Monday, October 27, 2008

T&T continued..

After we told Ben he could be a "duck" he decided that maybe he could put the costume on for the park event. There was a little more refusal but, tired - he finally gave in to the powers that be.
The Chicken even got to ride the merry go round one last time before it is closed for the season.
Little Red Riding hood and the Chicken joined forces for a little tractor pull ride.
The park district asked to take the kids picture, at the same time - I snapped one too...
The little chicken was such a hit at this event.
Ben's favorite part of this event was the dressed up dogs. We had to pry him away from them at one point. Isabelle's favorite part was looking at the other kids costumes. Yay and we get to do it all again this upcoming weekend! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get red sucker off of Ben's fur, but somehow I have managed. After all this practice, we are now set to trick or treat at houses!

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