Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's your name? & CARS

Our view from the parking lot before we pick Isabelle up from school.
Enjoying a beautiful park day with friends as these nice weather days are fleeting.
Recent Ben funny:
Yesterday we were in the grocery store and this small exchange of conversation took place:
Grocery Cashier Clerk to Ben: "Hi cutie, what's your name?"
Ben: "dog"
Clerk: "doug?"
Ben: " DOG!"
Then a few moments later: Ben: "ruff ruff meeeoooow"
Another Ben Episode that took place yesterday:
Location: Library
Ben and I are looking at dvd's to pick out a few. I show Ben the CARS pixar movie. He yells "CARS", grabs it like a football clutch and runs , runs , runs out of the children's area, out the front area of the library....the alarms go off! I run after him, grab him and bring him back. I explain to him that we will get the movie, but he has to wait a few minutes, while we pick other stuff and check out. So while surfing the isles, everyone we came across, he would show his CARS movie to. He would point at the box and announce "CARS" until they acknowledged, yes that is a great movie. So now it's time for checking out....and Ben will not give up the movie for the process, he puts a total bear hold on it and screams NO! to me when I tell him that he needs to give it to the nice lady so she can check it out for him, ,and that she will give it right back. Well, he wasn't going to go anywhere near the checkout area with his movie, so I had to aprehend this suspect once again, we wrestled and I freed the movie from his tiny little hands...and we brought it to the desk, I gave it to the clerk, in which Ben had a short little meltdown until it was back in his arms again, in which at that point - he showed the box to the librarian and told her (just in case she did not know) that it was : CARS!

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