Hot
Assemble as directed; place on microwaveable plate. Microwave on HIGH 20 sec. or until Singles are slightly melted.

Today is one of those dreary rainy days in which I wish I could have worn my pajamas all day, in fact I think I might put them on now. Today I tried to get Isabelle to wear an orange halloween shirt and she wouldn't wear it because this summer while we were doing a bonfire and she was asking about coyotes, I told her that coyotes like to eat little girls that wear orange (she was wearing orange). Today I took Ben to storytime at the library. He didnt want to sit for the stories but he did enjoy the snack and craft! Tonight I will be making Tater Topped Casserole for the evening meal. Signing off for now! Keep warm, well & dry!


Nikki said...

Do you usually go to Pre-K story time at the Library? I've been dying to take Cai, but I never seem to make it there lol

Anonymous said...

wow, those are the most beautiful pictures of candy corn kisses I've ever seen!! :)