Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Apple

This is a project that Isabelle brought home from school. She made it during their "apple series" (now they are on to pumpkins). I absolutley love it! I think this giant puffy apple is just so adorable.
Here is my little Ben NOT taking his nap, like he is supposed to be.
,,,and here is my lovely daughter and what she looked like for school this morning. Today I let Isabelle wear this GiaNorMouS holidayish package wrapping type bow in her hair. WHy? Because she wanted to. Her heart was set on wearing a bow this morning. I was in the process of making her a tiny cute little bow that matched her outfit, that we could fasten to a barette, well - she wanted nothing like that at all. She wanted a BIG bow. I told her that I had no BIG ribbon, and then she spotted this one. This glimmery wide piece of material that was calling her like a beacon from my ribbon basket. I tied it around her head and said, there you go. She ran to the mirror and told herself how beautiful that she looked! She was thrilled beyond the moon. Noah saw her and asked, are you going to let her go to school like that?...and I said: Yes. If this child wants to be a little different and wants to enjoy something "special" in her hair, well I am not going to stop her. (I am just glad that I didn't have to walk in to school with her).

In other news: I was up at 5ish this a.m. I even managed to take a shower today. Yet we somehow managed to be a smidge late for school. It's raining today, so I blame it on the rain (although it wasn't raining at the time). I was rejected by our local co-signment shop today when I tried to go peddle my wares. This shop takes housewares, clothes, etc. I was really looking forward to unloading some loot that did not sell at our garage sale. I do plan to give and donate, but first, I really wanted to make a few more glorious bucks if I could manage to do so. ANyway, they are all filled up with merchandise and I need to check back in a few weeks. So, I know the invention of the sliding cutting blade on the plastic wrap box is supposed to be a benefit and greatly appreciated by users, but I for one, hate this type box/device with a passion. It just doesnt work properly for me, I always have to wind up getting my scissors out to cut that damn plastic wrap from the box. What happened to the good old little saw edge of the box that they used to have instead of this complicated slicer thing. Ok, sorry had to vent - now i'm done. So, I think that I have come the conclusion that I can never talk properly on the telephone again. Unless both of my kids are locked in a closet on the other side of the house. I totally give up. I don't even attempt to make phone calls anymore. I just can't seem to manage simple tasks such as this. Why talk on the phone when you can't hear a darn thing and you have little people pulling at you the whole time? Email...now that's good. I can manage that for the most part. Tonight for dinner I will either make: Tried and True Spaghetti or Chicken Crescent Squares. Not sure yet. I am proud to announce that I have offically started the "halloween" season in my home...I have bought a bag of candy corn. Better go...I hear Ben throwing dog food into Lance's water bowl.

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